Gone, not forgotten!…

Dear All,

Sorry it has been a while since the last installment of “The Genetic War” series – three different and unrelated “family crises” have occurred recently which have had me distracted and a little busy I’m afraid. However, I should now be free to get back to things, barring any more unforeseen circumstances.

In the meantime, as everyone must be aware, two major news items have grabbed the world’s attention.

All I can say about the Ukraine is that it reeks of the same staged “false flag” elements and slanted media coverage that we have come to expect since that fateful September over a decade ago, (and that have occurred countless times over in modern history), only this one is being perpetrated for the purpose of trying to persuade the world that it is necessary to go to war with Russia. (May God forbid that the peoples of the world should fall for this). As with that previous event, and many others, too many elements involved stink of “fishy” to say the least, with the propaganda machinery ALREADY in place and ready with “answers” and outright statements and accusations, BEFORE even a shred of “proof” has been established! Basically, it has become yet another giant smokescreen to cover up another hidden agenda I’m afraid.

I deeply grieve for the innocents and their families caught up in this debacle, (not the first, and won’t be the last), which of course is not the first nor only one of its kind, but if you understand that these events are PLANNED and instigated by powerful entities above and beyond national governments and interests, for the purpose of shaping events that have an ultimate agenda, then you can look at the globe as a world stage, with different and seemingly unrelated acts going on in different places and on different levels, and see a very clear picture.

I’ll repeat the same clue I have given many times now – follow the money! It is ALWAYS about the money where the key-players are concerned, and innocent, ordinary “pawns” are EASILY “sacrificed” in the great chess game! It has happened SO many times over now that you can only hope that the peoples of the world will actually finally rise up and shout “Enough already!”

And while on the subject of the world stage here is more to ponder.

If you are a student of modern history you should also be able to see another pattern clearly – the number of times Israel has perpetrated acts of (im)pure genocide while the world’s attention is elsewhere! And again, just look at how the media has everything slanted!

To the casual observer these two current events will appear to be unrelated, but in this day and age NOTHING is unrelated, NOR insignificant, believe me!

The protagonists of the New World Order have had an agenda in play for a LONG time now, and they are experts at guiding public opinion. If they cannot persuade us easily to voluntarily go in their direction, then they will bludgeon us, emotionally, mentally, and physically, until we acquiesce and give in to their goal. This is not “rocket science” folks!

Am I “a conspiracy theorist”? No! I am a conspiracy FACTualist! FAR too many elements, in WAY too many events, for SO long now have either proven that things that were NOT as we were told they were at the time, or, at the very least, left us with MORE questions than were EVER answered adequately! And the COVER-UPS CONFIRM, over and over, that there IS a hidden agenda going on!

This may be a little difficult for many to understand, because we get so caught up in “the immediate”, but the sheer volume of ALL the elements necessary to be in place for ANY event to take place on the SCALE that we are sadly becoming accustomed to in this day and age are IMPOSSIBLE under “normal” circumstances, and they are certainly NOT “random”! We are being “played”, and there are no “coincidences” involved!

If you continue with “The Genetic War” series you should be able to see where everything is headed (and we are a LONG way down that track already I’m afraid)! If nothing else, you can re-read “The Khazars” for an obvious clue as to where the modern era of our current world understanding began.

“The short version” of where we are being steered? — A One World Government, under a One World Leader, centered in Jerusalem, and the “seed” of Satan are engineering the whole show! The plan has been exposed and foretold already however, with the final outcome? – A certainty! (It’s in The Bible folks – read it for yourself!)

“The Anti-Christ” does not mean “against” Christ as you might suppose, although he is of course because he will be Satan incarnate. The meaning of the word “anti” is actually “a type of”! So “the Anti-Christ” is “a type of Christ”! And he copies Christ in one crucial element, which causes the world to accept him as “the savior” when he is finally revealed – by bringing peace out of the critically increasing chaos he is subjecting us all to right now. He can do it, because he has been orchestrating the chaos all along! He knows what he is doing, and has been very “subtle” about it of course! He and his underlings have been following the formula “Problem, Reaction, Solution” – Create the problem in the first place, cause a reaction in the people, provide the solution – the end-goal that you were ultimately aiming for! Easy!

THIS is the “conspiracy” that is being perpetrated against mankind folks, and it is merciless, ruthless, murderous, and YOU are the intended “next victim”, I kid you not!

There is only one way out I’m afraid, and that is UP!

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“The Neck That Turns…?”

