…from my other web-site – for the benefit of any who might have missed or not been aware of it for any reason. Explains itself.

…to my friends and loved ones in Iceland.

Dear all,

It is now six months since I left Iceland. For those who are/were not aware of this fact, I apologize. It was not something I could easily explain at the time. I’m not even sure I could give a 100% explanation even now. One simple reason for this is… I just don’t know or understand it all anyway, just some parts of it.

One aspect of life I personally hate is gossip, slander, back-biting (such as “I always knew he was…..” etc), and anyone, myself included, who has “assumed” to “know” anything about anyone ELSE simply has not understood the whole picture of anything as they SHOULD. There is ALWAYS much more to the story than is obvious. And if “everything works out in the end” and it HASN’T worked out yet, then it’s NOT “the end”, yet, and AT the end is the ONLY time anyone can REALLY say “Now I know!” This sets the tone of what follows I hope.

Personally, I have always liked the old saying that “Friends don’t need an explanation, and your enemies wouldn’t believe one anyway”. This is a proof of true friendship in my opinion, and I treasure those who see things in this way. To me, giving an explanation is a matter of courtesy, to friends, and IF possible. However, it can only be done when “the picture” is “clear”, right? I am hoping that even if all the answers I provide can’t be available here, at least you will see that I am trying, the best I can right now anyway.

For the record also, I personally try to never “judge” anyone I know, or have met (or even not met), and certainly not only on just the word of someone else (called “hearsay”). Things others say may be true, they might not be (and it will probably be only their personal perspective anyway), but I know that I personally prefer to see the good in people, and I will make my own “judgments”, in my OWN time, IF that even ever proves necessary. Even though I, like any other, may have my own prejudices and bias’s, I have learned that it is simply not wise to judge folks by these. They can be unsafe, and are often usually wrong anyway. It is also unwise to “generalize” people into categories. I hate it when people do this with me, and I’m sure everyone probably feels the same way when it happens to them. We are all individuals, NOT the same as anyone else, and we should treat each other in this way, with love and respect. It may require patience sometimes, but that is usually considered a virtue in most people’s book isn’t it?

Another important point, which may be understood or not: Although we can all have our “favorites”, and some folks may be closer to us than others, for many different reasons, I try to treat people equally. It doesn’t matter to me where a person comes from, what language they speak, their color, political or religious beliefs, age, sex, or even physical relationship, etc, etc. I will meet anyone one-on-one and take it from there. How close an individual chooses to be with me is up to them. I will take them where they are at, and our relationship, whatever that turns out to be, will start from there. God only knows how far it will go, or where we will end up! Exciting!


I won’t/don’t want to give any details as to “what happened” recently with me. This is not my purpose. I would just like to let everyone know how I feel, okay?

Most of the really dramatic changes that have occurred in my life were not expected, and certainly would not have been my consciously chosen personal decision. If anything, I have tried to “hold on”, to people and circumstances, “for dear life”. I don’t find “radical change” in my personal life very comfortable, at all, and I usually tend to fight it “tooth and nail”. When changes like this are practically “forced” on me, I tend to have to be dragged through them “kicking and screaming all the way”. That is, however, until I finally resign myself to the fact that I can’t do anything about them, then I will act quickly.

This means that when the time actually comes to enact a change it can happen quite “suddenly”. Major changes have occurred (and I have had MANY in the last 42 years) over just DAYS, and the explanation for it all isn’t usually available at the time, not even to me, let alone others. It is a matter of just “Move! Now!” and sort it out later, IF that is even possible. This is not understandable to many I know, and it may seem cold and callous, giving the impression that I must not care or have any feelings. Nothing could be further from the truth however.

I usually cannot deal with things at the time, while right in the middle of them and at the moment. It is not usually helpful, and can even be dangerous, to react right there and then. But I DO have very deep feelings and emotional content, and this recent change has taken most of the last six months to assimilate, understand and get through. Honestly? I feel like a very “broken” man indeed!

Don’t get me wrong, this is not an appeal for sympathy! There are things I have come to realize and know now, some of which I will share following, that could possibly help you to understand me better, “at a distance” rather than “up close and personal”. This is one of the reasons and purposes for my writing here. Can you bear with me from here on then?…

There is not one person that I have met or know (and I mean this sincerely, even if some might find it difficult to believe), that does not mean A LOT to me, no matter how “much” or “little” we actually “know” each other! I treasure every meeting as something more to build a friendship on, even if it takes place over years. (I am sorry I am not usually very good with names, but faces? I do apologize to the precious few when this as escaped me also though. Perhaps you can extend a little patience towards me in this however, because I know, literally, THOUSANDS of people!) The main thing that I want everyone to know though is that I may be “gone”, but that does not mean that anyone is “forgotten”. This is simply NOT the case! I understand that not everyone is like me. Not everyone sees relationships in the same was as I do, I know. But that doesn’t matter. I just want you to know how I feel, that’s all.

There are very real and deep reasons for me sharing this, and I am not being flippant in doing so. Even if it might be difficult to understand, just take it for what it is… Iceland is my “home”, even though I am not able to be there right now! It was never my plan for it to be so when I was FIRST asked to visit in December 2002, and I had NO idea that what was going to happen WOULD happen, but it DID!

