Part 4 of The Genetic War!

Man still had a hugely long life-span, and generally the pace of life was slow. It turns out that that left plenty of time to do damage though! The first murderer was not executed, he was allowed to live, but what did he do afterwards?

Man was created and designed to live an agrarian life-style, easy going, simple, with plenty of time for fun and family, while enjoying the fruits of his labors. Just enough to keep him busy and out of trouble, while still fulfilling his commission to multiply and replenish. Even though he was going to die, he had almost “all the time in the world” to do it in! The overall plan was still in place. God hadn’t changed His mind about how it was supposed to work. Reprobate man however had other ideas planted in his mind, and he was about to get some direct, interventional “help”!

The first murderer “went out from God’s presence” and “dwelt in the land of Nod” (went to sleep in other words) and…………….. “Built a (the very first) city”! And here we find the beginning of the first “industrial revolution”! Read the account for yourself! (This is why artifacts have been found that pre-date our modern history and leave us questioning “How come – they hadn’t been invented yet?!”, such as electric lights, batteries, machines, etc) But did you ever wonder how he and his off-spring got the knowledge for all this expertise?

Remember, man had basically TWO choices now, because he knew both good AND evil! He could choose to stay close to God, who is Love and the Truth, or not! The thing is, if you get away from Him, you not only lose the plot, but you leave yourself wide open for the opposite – a lie! One side of mankind chose to keep going with his commission, the original plan, and the other side went in a completely different direction, nothing to do with the original plan at all, which was “all his own idea” (Er actually? Not really!), “doing his own thing” (again, not really – he just THOUGHT it was!). And HERE is where we find the beginnings of The Genetic War in earnest, because man was about to start getting “super-natural” help!

Earlier, when man had first blown it, God had given a somewhat cryptic message in His description of what He knew was going to result. He said that there would be a war – between two “seeds”! Between “the woman’s” (because He knew that she had learned her lesson and so now would stick to the instructions), and Satan’s! But “who” was “Satan’s seed”? It hadn’t happened yet, but God knew it was going to, and here is how it did…..!

Before I go any further I will just say one thing, as I can already hear the screams of “But what would we do if we didn’t have……(fill in the blank)?”

Well, you could look at it this way – if you didn’t know you didn’t have it, you wouldn’t miss it, right? Pretty much what the serpent was saying to man back at the beginning was “You could have something that God doesn’t want you to have, because He’s keeping it from you! He doesn’t trust you! You could be as gods, rulers of your own destiny, because you will be smart enough to be so from all the knowledge you will gain!”

But look at the cost! Remember, man was in his infancy, he hadn’t learned enough to play with any new “toys” yet, responsibly that is! As we know today, new technology can be useful, helpful even, IF used wisely and for good purposes, but what is it MOSTLY used for (and “who” is ACTUALLY using it, or can afford to?) You know how “good” something is by it’s “fruit”, same as with people! A lot of the technology that is leaked and trickled down to the general population is primarily thought up and designed for military purposes, or it is hi-jacked from smart individuals for military application, right?

There is nothing wrong with anything in itself. Technologies don’t run themselves. Machines don’t run themselves. Farms don’t run themselves. Nothing “runs by itself” except nature and the creation, because it was designed to, and it still does, in spite of all we try to do to interfere and stop it! This is because it is God-made, and it just works! It’s re-creative and regenerative, again in spite of all we try to do to kill it, including ourselves! “There is nothing unclean of itself”, and believe it or not, if man had NOT swallowed the lie and (he believed) taken matters into his OWN hands (he thought, but actually he wasn’t going to be his own boss, he was going to have to go to a new master to get his “stuff” – see explanation following later), God would have eventually handed him more and more to do and to “play” with, as man proved himself capable and responsible enough to be able to handle it! This is still His Plan, in the future, believe it or not! Time-travel, space-travel, dimensional travel??? – You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! And it won’t be “clunky” either! “The best is yet to come folks!”

However, like any wise parent, God doesn’t give us stuff we can’t be trusted with! We haven’t managed too well with our original instructions with just our tiny little planet so far have we? We have yet have to prove ourselves worthy here first, and it looks like we are going to have to wait a while, sorry!

Wanna be involved “on the cutting edge” of tomorrow? Well, you have to get “the basics” down first folks! There’s a whole Universe waiting, and it’s Creator is not going to let us run riot with the rest of it when we can’t even handle the one simple task we were first given! He’s a great designer and manager, and He’s just not that stupid!

But back to the war between the seeds…

(To be continued – it’s gonna start getting REALLY interesting now folks! 😄)

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