A P.S. — (09 July)
A very dear friend, a very sweet woman, brought my attention to a point that I clearly missed in the following dissertation, so I will address it here so the article can be read without the distraction of this point unanswered.
She asked if I believed in the six days of Creation, to which I of course replied “yes”. Then she went on to explain that it would have been possible for the man to name all the animals in one day. The significance of this is that the length of time man was around before the woman could have been just that long, and of course that is true. So I said I would check it out, and lo and behold this is what I missed…
In Genesis 1 it is clear that He made them BOTH on the sixth day, and the whole plan was completed on that day. He rested on the seventh.
Sorry about that. In my exuberance I let that one slip right by me!
So the time-frame I was suggesting was “off” a bit. However, the sequence of events is still valid, from what I read anyway.
If you can bear this in mind as you read, great. The rest of it is still just as valid an observation as I can manage right now.
The following was intended to cover only the point about “the neck”. It might be considered “long” I know, but it is a careful presentation, “building my case”, so please bear with me in it. As a result there are quite a few daisies picked along the path. Believe me though, there is SO much more to the whole story than can possibly be explained here. This is what make “HIS-tory” so fascinating and absorbing – fun!
Anyway, read on at your leisure, and I hope it is a blessing.
With love.

(The following was posted on the 07 July)

“Shall the thing formed say to Him that formed it ‘Why hast thou made me thus?'”

Just the other day I was thinking about a post I put on my Facebook page. It was a picture that goes along with the oft-quoted statement that “the man is the head of the house, but the woman is the neck that turns the head”. I am sure I am going to get “flamed” for the following, but I am going to say it anyway…

The above statement is not even true, physically, anatomically, medically, or scientifically – it is actually impossible! The head’s job, where the brain is situated, is to keep the whole body functioning, in coordination with all of its parts. The brain actually determines which way the neck should turn, as well as what all the other parts of the body should do. Even parts that pretty much run “on automatic” do so because of nerves that are all connected to the brain in the head. Cut off the head, and the whole body stops – dead! There may be some “twitching” in some places, the heart may continue beating for a few moments, but all life will cease. Decay will set in, and there will be nothing left but dust, and all of that starts after just three days! Pretty heavy!

So what is the neck’s job? Think about it! – It is the channel of all life-support to and from, between, the brain in the head and the rest of the body. It connects the head to the rest of the body. It does not tell the head, or even the rest of the body, what to do. It supports the head, and if it doesn’t then the head and the rest of the body, including the neck itself, dies!

A side-note about the head: The brain, the nerve-centre of the whole body, is in the head. The head is where four of the five senses are found, close to and directly linked to the brain – sight, hearing, smell and taste. It is also interesting to note that we have two receptors for each of the senses that have to do with receiving input – two eyes, two ears, two nostrils. We only have one tongue in one mouth, which is the receptor for taste, but it is also for the purpose of communication, speech, which is an output. Perhaps the fact that the senses that receive, input, are proportioned at seven-to-one to the only output we have in the head is significant? It seems that we should see, listen, smell and taste seven times as much as we speak! I do understand that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and can speak volumes, but words can wound, injure and kill, interminably, over great lengths of time, and at greater distances than any weapon created by man! Or they can give life! God help us to use them sparingly, and wisely!

So where did the idea come from in the first place that the neck turns the head?

I have a very clear thought on this, and since I am currently writing about “the beginning” in “The Genetic War” series, that seems like the best place to find the answer! So, here goes…

When man was created, he was created incomplete and he was allowed to learn that this was so. He had first been given the task of naming the creatures, after all they were going to become his responsibility, to look after. He was going to be communicating with them, so they had to know which ones he was talking to, right? (Yes folks, he talked to the animals, and maybe they were even able to talk back, who knows? One thing we do know, is that there was no fear or animosity between the man and the creatures. Neither were the creatures afraid of each other, because there was no hunting, nor carnivorous activity, everything was vegetarian!)

It probably took a while, and during the process he was also learning something, that none of them were going to suit the purpose of fulfilling his deepest need – for love, which is what he was created for, his primary reason for existence! He could have affection, yes, but not the kind of love that he was created and designed for, completely! He could watch the rest of the creation, the creatures, sharing their love, and with the fruits and results, but none of that was going to meet HIS need, and he knew it!

Remember, he was created by Love, out of love, for love, to love and be loved in return. But he had not yet found what, or who, he was to love, or would love him in return, as he needed to be. This was done on purpose, so that when it/she came along, he would know, and she would be “the one”. By that time he would probably feel so desperate and needy that he wouldn’t have any question or argument about whether he should love her or not, or whether to fulfill the commandment to “make love, be fruitful, and multiply”. (Pretty smart way to go about getting things done if you ask me!) Anyway…

When she finally made her appearance she was “perfect”, taken from his side, near his heart, where his love resided, sheltered under his arm. She was not taken from his head, nor anywhere else for that matter. If you might have ever wondered “why?”, well, it should be self-evident shouldn’t it?

