Part 5 of The Genetic War!

The Genetic War – part 5

A mid-way wee word of explanation…

I hope everyone understands the significance of the BBC article just published (“Emergency Intervention”)? It amazed me that this came out just as I was approaching the mid-way point of this series on The Genetic War. I interjected it immediately because I felt such an urgency about it. Actually, we usually only get to hear about stuff like this when “the powers that be” feel safe and comfortable enough to be able to leak it, when it is too late for us to be able to do anything substantial enough to stop it! We are real “Johnny come lately’s”, usually spending all our time and energies just trying to keep up with surviving the elites’ plans! This is because we’re pretty dumb and just want to be left alone to struggle on with the lives they allow us (for now – their ultimate end is to eliminate most, if not all of us, by all means possible). These people have had their plans in place for a very long time, and they work over decades and centuries, with a thread that goes back over millennia, all the way to the beginning actually, as you should be able to see and understand from these articles!
But anyway…

This series is being written and published “on the fly”. As a result, you may find errors in spelling and grammar here and there. Sorry about that. Like my first book, it was not my original plan or intention to write one, but it looks like that is what it will be, eventually. I don’t have time for all the proof-reading and editing that a published book requires right now, but I will get to it eventually, probably when I think I have written all I need to and the series is “finished”.

In the meantime, I do the best I can. I am constantly reviewing what is written so far, partly in order to keep the thread of all the thoughts in line and in order, so if I find a better way of putting things, or a mistake somewhere, I will do my best to correct it. In the meantime, I hope it is understandable at least? You may want to come back from time to time and check if anything new has been added or revised a little. This is a huge topic, somewhat condensed into a very brief explanation, but trust me this is NOT my “imagination” or just “off the top of my head”! This is serious stuff, affecting us all daily, and there is oodles of research and material available to back it up!

I am simply trying to keep it all as simple and concise as I can, so everyone can get the picture quickly, that’s all.

So, here we go with part 5 then…

(To be continued)

Remember, basically there is a war going on, between two seeds! And this is the result of man choosing the “fruit” of the tree of the knowledge of both good AND EVIL, and this is the key point in understanding EVERYTHING!

The bottom-line, what man was tricked into believing in the first place, is that if you reject the Truth – what God IS, and TOLD man right off from his creation – you can ONLY be left with the “alternative” = a LIE! From that huge first “mistake” (NOT – it was a decision, a choice to disobey!), we have been left with only two choices, and we can choose to believe the Truth, or a lie! And how is that lie principally manifested? Well, just look at what the man did that had rejected it and went his own way, a place to “hide” from God in (after he had killed his brother, in jealousy, because his brother was actually doing just what he was told, and as a result was being accepted by God – the murderer COULD have chosen to do it the right way, but…?) he built a city, and all that followed on from that!

Bluntly, the city-system idea, “industrialization” and all that results from it (its “fruit”) is a lie! (And you wonder why it never satisfies!?)

What is the only “history” you ever hear or learn about since? – Man’s! (Aren’t we great?) And what are most of his “products” like? Where, or rather “who” did he get the ideas from? I’ll give you a clue – the same one who tricked him in the first place, who told him he could be his own god, do his own thing as a result, using his own “smartness”! However, just like with everything else, this character did NOT tell man it was a great lie, the greatest deception that was going to be perpetrated on man from that moment on! It is all summed up in his statement, one of the only things he ever stated that was true (because he HAD to, he was speaking to Truth Himself), that the world (as MAN made it, under “inspiration”), “all the kingdoms” past, present and future, belonged to HIM, and HE gave them to whoever HE chose! He is “the god of this world” in other words”!!!

WHY doesn’t it satisfy? Simply because it was never meant to! The world, as man knows it, “the works of his own hands”, is just A COUNTERFEIT, of the REAL thing, that which is TO COME! And the ONLY thing that is holding God back from giving everything to us… is US! We haven’t shown that we can be trusted with it! Simple! It ONLY works when it is done right, the way it was made to! (And I’m not just talking about the Earth either – we are NOT just material beings, and neither is creation! We haven’t even begun to realize the full potential of all that our Creator has waiting “for those that love Him”!)

In the meantime, we do seem to be doing a great job of going along along with “the destroyer’s” plan instead don’t we? Especially at the behest of the “captains of industry! (And “who” are they serving???)

Which brings me to the crux of The Genetic War, the gory details of which we are about to get into now! Hold on!…

(To be continued)

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