Dear Russel

Yet another voice for the 0.01% ! I hope he survives it! An intelligent man who destroys the ignorant arrogance of one of the 99.99% ‘s premier mouthpieces! Well done! How embarrassing (he said, chuckling with glee)! It would be inspiring to research more from Russel on the net, and also do as he suggests – do your own! Some of the material he touches on will not just surprise or shock you, it will horrify you! Lies and horrific deeds done by those who want you to believe they are working for your good, when in truth it is the exact opposite! Watch the following for just a small taste of what one person can do, if they do their homework, as Russel has done! Yay!

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Resurrection Power!

Love has the power to resurrect!

This was something that just came to me the other night. I couldn’t shake it off, so here I am writing about it this morning. Previously I had been thinking “Is there life after love?”, and the reasons for this are explained following…

Do you ever stop and wonder about what it is that most people seem to fear, and try to put off for as long as possible, hoping it won’t come to them too soon, or painfully? And yet it happens to all of us and it is the only way out of this life!

While we are here, in this life, there is also one idea that we marvel at in wonder, as well as perhaps the possibility that it might have even happened to a couple of people, but yet deep down we can’t really believe it, can we? “It’s impossible!”… The fact that, according to The Bible at least, a few people have been raised from the dead – “resurrected” if you like!

How did I get onto this thinking?

Well, I have recently come through the heartbreak of a loss, the loss of a love. I’m pretty sure most people can relate to this so I’ll press on…

If you may have experienced this yourself at any point in your life how does it feel? Like that other thing I just mentioned – death! And at the time, does it seem like there is any possibility that love will ever come your way again, especially seeing as it is so difficult to find it in the first place?

Yet it can, and, in my case at least – it has, and it does! And what is this like to experience? A “resurrection”!

Love is something the whole world yearns for, and if any of us can ever find it we can tend to hang on to it for dear life. “Real” love seems to be so rare doesn’t it? And how many of us can actually “keep” it anyway? We can’t, no matter how hard we try! So what should we do? Well, this is what I was asked to do recently – “Let go!”

This is going to sound like a real “leap of faith”, but all I can tell you is that it works!

“Love can be a real pain sometimes” huh? And we just want to hold on to all that good feeling we had when there was love, because the thought of the pain of “losing” it is just too much to bear, right? And then when we do “lose” it we are in pain anyway! “What to do?” as they say in India.

Well, all I can tell you is that “letting go” removes the pain! It’s gone! There is no more fear! And this then releases in us the belief, the faith if you like, that there just might be “life after death” after all! We move from “the impossible to see” and “no hope at all” to “anything is possible”! And honestly, it is really worth it, to experience this thinking alone, because then anything else is also going to be possible too, right?

If we “lose” it hurts, but actually, if we “let go” we gain so much more, much more than we were hanging on to because of “the fear of death”! Get it?

My thinking went even deeper though…

This “resurrection” thing?

Well, I was just talking about “love”, as most people tend to think of it and experience it, which is pretty limited really! After all “we’re only human”, right? Yet if the principle is true, even just on this level, then what is so weird about it also being true on a much deeper, and higher, level? (I know those words sound like opposites, but that is another point!)

So here is “the clincher”…

If we can experience a “resurrection” on just a simple, human level of what we call “love”, (and love is a real thing, I am not belittling it in any way in what I am saying here), then who is to say that a resurrection from this life’s death is impossible?

“But I haven’t seen it! It doesn’t happen all the time, if ever, therefore where is the proof? Who’s to say that it even happened at all, to anyone?” Aaaaahhh! Let’s see shall we…

Is there a higher form of love? I guess if you don’t really want to consider that possibility then you are going to be stuck! I mean, if “we” are all there are, then we really don’t have much hope of a future do we? Just look at what we’re capable of doing to our world, and each other, and there’s your answer right there! So perhaps we should consider the possibility that there is something more. We’d better, for our own sakes, because otherwise we’re really sunk!

Moving on… (I’m trying hard not to sound glib here, but please bear with me while I try and wrap this up, eh?)

The thing about love – how do we know it even exists “in the natural world”? Can we “see” it? No! It is invisible! Can we hear it? Can we feel it, and if we do feel it, what do we do when there is “no feeling” present? Has it gone? Where did it go? Does it still exist? (This should teach us the danger of going only by our feelings sometimes, because even if we don’t “feel” it, it still exists, right?)