So, all was perfect! Until…

What follows is probably going to be denounced as completely and totally “politically incorrect”, but that is not my problem! Since when has “political correctness” EVER been the criteria for determining the difference between that which is true and right, and that which is false, a lie and, as a result, by definition, wrong? Anyway…

All was just fine and dandy – man and woman had everything they could have ever needed, literally handed to them on a plate. Life was easy, simple, comfortable, pleasant, slow-paced, uncomplicated, eating fruits nuts and seeds, minding the animals, making love, naked and unashamed, unfettered, free! “Heaven on Earth” actually! And he was just getting started!

But then, well, you know the story! However, do you understand what it is that actually transpired? If you are not going to read it for yourself I’ll help fill you in here. (Bear in mind that I didn’t write this. I didn’t think it up. None of this was/is my idea. I could not possibly have thought this up if I tried, so “don’t shoot the messenger”! What follows is straight from the horses mouth, so if anyone wants to take issue with it they will have to argue with The Horse Himself!) Here goes…

There were no “bosses” then, except THE Boss! There was no “head of the household”, because there was no need for one! Everything was “equal” if you like, with very little in the way of “differences” between man and woman except the obvious ones, which, like the rest of creation, was for the purpose of both recreation and procreation – fun! So what happened to spoil all that?

Did you ever wonder how long it took for man to name all the animals, and learn that he was alone during the process, and not satisfied as a result? We are not told, but if you go by all the species that must have been around at that time, many of which are even extinct today, it must have taken some time to get through them all, even if there were only two of each and he named the male and female individually! I mean, he could communicate with each of them “personally”, every single one, so why not? (By the way, I wonder what “language” man used back then? 😄) God knew that man was going to live forever, so he had the “time” to do all of this in. “Time”, as we think we understand it now, meant little to God. It also probably didn’t mean much to the first man either, because he didn’t know any different! So, it could have been a long, “slow” (relative), drawn out process, taking who knows how long! Right?

This means that the first man could easily have a had a long time with his creator, on his own, getting first-hand instructions, being shown what to do, getting to know how things worked, how things were meant to be! Because he didn’t know any “evil” (yet), the man was completely okay with this. God intended it this way. This was the first man, of many to come. He had to get the hang of things, learn how it all worked, how to “operate the machinery” if you like, “get it right”, so he could then pass that on later. (He didn’t know that yet of course – God wasn’t about to tell him “the end from the beginning”, that would have been too much and overwhelming I think). Remember, man was in his “infancy”. There was a LONG road ahead and God wanted a strong foundation set before He could move man along to the next stage of his development and growth, and although God could do anything, in the blink of an eye, he wasn’t in any hurry with man, because man was just man, not God! God’s “future” for man was BIG, HUGE, and He was in NO hurry to make sure he got it right and make sure man knew how it was all supposed to work.

We don’t know how long this process took exactly, but however long it was, by the time man was ready for “the love of his life” to show up, he had probably been around quite a while, and when God knew he WAS ready, and could be trusted with her, he introduced him to the next phase of the overall plan! What we might call His “crowning creation” was also going to become his biggest responsibility! What responsibility? To be her “boss”? No, you don’t “boss” people you love! Even God doesn’t boss His creation around! That’s not love, nor how love works!

However, whatever we know, we are responsible for, and if we know something MORE than another, it makes us responsible to pass that ON to them, to HELP them, for THEIR benefit – that IS love! We are equipping them with more, extra knowledge, expertise, abilities, to make THEIR life easier, BECAUSE we love them! We are given those responsibilities as and when we have shown that we can be trusted to have them, and we pass them on to whoever follows after us, using the same formula, the same principles, because they work! This is how you “tend”, “manage”, are “fruitful”, “multiply”, “replenish”, “increase”, and how “the family business” of everyday life is propagated! Simple!

The facts are, for whatever reason God knows, He made man first. And the man had to learn, and show that he HAD learned, before God brought woman into his picture and the equation. This must have been man’s greatest and most important responsibility, because she was “the cherry on his cake”, saved until last! Seeing as this was the case, I am inclined to think that it was not a “quick” point to arrive at. Chronologically, man probably had a LOT of time alone with his Creator, and this was God’s own idea, His Plan. Basically, the man had been around longer, learning first-hand, so he KNEW more, and as such was going to be held responsible and accountable for more! If this is not “acceptable”, well, I guess that’s just too bad. And, “it’s too late” too! It’s “done”, already happened, all of it, as well as what happened next, which is as follows…

