8 Things…!

Eight Things…

There be a comet doth bring…

When on high it doth horrid range…

Wind, famine, plague and death to kings,
War, earthquakes, floods and direful change.

There is a lot of “news” about the comet “Ison” right now, and you can find all kinds of stuff about it on the net. One word of caution though – don’t “believe” EVERYTHING you see or hear! Some of it will be factual, a lot of it won’t! When researching anything in this day and age I like to go by rt.com’s by-line “question everything”!

A good example would be the BBC’s (“Broadcasting Bullshit & Crap” – especially their “news” and “science” and “history” programs, sad to say) recent documentary on the comet…

I just caught a glimpse of it when on the TV guide I saw that there was a “documentary” about it. I was curious and so I tuned in. I tuned out again within minutes! Why?

Firstly, it always amazes me when, interspersed with “scientists” interviews, there are very often digital “constructions/reconstructions” of “facts” or “events”. My first thought is always “were they there?”, “how do they know?”, especially that that is exactly “what happened” or “how”?

Secondly, the very blatantly obvious arrogance/ignorance in the statements by the narrator who said “we KNOW that four and a half billion years ago, etc, etc….” “We KNOW?” – Who is “we”? And, how do they “know”?

If you combine just these two very assumptive presentations any intelligent person should be able to consider the very real possibility (probability) that what we are being presented is hugely fabricated rubbish! ANY presentation in the media these days using these methods, on ANY subject or topic, is going to be questionable at the very least, and could very well be outright lies (being presented as “facts”) at worst! I mean, seriously? Are we expected to be that stupid?

But back to the comet…

Apparently this is a “once in an ever” event, and is supposed to be very spectacular, so much so that everyone should be able to see one of the biggest ever known in recorded history. We shall see.

Two things I do know however…

There just might be a reason why the name “Ison” was chosen! – if you rearrange the letters you can produce the word “Sion”, which is another spelling of the word “Zion” (a hugely significant word in the world of the powers-that-be).

And… If you take note of the words in the poem at the beginning of this article, you should be able to see that comets often forebode nasty things! We already have a lot of “nasties” around these days, but according to scripture it is going to get worse (before it gets better)!

In older times “signs in the heavens” were usually taken seriously, even if superstitiously, and if you believe in the God of Creation you should probably also consider that if He is in control, and things like this “don’t happen every day” then He might be trying to tell/warn us all to be prepared for something! A “heads up” if you like! 😀 I do believe that those “powers-that-be” will try to use the event for their own purposes also, so it might be wise to “stay alert” folks!

Always, David

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Apologies & Changes

Apologies for taking some time to get back to writing and posting! To explain:

I made a major move and had a major change in my life in early August. I won’t go into all the details of that here, but it has taken some time to get over all of that and adjust.
The technical side of things has also been a major change, as follows:

I have moved from a PC-based way of working to an iPad (mini) and it has taken a little time to get used to the change in thinking and working with iOS. Along with this I have had to do a lot with moving, storing and converting files and archives, etc.

Happily, I am getting to the point now where I think I have got everything to where I want it. The iPad has become my “work-horse” with a USB bulk-storage drive I have been able to connect with an AirPort Extreme I was able to get on sale. I was also able to get a Smart TV on sale, which is also connected to the net via the Airport. So I have finally got the big HiDef screen I always wanted, with an economical but great sound system, and all hooked up to my own Wi-Fi network. The only problem where I am right now is that the broadband available is not up to the speeds I have been used to before, but maybe there will be a work-around available for that later. Anyway…

In response to a dear friend of mine I will be working on “A Brief (joke) Summary of Modern History” soon, and will let everyone know when that is completed and posted here!

Always, David

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