I have travelled through a lot of the world, some twenty countries, and have lived thirty years in other places that were not my country of birth. I have never really felt like I “belonged” anywhere, certainly not in the UK (which I still don’t), but have felt more like “a pilgrim”, a “gypsy”, “just a passin’ through”. All that changed from the first day I arrived in Iceland however! Many may not be aware of the deep spiritual context of my experiences, especially in Iceland, and it would be difficult to encapsulate much of it here, but just know that the reasons for my feelings and belief for this land and it’s people run VERY deep indeed!

Some people reading this may find this difficult to understand. It might sound ridiculous and unrealistic, “idealistic”, but it is who, how, and what I am, and as weird and strange as this might sound to some, it is how I have been all my life. You could call me an “incurable romantic” I guess. Anyway…

The circumstances of my departure from Iceland were very sudden and unexpected, and again I won’t go into the details of it all here, nor the reasons. They are very personal, and painful let us just say, and not my own choice. You could say I “had no choice”. My “options” were very few, extremely limited, and actually there was only one at the time it seemed! ‘Nuff said on that!

I arrived in the UK on 1st August. All I can say about that is that that day was heart-breaking, “the end of my world”, and only “Grace” got me through it! I was moving, away from everything I knew and loved and ever wanted, to an unknown and uncertain future, in a country I have never fared well in at any time I have been in it. No exaggeration, and not the happiest of prospects!

I have not been lacking in anything I have needed, or been in want at all since I got here. I am well provided for. I will say that I have “little or nothing to worry about” regarding food, clothing, and shelter, and not only are my daily needs met, but even some “wants” have been provided! But it has BEEN, and still IS, VERY different indeed to where I WISH I was, and where I WANT to be – home, in Iceland! I won’t dwell on that any more here though, but I will just add a comment or two at the end.

So, what have I been up to since?

Well, although I had been somewhat aware of my mother’s situation for a long time (from a distance), I have since learned that it is actually a good thing to be able to spend some time with her, for a while at least, and for several reasons, which I will explain…

My mother is turning 85 in May. Since March 2013 she was living on her own, until I arrived. My Dad passed on years ago, and my two youngest sisters also have died (the second youngest was living with Mum until last March). My only surviving sister lives in London, a five-hour car journey away. So, basically, it’s just Mum and me.

My “job”, since finding myself here, is looking after my mother. She still has all her mental faculties, but physically? Well let’s just say that there is very little that she is actually able to do, and even that has diminished a lot since I have been here. I won’t go into all the details, but basically she is now house-bound. To walk very far anywhere, or stand for very long, is painful and exhausting, especially in her back and legs, in fact any exertion leaves her quite breathless and feeling faint, to where she has to sit down otherwise she risks losing her balance and falling. She cannot lift or hold onto anything of any weight with her hands due to arthritis. Briefly, she is diabetic, has had two hip replacements, two cataract operations, two carpel-tunnel operations, wears (or should do) two hearing aids, and is arthritic.

And so, I do everything physical that needs to be done, cooking, dish-washing, cleaning, laundry, shopping, house maintenance and fixing things, as well as try to make things as comfortable and easy as possible for Mum to be able to do whatever she can still do for herself, while she still can. There has been one major de-clutter/clean-out since I got here, taking several weeks, with a second-round still to take place, then there is the garden to do, and a garage to clear out.

This is also the first time I have had some time alone with my mother. There was always family around when I was young, and I left home and started traveling when I was seventeen. Any visits to my parents over the last forty-two years were very few, very far between, and very often short-lived. Mum and I were always very close though, even when apart, having a sort of “psychic” connection you could say, and since computers came about we have enjoyed sometimes almost a daily communication, but she never really felt free to be herself with others around. Now we have been able to have long and deep talks together, “catching up” as well, while I have also been encouraging her to just do what she feels like doing, whenever she feels like it, such as enjoy her extensive music and video collection, read, or “play” with her electronic toys 😀 , sleep in or go to bed when she feels like it, break-up routines whenever she can or it’s possible.

Besides my youngest sister, who died of MS years ago, my Mum is the only other member of our family who has had or expressed any faith, so she is feeling much happier having me around to be able to share these things with. Also, I have been able to help fill in any gaps in her knowledge or understanding, which she never really had time to do for herself before, being so busy being a wife and a mother and a grandmother. Now we have “all the time in the world”, until of course it is time for her to to pass on. In the meantime there is also the work of helping her make sure all her affairs are in order too.

So where does that leave me? Well, basically, here! It certainly is not possible to leave Mum on her own any more for one thing, but also there really is no-one else who CAN take care of her, unless she moves into a care-giving home, which she is loathe to do and refuses to do. She has lived in this house for the last twenty seven years, it is her home, all of her things are here, and she says that the only way she is leaving it permanently is feet-first, in a box! 😀

I don’t know how much longer she has, but I don’t think that it will be too long. Then it will be a matter of a little time for my sister and I to sort out all the affairs of her estate before I can be free again. My “plan” is to utilize my inheritance to be able to move back to my home – Iceland! I have always said that that is where I want to end my days, and to be buried there, where I belong! So, let’s see! Who knows, or can really say what will be, but that is my heart’s desire, and the best plan I can come up with right now!

In the meantime, my Facebook is still set to Iceland, and I confess that I “pop in” on my friends from time to time! 😀 After all, I really miss everyone, and I have to keep the feeling alive that I’m not really “gone”, just “absent”, for now! I may not have time to “comment” on everything or “message” everyone, but “I am watching you”! 😀 😀 😀 Well, you know what I mean!

