Part 5 of The Genetic War!

The Genetic War – part 5

A mid-way wee word of explanation…

I hope everyone understands the significance of the BBC article just published (“Emergency Intervention”)? It amazed me that this came out just as I was approaching the mid-way point of this series on The Genetic War. I interjected it immediately because I felt such an urgency about it. Actually, we usually only get to hear about stuff like this when “the powers that be” feel safe and comfortable enough to be able to leak it, when it is too late for us to be able to do anything substantial enough to stop it! We are real “Johnny come lately’s”, usually spending all our time and energies just trying to keep up with surviving the elites’ plans! This is because we’re pretty dumb and just want to be left alone to struggle on with the lives they allow us (for now – their ultimate end is to eliminate most, if not all of us, by all means possible). These people have had their plans in place for a very long time, and they work over decades and centuries, with a thread that goes back over millennia, all the way to the beginning actually, as you should be able to see and understand from these articles!
But anyway…

This series is being written and published “on the fly”. As a result, you may find errors in spelling and grammar here and there. Sorry about that. Like my first book, it was not my original plan or intention to write one, but it looks like that is what it will be, eventually. I don’t have time for all the proof-reading and editing that a published book requires right now, but I will get to it eventually, probably when I think I have written all I need to and the series is “finished”.

In the meantime, I do the best I can. I am constantly reviewing what is written so far, partly in order to keep the thread of all the thoughts in line and in order, so if I find a better way of putting things, or a mistake somewhere, I will do my best to correct it. In the meantime, I hope it is understandable at least? You may want to come back from time to time and check if anything new has been added or revised a little. This is a huge topic, somewhat condensed into a very brief explanation, but trust me this is NOT my “imagination” or just “off the top of my head”! This is serious stuff, affecting us all daily, and there is oodles of research and material available to back it up!

I am simply trying to keep it all as simple and concise as I can, so everyone can get the picture quickly, that’s all.

So, here we go with part 5 then…

(To be continued)

Remember, basically there is a war going on, between two seeds! And this is the result of man choosing the “fruit” of the tree of the knowledge of both good AND EVIL, and this is the key point in understanding EVERYTHING!

The bottom-line, what man was tricked into believing in the first place, is that if you reject the Truth – what God IS, and TOLD man right off from his creation – you can ONLY be left with the “alternative” = a LIE! From that huge first “mistake” (NOT – it was a decision, a choice to disobey!), we have been left with only two choices, and we can choose to believe the Truth, or a lie! And how is that lie principally manifested? Well, just look at what the man did that had rejected it and went his own way, a place to “hide” from God in (after he had killed his brother, in jealousy, because his brother was actually doing just what he was told, and as a result was being accepted by God – the murderer COULD have chosen to do it the right way, but…?) he built a city, and all that followed on from that!

Bluntly, the city-system idea, “industrialization” and all that results from it (its “fruit”) is a lie! (And you wonder why it never satisfies!?)

What is the only “history” you ever hear or learn about since? – Man’s! (Aren’t we great?) And what are most of his “products” like? Where, or rather “who” did he get the ideas from? I’ll give you a clue – the same one who tricked him in the first place, who told him he could be his own god, do his own thing as a result, using his own “smartness”! However, just like with everything else, this character did NOT tell man it was a great lie, the greatest deception that was going to be perpetrated on man from that moment on! It is all summed up in his statement, one of the only things he ever stated that was true (because he HAD to, he was speaking to Truth Himself), that the world (as MAN made it, under “inspiration”), “all the kingdoms” past, present and future, belonged to HIM, and HE gave them to whoever HE chose! He is “the god of this world” in other words”!!!

WHY doesn’t it satisfy? Simply because it was never meant to! The world, as man knows it, “the works of his own hands”, is just A COUNTERFEIT, of the REAL thing, that which is TO COME! And the ONLY thing that is holding God back from giving everything to us… is US! We haven’t shown that we can be trusted with it! Simple! It ONLY works when it is done right, the way it was made to! (And I’m not just talking about the Earth either – we are NOT just material beings, and neither is creation! We haven’t even begun to realize the full potential of all that our Creator has waiting “for those that love Him”!)