Love is manifested in various ways. It is invisible, but we know it exists because of the results, a bit like the wind. We “hear” it in words, we “feel” it in touches, we “see” it in action. We can even “taste” it or smell it sometimes! So it is there, it does exist, right? We should know these things from the limited experience of our lives anyway, and especially from our inter-actions with others. But is it enough? Does it “do the job”?

Apparently not, and why? Because our limited human love fails! We fail others, and they fail us, and that hurts doesn’t it? So, what to do?

Well, what if there was “a higher power”? And what could be more powerful than Love, a greater form of love. I mean, the kind that never fails? What if we could pin all our hopes and dreams, our longings, our desires, our needs and even wants, our hope, our future, those we love, actually everything – on that!?

We’re getting to my point, and “the short version” is this…

There is!

When you know Him, and you understand that He is all of that, then even death itself has no power over you! You are free, free from all that fear and torment, the insecurity, the loneliness, and life takes on meaning and purpose. No more “spinning of the wheels”, going no-where on the treadmill of what we are told is this “life”. Even death can’t keep you down!

So what is a little thing like “resurrection” when you have all that? Maybe that is why you don’t see or hear too much about physical resurrections – because it is not that important actually, not necessary! The few times it is recorded as happening actually occurred for specific purposes, and of course there is only The One Person Who is capable of performing such a “miracle” (which means something that is seen), and the reason for it was for the sake of those present at the time, to help them believe.

And that is the point. “Faith works by Love”, so Love is the most important thing! With Love, anything and everything is possible! Faith is not a visible thing but, because of Love, what it does can be, and this is when real “miracles” happen!

If you think about it, if this “higher power” exists, then in what “form” would it be? The only thing that actually makes sense, the thing that the in-born part of our deepest being is always searching for, longing for, and hoping to find, to connect with, to solve all of our problems, is Love! And that Love is what has creative power! Love creates something out of nothing, Love makes anything possible, even the impossible! And that is what made us, and everything we know as Creation! And if it could do all that in the first place, then what a small thing it must be to be able to re-create when necessary, which is what a resurrection is, the re-creation of something that has “died”?

Finding this Love, meeting this Love, knowing this Love, intimately, personally, literally raises us from the dead, both in this life, and after we die! It’s a win, win situation that can’t be passed up! (It is likened to a “re-birth”).

I have experienced this myself. I know it to be true. Try it. You will love it!



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Money 101

or … “How the 1% run the world, for Dummies!”

Don’t dismiss this because someone put this together in the US, and the dear Americans do tend to look at things from only their own perspective. “Same Rules Apply” globally, and this is because as far as the 1% are concerned they owe no allegiance to any nation-state – they are a law unto themselves, on top of the 99%. The following video explains how they do it! (Only 9 minutes of your time could save your life!)

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Two months of the year have been consistently “bad” ones throughout decades past – April and October! And there are reasons for this of course.

April has been recorded as having some of the highest concentration of negative energy resulting in deaths of any single month in recorded recent history (It doesn’t usually make mainstream media headlines as such of course). The reason is that the powers that be, in their occultist calendar, follow a lot of ritualistic demands during this time, many requiring “sacrifice”. This usually  climaxes on May 1st, and subsides after the Spring solstice later in that month.

October is another “bad” month usually, especially with economic repercussions (again this is historical)!  If you might doubt this, then just watch what is happening with the US right now, and you can’t miss it! Putting the recent “brink of war” scenario aside for a moment (which is all that has happened – it is still on the agenda), keep in mind that war is usually the powers that be’s “get out of jail free card”, and in point of fact it really just means “running away with a profit” when it is finally executed! It is just a matter of timing! Remember, “two steps forward, one back”, but incremental progress using “smoke and mirrors”, and working while the population isn’t able to look!

While the world is waking up to a lot more these days, and I only hope and pray that they will continue to do so, this has, and will, slow things down somewhat. However it usually also forces the elites to more drastic crack-downs in the long run. The end-game is already set up in their plans. as previously stated, and they go a lot by their occultist calendar. We have “Halloween” coming up, and before this we pass through the “Orionid” meteor shower. Orion figures prominently as one of their major, important astrological entities and beliefs!

So folks, sorry to have to stick a pin in anyone’s bubble (again), but it might be wise to keep our heads up right now!

Besides the obvious going in the US, which will have global ramifications if it all goes bust (it actually already has, the whole body is already dead and is just “twitching”) this just came up in the news today (need I say more?):

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