Many of you are on my mailing list, and should get up-dates on things I’m up to (I do a LOT of reading and research, and writing as a result!). If you are not, and would like to be, just drop me a line and let me know:
If anyone should want to communicate with me at all, especially by e-mail, in any kind of a personal manner, please feel free to do so. I always answer my mail, usually right away if I can, and I am NEVER “a gossip”, NOR do I “judge”! Ask anyone who knows me if this is true or not, IF you should have a hard time believing this.

One “gift” I have, which I haven’t advertised really at all, is prophecy! I call it a “gift”, because that is what it is. It’s not like a tap/faucet that can be just turned on or off, but in a way it is! All I do is “ask The Boss”, and, incredible as it might seem, He answers! I have had absolutely no “failures” in this matter, so I am personally sold on it! Anything I want or need to know, if He sees no reason why I shouldn’t, He tells me! That’s all there is to it, believe it or not! So, if you might want any “help” with anything, just let me know, and “we’ll see what we can do”, okay?

At the very least, you can try and keep up with me at my web-sites: and

Well, that’s it! At least for now, all I can think of! Please just remember, I may not be there, in Iceland, in body, but my mind, heart and spirit most definitely are! I “miss you all like crazy!”, can’t wait to return, and as soon as it’s possible, I will! 😀

Always, David.

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How to…

…defeat and delete the elites!

Following are a couple of pics, just to give you a bit of an idea as to who some of these elites are at the very top of the pile. The first pic is a bit dated, but nevertheless speaks volumes (from the US perspective of course, but backed and supported by the UK & EU).

The second pic names names, and one important point to bear in mind is that these people are descended from the Khazars (see previous article).

Click/tap on each pic to enlarge. Hit the back button on your browser to return to the page.



And some more informed opinion…

​Intellectuals standing ground on Ukrainian issue

Andre Vltchek is a novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries.

As my plane left Dubai for Kiev, I began browsing through an endless pile of newspapers and magazines: from the New York Times to the Economist, from the Times to several Gulf-based and Turkish periodicals, as well as Spanish and German ones.

The consensus on Putin being a villain was absolute. There were no dissident voices, but also, not surprisingly, no Russian intellectual voices. There were absolutely no editorials written by Russians attacking the Western destabilization of Ukraine and the destruction of its democratically elected government.

It was also shocking how the Arabic and Turkish press was translating and reprinting all that appeared in the West.

There were no clear, simple and logical explanations of what actually happened in Ukraine recently.

That is, that the West, particularly the greedy and desperate EU, wanted to get its hands on the tremendous natural resources of the Ukraine, on its heavy industry and cheap but highly-educated work force. They offered a deal. A very bad deal, under which, European companies would be allowed to plunder the country, but Ukrainian people would not be even allowed to enter the EU, let alone seek employment there.

The elected government rejected such farce. The West accelerated its support to ‘the opposition’, which included several clearly gangster forces, full of ultra-nationalists and Nazis. The legitimate government was overthrown. Crimea decided to leave such an illegitimate entity. People voted, democratically. Russia simply accepted the outcome.

The West began crying murder, simply because, for once, it was not allowed to rob, to loot, what it wanted. It is not used to such resistance – for centuries it has been accustomed to taking, to raping and to fleecing anything it fancies.

In the meantime, the fascist pro-Western military regime in Egypt (a regime that is actually financed by the US) sentenced 529 people to death, mostly those belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, which was overthrown last summer.

Egyptian students who support the Muslim Brotherhood and ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi clash with riot police following a demonstration outside Cairo University on March 26, 2014. (AFP Photo / Khaled Desouki)

There was strong language from the West, but no condemnation. Fascist, Pinochet-style Egypt is a close Western ally.

Another ally, Indonesia, a miserable failed state plundered by multinationals, with many indicators mirroring sub-Saharan Africa, has once again been poisoning the entire region, with smoke coming from its burning forest-fires: proof of a gangster-run economy. Fires are destroying forests and giving way to palm oil plantations. Again no condemnation. Not even an alarm.

Like Rwanda and Uganda, which are by now responsible for between 6 and 10 million lost lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). There, the killing is done on behalf of Western companies and governments, so it should not be discussed.

The same could be said about the present occupation of Southern Somalia by Kenyan forces, an invasion that was triggered on a ridiculous, pre-fabricated platform.

Fellow looters
The destruction of entire nations, as well as the obliteration of the environment, is not to be noticed by a fellow looter if ‘a friend’ does it.

In our recent book, ‘On Western Terrorism – From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare’, my friend and mentor Noam Chomsky clarified how the West reserves the right to ruin, and even liquidate, countries that it considers uncooperative, and how it is done with absolute impunity, even with legal support.