In the meantime, we do seem to be doing a great job of going along along with “the destroyer’s” plan instead don’t we? Especially at the behest of the “captains of industry! (And “who” are they serving???)

Which brings me to the crux of The Genetic War, the gory details of which we are about to get into now! Hold on!…

(To be continued)

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Part 4 of The Genetic War!

Man still had a hugely long life-span, and generally the pace of life was slow. It turns out that that left plenty of time to do damage though! The first murderer was not executed, he was allowed to live, but what did he do afterwards?

Man was created and designed to live an agrarian life-style, easy going, simple, with plenty of time for fun and family, while enjoying the fruits of his labors. Just enough to keep him busy and out of trouble, while still fulfilling his commission to multiply and replenish. Even though he was going to die, he had almost “all the time in the world” to do it in! The overall plan was still in place. God hadn’t changed His mind about how it was supposed to work. Reprobate man however had other ideas planted in his mind, and he was about to get some direct, interventional “help”!

The first murderer “went out from God’s presence” and “dwelt in the land of Nod” (went to sleep in other words) and…………….. “Built a (the very first) city”! And here we find the beginning of the first “industrial revolution”! Read the account for yourself! (This is why artifacts have been found that pre-date our modern history and leave us questioning “How come – they hadn’t been invented yet?!”, such as electric lights, batteries, machines, etc) But did you ever wonder how he and his off-spring got the knowledge for all this expertise?

Remember, man had basically TWO choices now, because he knew both good AND evil! He could choose to stay close to God, who is Love and the Truth, or not! The thing is, if you get away from Him, you not only lose the plot, but you leave yourself wide open for the opposite – a lie! One side of mankind chose to keep going with his commission, the original plan, and the other side went in a completely different direction, nothing to do with the original plan at all, which was “all his own idea” (Er actually? Not really!), “doing his own thing” (again, not really – he just THOUGHT it was!). And HERE is where we find the beginnings of The Genetic War in earnest, because man was about to start getting “super-natural” help!

Earlier, when man had first blown it, God had given a somewhat cryptic message in His description of what He knew was going to result. He said that there would be a war – between two “seeds”! Between “the woman’s” (because He knew that she had learned her lesson and so now would stick to the instructions), and Satan’s! But “who” was “Satan’s seed”? It hadn’t happened yet, but God knew it was going to, and here is how it did…..!

Before I go any further I will just say one thing, as I can already hear the screams of “But what would we do if we didn’t have……(fill in the blank)?”

Well, you could look at it this way – if you didn’t know you didn’t have it, you wouldn’t miss it, right? Pretty much what the serpent was saying to man back at the beginning was “You could have something that God doesn’t want you to have, because He’s keeping it from you! He doesn’t trust you! You could be as gods, rulers of your own destiny, because you will be smart enough to be so from all the knowledge you will gain!”

But look at the cost! Remember, man was in his infancy, he hadn’t learned enough to play with any new “toys” yet, responsibly that is! As we know today, new technology can be useful, helpful even, IF used wisely and for good purposes, but what is it MOSTLY used for (and “who” is ACTUALLY using it, or can afford to?) You know how “good” something is by it’s “fruit”, same as with people! A lot of the technology that is leaked and trickled down to the general population is primarily thought up and designed for military purposes, or it is hi-jacked from smart individuals for military application, right?

