Watch This Space!

This is where you will find the “heavy” stuff! News, articles, comments, op-eds, i.e. more truth than you will find in “the mainstream media” (unless you really dig for it yourself)! I will not always personally be writing here, but I will also include articles that come to my attention, as and when they cross my desk, often material forwarded to me by friends. All articles posted here are simply “for your information”! They will not always exactly espouse all that I personally believe, but if I have included them in this blog then it is because I believe enough of the content that I think everyone should be aware of it!

Much of this will be, as one author has put it, “not for the faint-hearted”!

Fear is our main enemy! The facts are there, whether we want to face them or not! Facing our fears, so we may confront and act, with wisdom and diligence, the reality of how things are is how we will ensure a better chance of a future for ourselves and those we know and love. The alternative is – “burying our heads in the sand”, or even worse, trying to “run away” from things, which will only ensure our defeat and demise! Ask anyone who has faced any type of conflict if this is true or not! Maybe not all have survived in spite of their bravery, but those that did are more likely to be those who stood up and fought for what they believed in and their freedom, one way or another! I go by the premise that “the truth shall set you free!”

As Morpheus so eloquently put it to Neo – “The red pill, or the blue pill. I Leave the choice with you!”

Additional content may be added to already existing posts, if it is relevant to the post and becomes available later, so “checking back from time to time” is advised (or “follow”)! Thanks, David

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