“Take the invasion of Iraq – nothing can be discussed or potentially regarded as criminal. In fact there is a legal reason for that, which is not too well-known. The United States is self-immunized from any prosecution. When the US joined the World Court in 1946, the US basically initiated the modern International Court of Justice, which it joined but with the reservation that the US cannot be judged by any international treaty – meaning the UN charter, the charter of the Organization of American States, the Geneva Conventions. The US is self-immunized from any trial on those issues. And the Court has accepted that. So, for example, when Nicaragua brought a case against the United States at the World Court for the terrorist attacks against Nicaragua, most of the case was thrown out because it invoked the charter of the Organization of American States, which bars interventions strongly, and the US is not subject to that and the Court accepted it.”
“In fact the same happened, interestingly, at the trial where Yugoslavia brought a case against NATO for its being bombed, to the International Court of Justice, I think, and the United States excluded itself from the case and the Tribunal agreed because one of the charges mentioned was that it was a genocide, and when the United States signed the Genocide Convention after 40 years, it had a reservation saying it was ‘inapplicable to the United States’, and so therefore the Court rightly excused the United States from prosecution. There literally are legal barriers established just in case anyone dares to try to bring some charge against the powerful. I am sure you recall when the Rome Treaty was signed, and the International Criminal Court was established, the US refused to participate… but then it was more than that. The Congress passed legislation, which the Bush Administration happily signed, which granted the White House authority to invade The Hague by force, in case any American was brought there. In Europe it is sometimes called the Netherlands Invasion Act. Well, that was passed here enthusiastically, so the self-immunization is at many levels. One is the impossibility to perceive, such as when you deny what happened to the indigenous population in the United States, when you just can’t see it even if it is in front of your eyes. The other is that it’s actually fortified by legislation.”
Is such an arrangement outrageous and totally racist? It is, but it appears that most Western intellectuals and journalists are so disciplined, brainwashed or cowardly, that they hardly notice.

David Castle, the senior commissioning editor of Pluto Publishing House in London is clearly aware of the game the Western mass media is playing. Pluto is one of the major opposition publishing houses in English language.

“Most people in Britain understand international politics through television news and mainstream newspapers. Both are heavily skewed towards domestic issues and so international coverage is scanty. Major conflicts, such as in the Democratic Republic of Congo, barely get reported at all. Also, most of the press is notoriously right-wing – far to the right of the people as a whole, and often owned by media moguls like Rupert Murdoch, who aggressively pursue a right-wing agenda through their publications. The state-owned BBC is committed to presenting a ‘balanced’ view of political issues, but its concept of balance is to present the views of both major British political parties. When they agree on an issue such as Ukraine, you can fail to find any dissenting voices,” David told me about this issue.

International gangsterism

The question is where this revisionism will take the planet? Is the West really ready to face Russia and China, two major powers, just to secure fully its dictatorial role over the world? Is its greed, is its insane Protestant desire to control and rule, truly so overwhelming?

It is all resembling, increasingly, gangsterism, not an international consensus.

Christopher Black, a leading international criminal lawyer based in Toronto, clearly defines the possible endgame, for this report: “The Ukraine is the latest theatre of operations in the world war that erupted with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the drive thereafter by the West to dominate world resources and markets. The first theaters of operation in this global war were Africa and Yugoslavia. In Africa, America ejected France from Central Africa and turned Rwanda into a military state used to maintain a state of deadly chaos in the Great Lakes region of Africa.”

The destruction of Yugoslavia during the same period culminated in the final brutal NATO attack of 1999 and the overthrow of Milosevic in 2001, Black says. In rapid succession the NATO states attacked Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, then Libya and Syria. The ultimate target of these wars is, of course, Russia and its vast resources, and those countries such as China, Iran, and of Latin America that insist on maintaining their independence and sovereignty.

“But these wars cannot be conducted without propaganda, and as the wars themselves are total wars – that is, wars targeting civilians as well as military forces – so the propaganda techniques used are total, using every aspect of communication and penetrating all levels of society. Important elements of this propaganda are the various war crimes tribunals whose primary function is the dissemination of false histories of the wars concerned, and criminalization of those who resist,” Black told me.

Christopher Black says that we see this technique used in Ukraine with the absurd call by the Kiev junta to have President Yanukovich charged by the International Criminal Court for crimes probably committed by members of that junta.

Legendary radio host Dr. Kevin Barrett, based in the US, described the situation in a recent article which made waves all over the world. It is called ‘USA declares war on democracy’.

“In Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand, as in Syria and Egypt before them, the banksters are adding violence to their ‘color revolution’ game plan for destroying democracy. This may seem incongruous, since the NWO [New World Order] intellectual hired gun Gene Sharp, the so-called ‘Machiavelli of non-violence’, designed the original color revolutions as purportedly peaceful and democratic uprisings. But Sharp’s so-called color revolutions, beginning with Georgia’s ‘Rose Revolution’ of 2003 and Ukraine’s ‘Orange Revolution’ of 2004, were never genuine people’s revolutions. They were bankster takeover attempts from the beginning. George Soros would funnel Rothschild money to ambitious, power-hungry apparatchiks, who would inundate their target countries with propaganda and hire rent-a-mobs to dress in a particular color and make a spectacle of themselves in a public square, in the hope of duping naive young people into joining the ‘revolution’ – whose real goal is always to install a NWO puppet leader,” Barrett wrote.

But Barrett, like myself, is one of those outraged voices surrounded by a cacophony of the propaganda dissonance.

While Noam Chomsky, Christopher Black, Kevin Barrett, David Castle and so many other determined free thinkers are constantly defining reality as well as the horror of what may yet come, it appears that the great majority of the Western public is thoroughly confused by, and even shows hostility towards, the alternative voices.

Dmitry Kolesnik, a brave Ukrainian journalist, my translator and co-editor on the site of Ukrainian leftists,, put everything into context.

“What’s most remarkable in the Western coverage of Ukrainian turmoil? It’s the almost total ignoring or even whitewashing of those far-right and open Nazi paramilitary forces that played the leading role in the recent coup. There were only some rare reports in mainstream media that highlighted the Nazi paramilitaries in Ukraine,” Kolesnik said.

What he is saying could be applied across Zimbabwe, South Africa, Egypt, Bahrain, Cuba, China, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Eritrea, North Korea, Vietnam, and dozens of other places worldwide. Kolesnik continued that as usual the issue of the leading role of the far-right is dismissed as ‘Putin’s propaganda’. So the media willingly turns a blind eye to everything that Putin claims.