There is nothing wrong with anything in itself. Technologies don’t run themselves. Machines don’t run themselves. Farms don’t run themselves. Nothing “runs by itself” except nature and the creation, because it was designed to, and it still does, in spite of all we try to do to interfere and stop it! This is because it is God-made, and it just works! It’s re-creative and regenerative, again in spite of all we try to do to kill it, including ourselves! “There is nothing unclean of itself”, and believe it or not, if man had NOT swallowed the lie and (he believed) taken matters into his OWN hands (he thought, but actually he wasn’t going to be his own boss, he was going to have to go to a new master to get his “stuff” – see explanation following later), God would have eventually handed him more and more to do and to “play” with, as man proved himself capable and responsible enough to be able to handle it! This is still His Plan, in the future, believe it or not! Time-travel, space-travel, dimensional travel??? – You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! And it won’t be “clunky” either! “The best is yet to come folks!”

However, like any wise parent, God doesn’t give us stuff we can’t be trusted with! We haven’t managed too well with our original instructions with just our tiny little planet so far have we? We have yet have to prove ourselves worthy here first, and it looks like we are going to have to wait a while, sorry!

Wanna be involved “on the cutting edge” of tomorrow? Well, you have to get “the basics” down first folks! There’s a whole Universe waiting, and it’s Creator is not going to let us run riot with the rest of it when we can’t even handle the one simple task we were first given! He’s a great designer and manager, and He’s just not that stupid!

But back to the war between the seeds…

(To be continued – it’s gonna start getting REALLY interesting now folks! 😄)

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Part 3 of The Genetic War!

The period between the beginning and the next major event in man’s history is testament to conditions we are experiencing today. They are far from dissimilar, in fact they are even worse now than they were then. You may be surprised at just how far “gone” things were in that time but I will try and simplify it following. Remember, the beginning, and the end, is from where you can trace the threads that reveal the plot, so stay tuned!

In the original account, you find that God told man how things were going to be from the moment he ate the poison. He wasn’t lying, it was a statement of fact! Man was now going to die, but that was not all! Corruption had now entered into the creation, and EVERYTHING was going to change! It wasn’t God’s original plan or intention, but man was tricked into signing his own death warrant, and he did – he CHOSE to, and STILL DOES it seems! (Just as a matter of fact, something I won’t go into detail about here, it was quite simply pride that took him down that route – something we have been prone to all along, getting us continually into no end of trouble all along the way!)

Man immediately found out the result of disobedience, even before God was going to advise him on his future as a result of it! The very first thing he experienced was fear, as a result of shame, and his shame was not because he was naked! We “cover up” because we are afraid to be seen “unvarnished” in truth, we are hiding something! Like the modern saying, if you have nothing to hide what are you afraid of, if you have done nothing wrong? What is it we usually try to hide? – Error! (And we try to hide it because of our pride, we don’t want people to see what we are really like, how we really are, right?) Anyway…

In his original state man was all good, just like everything else! He didn’t KNOW anything else! He was free, life was easy, he had everything he needed, and he was going to live forever, enjoying it all! Who doesn’t want that? Well, Lucifer didn’t want that for one thing, and his plan was to screw up the works just as quick as he could, and it looks like he has been succeeding ever since, with a lot of help from us!

The first man did the first “cover up”, and he was afraid! Of what? Two things! – First, when God went looking for him (and found him of course – He knew where he was) man told Him he was afraid of Him! Imagine! But man also knew something else – he had already been told that if he ate the fruit of the knowledge of good AND EVIL that he would “surely” (certainly) die! (i.e. There was no doubt or error in that statement, and it was not retractable, it was an absolute reaction to an action – you eat poison, you die). Man knew he had done the wrong thing, and the result was that now he was afraid, afraid of the One who made him, Who was Love, the One he was used to walking with every day. Fear now replaced love in man’s mind, and now he expected God to be an “executioner”, the very opposite of what God is! He expected God to do the killing! But that is not what God had said, nor intended, nor did He even have a plan to carry out Himself! For one thing He didn’t need to, and He certainly didn’t want to! (Can you imagine how heart-broken He must have felt to see man basically commit suicide!?) You see, already man had now been separated from God and had “lost the plot” – he no longer knew Him, because now he knew evil! (God was already missing that time together with man from that first moment, and He has been trying to get us back to Him and Heaven on Earth and Hereafter ever since! But that’s a long story – about six thousand years so far actually!)

