Have been away!…


I have been away for a couple of months, busy with other things, but I’m back now!

A lot has been going on hasn’t it? Things don’t stop just because we do, do they?

Let’s just all thank God that things didn’t go the way the powers that be wanted them to recently in the Mid-East, though that doesn’t mean that they won’t yet of course! It’s just a matter of time, and they work their way along incrementally – two steps forward, one step back. Also, deception, distraction and smoke and mirrors means that just because we don’t see or know what is going on in one area, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been working on a different area in the background. When they see that opposition is gathered in force, across a broad spectrum of the population, they just step back until things cool off or die down, or they set up another distraction elsewhere and divert attention long enough that they can go back to doing things behind the scenes. The present US President’s strategy has been like this all along, as the American people have been finding out!

Too much to say on all of this right here and right now, but if you have been alert and in tune you should have seen this for yourself.

Anyway, I should be back at work on this site very soon now, so stay tuned!

With love always,


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