“If [Putin] claimed that the Earth is round, the Western media would most likely denounce it as a ‘propagandist’ statement. And Putin seems to understand it quite well, but the Western media denouncing the evident facts reveal their total servility,” Kolesnik said.

He also describes a typical message in online groups of the ‘Euromaidan’ movement and the network of Nazi ‘Right Sector’ units.

“As far as I follow some groups, I can notice that sometimes they mobilize their supporters on a certain day in a certain place so as to provide the picture needed: ‘Western journalists are coming, so we have to be in the square at… and show them our democratic intentions. Please, no Nazi salutes and anti-Semitic slogans at this time, as journalists will be there. And we can see how some mainstream media makes ‘professional’ reports,” he asserts.

Kolesnik says that when Nazi paramilitaries attack the meetings of anti-fascist forces, the rallies of the left forces, or pro-Russian protesters, the Western media never show it. But when an attack of Nazis is being kicked off, they willingly present it as ‘brutality against pro-democracy protesters’. Media dubs the unelected Ukrainian regime as ‘legitimate’ and tries not to notice its policy directed to the unleashing of a civil war or the ethnic cleansing of the country.

“Actually, we see in media coverage an example of a cynical info-war, when even Nazi thugs are being whitewashed whatever they do. Thus, we see in Ukraine a coordinated coalition of Nazis, neoliberals, some NGOs and mainstream media – all working hand in hand for the brutal demolition of the country,” he says.

I am finishing this report as my flight begins its descent to Kiev International Airport. I create a nice, neat folder that consists of several international periodicals. I am aware that soon, very soon, the reality will hit me in the face, metaphorically as well as in the real sense.

Everything will be in reverse of what is so thoughtfully written in those well-edited and designed propaganda sheets.

I look at the cover of the Economist and at the tasteless caricature of a half-naked President Putin on a heavily-armed tank. It reads ‘The New World Order’.

But it is not yet here, this New World Order. It is still the same nightmare of some dozen or so extremely arrogant, brutal and canny Western nations, tormenting the world with impunity. And it is done, they claim, in order to ‘save it’, to make it pure and happy, as was done for centuries by fanatical and cruel religions.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

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For those who might still espouse this ideology, here are a few points to bear in mind…

Dictionary definition:

Line breaks: dem|oc¦racy
Pronunciation: /dɪˈmɒkrəsi /
NOUN (plural democracies)

1. A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives: a system of parliamentary government.
1.1 A state governed under a system of democracy:
a multiparty democracy.
1.2 Control of an organization or group by the majority of its members:
the intended extension of industrial democracy.
1.3 The practice or principles of social equality:
demands for greater democracy.

late 16th century: from French démocratie, via late Latin from Greek dēmokratia, from dēmos ‘the people’ + -kratia ‘power, rule’.

End of dictionary definition.

Modern definition:

“…of the people, by the people, for the people”

Problems with it:

The Greeks are credited with being the first practitioners. Whatever your take on history might be, here are a few things you are not usually told in the history books.

The Greeks desired wisdom, espousing knowledge of all kinds as a very high priority, at least in the hierarchy. They were, basically, “head-trippers”! From that time we know of thinkers, intellectuals and philosophers such as Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. What is not highly publicized are their personal life-styles and belief practices. Basically “anything goes” and the Greeks generally placed “pleasure” very highly in their list of priorities. Why? Because of another factor that is not usually represented in the books – the “gods” that they worshipped! You never read in the history books that the gods of the empires throughout the ages were devils and demons. Ever wonder why? But that is another matter.

Keep in mind the whole “knowledge” idea. Knowledge in itself is not a bad thing, however wisdom is the application of good knowledge, and man has rarely successfully been able to accomplish this. There are a few outstanding shining individuals here and there, but they are never allowed to progress very far, especially in a so-called democratic society. Why? Basically because “democracy” is a catch-word, for something that everyone is SUPPOSED to be able to believe in, because in principle it sounds really good and should work, right? In practice however it actually works against us. (If you doubt this, just look at one of it’s major supposed modern-day proponents, the US!) How? Why? Well bear with me…

Look back at the modern definition above – your clue is in that statement!

The bottom-line definition of democracy is man ruling over himself!
“Majority-rule” = You get what you vote for! So, “Who is to blame”?
“If it doesn’t work, change it”? Well, in this respect man seems to be “ever learning and never coming to a knowledge of the truth”, don’t you think? “History repeats itself!” And “The only thing we seem to learn from history is that we NEVER learn from history!” True? Or not? “You decide!” 😄

Way back when, the Israelites wanted to have a king, just like the nations around them. In other words, they didn’t like the idea that God should rule them directly, through His Word, they wanted a man to do it. God’s prophet at the time said he would ask The Lord about it for them, and God’s answer was a warning not to go that route, as there would be consequences. Two things He specifically warned would result were that the people would be taxed by their king, and that their sons would be conscripted into an army to fight wars! Sound familiar?

Up until that point, God had promised that He would keep His Own, and he had kept His Word. From then on the people were going to have to start caring for themselves, and at great cost. And so it has been since, and not with much of anything like what you could call “success”.

God had our provision and protection and well-being in mind from the very beginning, and gave us all we needed to know, and how to do it, to live freely and happily, productively and simply – make love and multiply, and look after the Creation! Easy! 😊

So what happened? Man was lied to and told he could “do it himself”. Basically the very first seed of “democracy” was sown in man’s mind, and he could do it by being “smart” enough to do it, and without God too! Hmmmmmmm! Where did THAT idea get us?