To prove the point, later, when another man killed his brother (in anger, out of jealousy, due to pride), that man also was very afraid! When questioned on his actions it wasn’t God he was afraid of, inasmuch as he knew God wasn’t an executioner. He was afraid of his fellow man, because he knew very well what man was like now (like himself is what he expected). So God made it very clear to everyone who he was, what he had done, and that no-one was to take justice into their own hands and harm him. In other words, man was not to be his judge and executioner either, and God was trying to stop the killing right there!

Man was in his “infancy” and was meant to “be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the Earth”. But the rot had started with the very first man, the seed was sown for his destruction, and God was trying to stave it off, as long as He could! It is as simple as that! However…

Back to the first man and the beginning…

Man’s home had the seed of corruption sown in it, so he had to leave! There were consequences to what had happened, and they were explained to man. He was going to die, eventually. That was not all however – all of creation was now going to change. No more “easy” life was possible. Man was going to have to work for it now, and so was woman. Even with no Eden to enjoy though the Earth was very different to how we know it now! Basically the whole planet was one giant terrarium! Vegetation, animals, people, everything grew bigger, and lived for longer! (This is why you can find dinosaur skeletons today – basically just overgrown lizards, as even reptiles today will keep growing for as long as they live. Oh, and all of creation was vegetarian – no carnivores! T-Rex had long sharp teeth to strip bark, not eat other creatures, besides the fact that his arms were too short for fighting anyway, but that is another story). Even though man had made a huge mistake, with dire consequences, man did not hunt animals, and they weren’t afraid of him. All man needed to do was plant and grow crops for his sustenance. He could use skins from creatures that had died if he wanted to, and he could make shelter if needed, however there were no extreme weather conditions like we have today. It was temperate and mild, luxuriant, and no geographical extremes either! Still a whole lot more “easy living” than we are used to today! Thus man still had a life-span of centuries! Not bad huh? But…

(To be continued)

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Part 2 of The Genetic War!

The Genetic War – part 2

The first part of these articles was about the more recent and publicized GMO confrontation, and there are good reasons for doing so, extremely valid reasons. This genetic attack is not the ONLY affront to human-kind of course. Whole treatises could be written (and have) about the attacks through pharmaceuticals, chem-trails, fracking, HAARP, etc, etc, and their effects certainly also play a role in affecting our health and well-being in all areas, including food, and on purpose! However, GMO’s have been the more overt front-line when it comes to assaulting our food supply directly!

There is no need to explain further here about the horrifying purposes behind GMOs. This is just (as in many other areas) the “end-game” “in your face and there’s nothing you can do about it” affront by “the powers that be”!

However, the corruption of genes generally throughout nature and creation, and now the build up to a mass corruption of the human genome (DNA), has been going on a long time, almost from “the beginning”, and again, it is now “in your face”, being presented as something “positive” and “good”, “the next step in human evolution”! We are being told that it is meant to “help” us by “eradicating disease”, “prolonging life”. They also say they are bringing about “immortality” by splicing genetic material and robotics, even with the genetic material of non-human creatures, AND ETs (coming YOUR way SOON folks, IF it hasn’t ALREADY through GMOs)!

We can now go even further we are told, and “transcend” to a non-corporal existence, not requiring a body but as a digitized consciousness, becoming a “collective” or “hive-mind”, eliminating the individual for the benefit of “the whole” – Communism, Fascism, Nationalism, Whateverism personified – and each one has a dictatorial “head”, as do all “isms”, the “New World Order” being the ultimate! After all, “we are just a random collection of molecules and atoms”, “the result of evolutionary forces in existence since the big bang”, and our minds and brains are “just the genetic extension of electrical impulses” that can be boiled down to binary code, right?
Thus saith Sci-Fi anyway!


“It ain’t necessarily so!” as you are being told and being led to believe!

The truth of the matter is so MUCH stranger than this fiction, so much so that most folks will probably prefer not to believe it – BUT AT YOUR PERIL if you do not take heed I’m afraid! Sorry!