Man was never meant to rule over man, in ANY form of government! God wants to have each of us to Himself, personally, in the kind of Loving relationship that gives us the loving care and wisdom to know how to not only survive, but thrive, and in Loving community and co-operation with each other. Because, when you know Him, you get all that He is and has, and it is exciting and fulfilling, because He knows EXACTLY what each ONE of us needs to fulfill our purpose and our destiny! This is win, win stuff folks! 😄

The “alternative”? – “Going it alone”, or even worse – giving our lives over to be ruled by another man or woman or group of people (democracy) = SLAVERY!!!

Need I say more?

Oh, and here is a little P.S. (In case you still might think “democracy” is a “good” thing) …

This is the description of our Earth’s real rulers, who do so under the guise of “democracy” and it’s partner in crime “free enterprise” (“enterprise” is a key occultic word by the way!)

From The Book of Revelation in The Bible – you tell me if this “fits” or not!

Rev 6:1    And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.
Rev 6:2    And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.
Rev 6:3    And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.
Rev 6:4    And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.
Rev 6:5    And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.
Rev 6:6    And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.
Rev 6:7    And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
Rev 6:8    And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

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Thanks again to my dear friend Luke for his faithful monitoring and sharing of vital information. – You can skip the first two paragraphs if you are not into Biblical stuff, if you wish, but they are worth your reading because they contain extra information that will help your understanding.

Who is the woman that rides the beast?

According to the Bible the woman who straddles the nations before the second coming of Christ will soon be un-seated. In Biblical symbology the Beast the woman reigns over represents the nations of this world. Since the implementation of the Brentton Woods monetary system at the close of WW2 the US strengthened it’s dollar based economic control over the nations via the IMF and World Bank. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the US continued without restraint, to increase both her economic control and military dominance in it’s drive toward global hegemony. But according to the Bible a group of “ten nations/kings” will come to the aide and unite together with the worlds last superpower, and un-seat the US, first economically, and then militarily (Rev 17 & 18). It’s interesting to note that Russia was accepted to join the G-7 as it’s 8th member, thereafter known as the G-8. In Rev 17:11, it says of the Antichrist, “even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.” Perhaps just a coincidence and a mere forerunner of things to come. Russia has now been suspended from the G-7 since the Ukraine/Crimea crisis. As world events continue to unfold globally, it’s difficult to ignore what could soon be upon us, especially when we look toward Jerusalem, the Middle East peace process, and the coming Blood Moons.

“Many people have scoffed that the world would never change in an instant, that one man could never come to power in an instant, that the end could not come in an instant. Well, the world has changed drastically in the matter of a few months, and it could change far more in another few months. The Antichrist could come to power very rapidly once conditions are right, and when that happens, the timetable will be set. So the events that begin the last seven years could come to pass very quickly, once it’s time.” (“Are We There Yet?” by Maria, ML # 3726:14-15)

The Ukraine Crisis and Vladimir Putin: A New Financial System

The Ukrainian crisis? It is basically the opposite of what the media and politicians keep repeating both in the US and Europe. They say that the so-called International community have isolated Russia and Vladimir Putin.

In fact it is the real sponsors of the coup d’état and the violence in Ukraine who are isolated not only morally but also strategically.

And it is Putin, the first leader who resisted and defeated the strategy of world domination, who is enjoying the enthusiastic support of his people and the growing admiration of the world. The well financed media and politicians do not want to hear this, but this is the reality.

Only few know precisely how dangerous the situation has been. How close to a real war.

The incompetent representatives of the ‘international community’ lost any sense of reality and deployed the weapons of social destabilization, armed insurrection, assassination by snipers, a fascist March on Kiev reminiscent of Mussolini’s March on Rome, targeting of the Russian population.

They intended to give Russia the Libya treatment, and they did not make a secret of it.

After the assurances given by George H W Bush to Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO couldn’t be used for a push toward East, successive US governments did exactly that. Their objective is to surround Russia. With the smiling hypocrisy of hyenas, they made clear that there was no alternative but to surrender to the military power and propaganda capabilities of NATO.

No compromise, no negotiations. Or better when negotiations took place like on Feb 21, the neo-Nazi gangs in Kiev were incited to escalate the armed violence and take over the Parliament and Government buildings, beating and intimidating whoever did not agree.

The Western “diplomats” immediately recognized the neo-Nazi coup d’état as the legitimate government. Yatsenyuk, the candidate of Victoria Nuland, declared himself Prime Minister while members of the parliament were brutally beaten in the street, their houses invaded and violated, their families terrorized… to ensure their support for the democratic process…

These criminal politicians even pushed the situation close to a real nuclear war. Putin made clear that Russia — which had lost a large percentage of its population in the war against Nazism and accepted to see Moscow in flames in order to defeat the superior forces of Napoleon — was not going to surrender. That moment was more dangerous than the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. Putin called their bluff… Then, while the Crimean (and not only Crimean) population asked for protection against the NATO-supported armed gangs, the propaganda machine went into full speed in the West, but it was too late. In this sense Putin not only saved Russia, but gave a chance to the whole of Europe… like in WWII

The fascist armed insurrection and the Kiev coup were not simply a war against Russia, they were also a war against Europe. Not the EU bureaucracy in Brussels, whose loyalty lies with the big financial institutions, but the Europe of the various countries reduced to misery and despair by austerity measures and the economic looting of Wall Street and the city of London.

Ukraine has been destabilized in order to make sure that Europe would be in a perennial war with Russia.

In fact, both, the interests of Europe and that of Russia, lie in a common economic plan for the development of the whole area. This is what was proposed by Putin and by several leaders such as former German chancellors Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroeder. This is exactly what had to be prevented with the Victoria Nuland $5 billion ‘to help democracy.’ And now, despite all the noises and rhetoric, this is the most obvious direction to go.

The most important point to understand is that this war and looting policy is not in the interest of the Europeans or even of the Americans.

This is the big secret that now cannot be covered anymore. The governments of the US and the European countries are NOT independent entities, they are not sovereign. They do not have the will or even the ability to act on behalf of their people. They are controlled by powerful banking interests. They have been taken over by two financial centers that do not care for the real economy. They pursue only speculation and looting.

In response on March 4th the economic adviser to Putin, Sergey Glazyev declared openly that if the financial vultures persisted, Russia would create on the spot an independent financial system which is separate from that of the US Dollar.

Glazyev explained to the vampires:

‘We have wonderful economic and trade relations with our Southern and Eastern partners. We will find a way not just to eliminate our dependence on the US but also profit from these sanctions…. .If sanctions are applied against Russia’s state structures we will have to move into other currencies and create our own settlement system. We will be forced to recognize the impossibility of repayment of the loans that the US banks gave to Russian state structures. Indeed, sanctions are a double-edged weapon, and if the US chooses to freeze our assets, then our equities and liabilities in dollars will also be frozen…’

This strategy is known as the Financial Nuclear Option. It could lead to the end of the predatory looting system of Wall Street.

The ‘Southern and Eastern partners’ Glazyev is talking about are clearly the members of the BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, the sane part of the world economy, the future.

And it is exactly what the official spokesman of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov indicated in an interview to the BBC:

“Sanctions against Russia could be the final trigger that will force many countries to create a new independent financial system based on the real economy. The world is changing rapidly. How many civilizations grew and died in the course of history? Who will be able to resist the pressure of dying systems and indicate to the people the road toward the future?”

The possibility of a new financial system independent from the collapsing dollar empire, as consequence of anti Russia sanctions was also emphasized by an authoritative the Russian media including RT. (See:

…Western sanctions might push Russia to deepen cooperation with BRICS states, in particular, to strengthen its ties with China, which will possibly turn out to be a big catastrophe for the US and the EU some time later.

On March 18, the spokesperson for the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, stated that Russia would switch to new partners in case of economic sanctions being imposed by the European Union and the United States. He highlighted that the modern world isn’t unipolar and Russia has strong ties with other states as well, though Russia wants to remain in good relations with its Western partners, especially with the EU due to the volume of trade and joint projects.

Those “new partners” are not really new since Russia has been closely interconnected with them for almost 13 years. This is all about the so-called BRICS organization, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS represents 42 percent of the world’s population and about a quarter of the world’s economy, which means that this bloc of states is an important global actor.

The BRICS countries are like-minded in regard to supporting the principles of international law, the central role of the UN Security Council and the principles of the non-use of force in international relations; this is why they are so actively performing in the sphere of settling regional conflicts. However, the cooperation between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa goes beyond political aspects and is also demonstrated by dynamic trade and multiple projects in different areas.

Today, in total, there are more than 20 formats of cooperation within the BRICS which are being developing. For example, in February the member-states came to an agreement about 11 possible projects of scientific and technical cooperation, from aeronautics to bio- and nanotechnology.

In order to modernize the global economic system, at the center of which stand the US and the EU, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have created the BRICS Stock Alliance and are creating their own development bank to finance large infrastructure projects. On the whole, despite fierce criticism of BRICS as an organization with no future, it is developing and increasing cooperation with its members and, in fact, BRICS is showing pretty good results.

With the suspension of Russia’s participation in G8 and the strengthening of economic sanctions against Russia, specific industries may be targeted, including limits on imported commodities.

While the West seeks to hit Russia hard, it is important to notice that Russia is ready to switch to other markets, including BRICS, with a view to expanding its trade.

The preceding are excerpts from a March 19 2014 interview with Umberto Pascali, Macedonian TV program, “The People’s Voice” directed by Slobodan Tomic.

Washington has both Russia and China on it’s target list, because both are in the way of Washington’s world hegemony

One can only wonder why Putin doesn’t preempt the coming US military attack on Russia by destroying NATO economically without firing a shot. All Putin needs to do is to cut Europe off from energy. It would take Washington three years to create the capability to deliver US natural gas, achieved by fracking’s destruction of US water supplies, to Europe. By that time NATO governments would likely have been overthrown by mass unemployment and economic suffering. Putin could also seize all foreign assets in Russia and rapidly complete the arrangements with China, India, Brazil, and South Africa to abandon the use of the US dollar in international settlements.

The US dollar as world reserve currency is the source of American imperialism. The five countries that comprise the BRICS have half of the world’s population. They can conduct their economic affairs without the dollar.

The world needs to understand that the neoconservative US government is the Third Reich on steroids. It is a malevolent force with no sense of justice or respect for truth, law, or human life. Just ask the residents of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon, Honduras, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran. Even the deluded western Ukrainians will soon catch on.

Obama himself declared that the US is “the exceptional nation.” This is the neoconservatives version of Hitler’s declaration that the German nation was exceptional and, therefore, above all others. The only difference between Washington and National Socialist Germany is that Washington has a far more powerful police state and nuclear weapons.