There has been a war going on, for decades, for millennia, and “it ain’t pretty”, but it is coming to a climax, now!

You can do your own homework on the various aspects that I am going to summarize below, but in the meantime, trust me – these are no small or idle statements that are going to follow…

When you watch a movie, there are two parts you cannot afford to miss, the beginning, and the end, otherwise you “lose the plot”, and this is also true of “history”. And the thing about human history, as you should see in what follows, is that the beginning, and the end, are the two parts that have been attacked and maligned the hardest, and for the same reason – so we lose the plot!

So, let’s go back to the beginning, and see what we shall see, shall we?

You may or may not choose to believe the only reliable account for whatever reasons you may say you have, however if you knew The Author, you would be able to know whether His account was truly authentic or not, and whether you could believe and trust Him as a result. Whether you choose to or not is up to you, but I will present you with some statements of fact “straight from the horses mouth”, and again what you choose to do with them is up to you. It won’t CHANGE the facts, they will ALWAYS BE the facts, so if you choose to come back to them later they will still be there, waiting. Just consider that the sooner you choose to come to “a knowledge of the truth” the better off you are likely to be! At least you won’t be caught still living a lie, or subject to it through ignorance! Again, “it’s up to you”!

While reading, bear in mind that The Bible tells stories, real stories, they actually happened! It also tells parables, and stories in allegorical form. However God says what He means, and means what He says, so unless He indicates otherwise you can also take Him literally – it IS necessarily so! He’s like a parent with their children – say it simple, say it true! If the kid chooses to go their own way after that then they have to learn “the hard way”, on their own! “It’s not rocket-science” people!

So, “in the beginning”, after He created everything for us, and then us to enjoy it all, He gave only two, easy to understand “instructions on how to operate the machinery” – make love and multiply, and look after everything else! Easy!

Did you ever wonder why the serpent chose to use “the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good AND EVIL” to begin the corruption process of man and creation? Think about it! Remember, this tree, as well as everything else, was literal! (And there is no statement anywhere that this was an apple tree!) There was a reason WHY we were instructed not “to eat” from it! Yes, it was also a parable and allegory, and God had a reason for including it in His equation, but Adam and Eve were real people, as are we as a result, and as is all of the rest of creation (which is very different NOW from how it was THEN – BECAUSE it is corrupted!), so they were actually able to physically eat a physical “fruit” of whatever fashion it was. They were told that if they DID they would “surely die”! Doesn’t sound good does it? Just think, up until that point it sounds like God meant for man to live forever – there was nothing to prevent that, except by his own choice, through free will! He had no fear of death, because he wasn’t going to die! That came later! Man only knew good! It was all “good” as God saw that it was, and He meant it to be, how He made it, out of love, for us, in love, because that is what He is!

So, the first major attack on man was to persuade him to allow the corruption of himself, and not just spiritually, mentally and emotionally (those were the by- products though of course), but the first corruption man was to experience was that of his own genetic code, his DNA, through eating a fruit that would cause his eventual death! The fruit was a literal POISON to man! Of course he wasn’t going to die immediately, because as we know even now, God’s creation is pretty tough, pretty resilient, and in those days man lived for centuries! BUT, they all died eventually!

As I said, conditions then were very different from how they are now, allowing for longer life-spans. Conditions now, as a result of a MAJOR CORRUPTION throughout ALL of creation, only allow for a relatively short term, whereas this is FAR from God’s original intention, which was, basically, “eternal life”!

Well, things have changed, drastically and dramatically, obviously, but God will not be defeated! Even though Satan and man have screwed things up incredibly over the millennia, God is the God of creation, and we are headed for one of His re-creations (one of many) soon, so hold on folks, “the best is yet to come”! 😄

But back to explaining more about the Genetic War…

Things did not go on “pause” after that first serious mistake by man! In fact, things were headed for the downgrade from then on…

(To be continued!)




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