The hubris and arrogance that arises from Washington’s belief that it is the government of the “indispensable and exceptional nation” means Washington has no respect for any other country, nor for law whether its own or international. Washington can invade countries without cause, a war crime. Washington can kidnap and torture people, a crime under US and International law. Washington can ignore the self-determination of peoples, such as Crimeans. Who are mere Crimeans to vote on their own future without Washington’s consent, without Washington determining the outcome? Washington declares the Crimean people’s self-determination “illegitimate and illegal,” and refuses to recognize self-determination, while pretending to be the home of “freedom and democracy.”

No government in human history can come close to the hypocrisy and malevolence of Washington. Armed with nuclear weapons and a military doctrine of pre-emptive nuclear first strike, Washington alone stands as the threat to life on earth.

If Americans were to read three history books, they could free themselves from their self-righteous delusions that endanger all life on earth. Those books are: A People’s History of The United States by Howard Zinn, The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick, and The War Lovers by Evan Thomas.

No one who reads one of these books will ever again believe that the US government in Washington is the “light unto the world,” the “exceptional and indispensable” government that brings “freedom and democracy” to the conquered provinces of the American Empire.

Washington is the home of warmongering self-interested parties that have no concept of compassion or justice and serve only their own power and enrichment. Americans are as indifferent to the populations that their government bombs as Teddy Roosevelt was to the prospect of his own country’s coastal cities being bombarded. As Russia’s President Putin reminded the world on March 18, 2014, the US prefers the rule of the gun to international law. (Paul Craig Roberts)

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What you are NOT being told…

The hypocritical US Gov and its comrades in crimes against humanity in the UK Gov and the EU instigate, train, support and arm subversive elements in sovereign nation-states to bring about regime changes. Result? Murder, mayhem, destruction, with vital infrastructure and populations decimated, while the fat cats clean up, before, during and after!
Meanwhile, legal enactments of the will of the peoples in those lands are branded as “illegal”, supposedly duped by their “dictators”, while their supporters and defenders are labelled “aggressors”! Yet these same peoples enjoyed freedom and prosperity, choosing to support their “dictators” openly, and freely voting for independence for themselves, by a clear 97% majority of the public vote in a referendum monitored as fair and legal in the case of Crimea just now!
Now Russia has threatened to dump petro-dollars for petro-gold, a move Iraq, Libya and other countries were enacting before “the rebels” started their “up-risings” and became the “recognized authorities” by the West, even though they were never elected! Result?…
The following video clearly exposes just how vicious the West and its “allies” are, especially when those “allies” turn out to be their own sworn enemies, time after time! And all in the name of “Democracy”! 😁 Er, DUH!

Full item here:

Photo 20.3.2014 07 02 03

And if you should be unfortunate enough to believe pro-Western propaganda, this should cure you…

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Movies with meaning! – But WHAT meaning?

“Transcendence” is at the top of the list when it comes to “spooky”! – Probably the worst I’ve come across since “Splice” and “Prometheus”.

“Divergent”, “Jupiter Ascending/Rising”, “Ender’s Game” & “Under The Skin”! – All Sci-Fi, and all predominantly dependent on CGI (except “Under The Skin”, but this movie is “in a class of its own” right now. Maybe more on this later). Even with “Gravity” about the only thing that wasn’t CGI were the faces!

It’s getting to the point now that you can’t believe anything you see or hear anymore, because you can hardly tell whether it is real or not! At the same time, you are EXPECTED to believe that it IS real, as in “possible” and “going to be” the “reality” of the near future, when in actual fact you are expected to believe in “virtual” reality, in other words to be DETACHED from reality! “Transcendence” is all about the merging and the crossover of the two, “the way of the future” and “the answer to life’s problems”, “the evolution of man” and “immortality”. (Read what Tom Horn has to say about “Transhumanism”). Whew!

We are being assaulted in our senses, “conditioned” to accept, brainwashed, and this has been an open strategy for decades now! With all the “technology” being “invented” (“discovered”, or rather “revealed” actually) we are expected to receive (“believe”, in other words “worship”) “science” as our god, dismissing the true science for fanciful illusion! And “it’s all in your head”, NOT HEART! Have you noticed? Anyway…

With everything being “digitalized” these days you really cannot trust what your eyes and ears are seeing and hearing any more, as anything can be, literally, “made up” and presented as “fact”, when it is, in reality, a lie! Question everything folks, because almost nothing is as it seems these days!

Most of this stuff is presented as “entertainment”, but it is all conditioning, to get the populations to accept concepts as “normal”, such as home invasions by SWAT teams, how you “can’t hide” from “authorities” because they have records and can access anything (so you may as well accept that you are guilty unless you can prove you are not), that your demise through pandemics, world war three, an “alien invasion”, the Earth’s destruction by an asteroid or comet, or a “zombie apocalypse” is inevitable, etc, etc!

Then there is stuff like the programming fed over the TV networks! Commercials used to be bad enough, but now there are whole “documentaries” trying to persuade us of such things as “your are born to commit murder, because it is in your DNA, so there is nothing you can do about it!” The purpose of this is of course to get you to accept that you have no control over yourself, so perhaps you should submit to a “scientific cure”, such as……..?

Things were pretty bad just prior to the flood. They have been since, but as it was foretold (paraphrasing here)… “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” And just when it gets so bad it couldn’t possibly get any worse, without the total destruction of all mankind and the planet… We will be rescued! Yay!

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