If you go back to the record of the very beginning of all things you might find it a little difficult to follow, because it is not written completely chronologically. It skips backwards and forwards a bit. Why? I don’t know, but perhaps it is because God likes us to use our “little grey cells” and put the pieces of the puzzle together, so we get the picture. Although the most important knowledge and principles are clear and simple, enough that even a child can understand them, He knows that “challenges” stimulate our intellect as well. He designed us with a brain, to be used. We were never meant to be “robots” or automatons. We can think, and we are expected to learn, mostly through making choices and decisions, finding out what works and what doesn’t. For example, God could have told the first man what each creature was and what it should be called, but He didn’t. He let man do that, because man was the one He was giving the responsibility to and the one who would be doing the job of looking after that side of things. (Just think, the first man was created to be a herdsman, and later a farmer, basically asked to look after the whole of the living creation. The creation that The Creator Himself had made was being handed over to man, and the future of all of mankind that was to come was also going to be entrusted to him. After he had proven that he could handle animals he was going to be handed his ultimate responsibility – the future!)

How had the first man proven he could be trusted? Well one thing we know is that he hadn’t done, yet, what was going to happen later, after woman had arrived…

(Before any reader starts getting “hot under the collar” about what I just wrote let me be clear on something… The account given us is NOT “a blame game”! The only “blaming” done is done by the man and the woman themselves, later, literally “passing the buck”! The explanation is coming, so hold on!)

The account we are given is not one hundred percent clear on exactly when, chronologically, “the garden” was created, as well as all that we are told was in it, specifically the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the serpent of course! The first mention and reference to it is after the woman was made, and we are told that God placed them there. (Think of it as like a “honeymoon suite” if you like, a place to get started doing their job of pro-creation – “the cradle of civilization”).

In any event, it had not factored into the first man’s equation so far. It either didn’t exist yet, was not revealed to him (kept for later as “a wedding gift” perhaps), or, if he was aware of it, he either hadn’t understood it’s significance, or was just too busy carrying out his responsibilities to wonder or bother. (Let’s face it, men are usually pretty simple and straightforward about carrying out their jobs. Pretty single-minded usually, right?) If he had been told about it then I’m pretty sure he would have been given the same instructions that were clearly spelled out to both man and woman later! (And, if this is the case, then he certainly HAD proven himself trustworthy, because he had followed those instructions!) I guess “all will be revealed” later! Anyway…

Exactly WHY God made everything the way He did I don’t know. I don’t know why there was “a tree of life” or a tree of “the knowledge of good and evil”, let alone a serpent! He must have known there was going to be trouble up ahead because of these things. The thing is, He is the Boss, and as such He has His own reasons and every entitlement to be so! If He cares to tell us or explain anything well, great! If not, what are we left with? Just like a child with a parent, if we are smart we will just trust that “daddy and mommy know best” and we will find out later probably, when we are ready to know, or when they are ready to tell us, if it is even necessary! In the meantime, again, if we are smart, by trusting, which is showing love and respect, we will “just do it because daddy says so”! One thing we can surmise is that even if it was just part of a test, well, so? What is the purpose of a test? – Basically to see if we have learned something! And if we pass a test what happens next? Usually we move on to the next grade! What grade? Well, you don’t know details before you go into it, but you can expect that it will probably be a little more work, will take more effort and take a bit longer. But it will also be more rewarding, and when you “make the grade” you are also given more responsibility, as well as more “authority”. You now have “the credentials” for it! (If you really think about it, it doesn’t seem like man has been able to progress much beyond “the basics” has he? In fact, he doesn’t even seem to manage those very well most of the time, and after some six thousand years or so of “trying” he doesn’t seem to have a very good “report card” does he? Hmmmmmm!)

Another side-note here: What form “the serpent” took is not clear, but it is explained that later he was to “go on his belly” as a part of his punishment. This indicates that the “serpent” was not a snake at first, as it is traditionally imagined. Later, one of the descriptors for this character is as a “dragon”. In any event, any of these descriptions are basically reptilian, and he is described as “subtle” (sly, deceptive). Reptiles are “cold-blooded”, you could say un-feeling! (There is a reason I bring this point out, and it will be explained in much greater detail in “The Genetic War” series!)

But back to the beginning…

The first man had been around a while, learning how to handle his responsibilities, before he was introduced to his wife! He was created, designed, to love, and be loved in return. He learned that this was so, so that when he was ready, he really WAS ready for her! I don’t think he needed much persuading to go with the plan. He and she were made for it! No problem! No “shame”! Just “doing what comes naturally”, naturally. It was the beginning, of the rest of us! Simple! Easy!

(If anyone wants to take issue with the way things were and are, you would be wasting your time trying to argue with me about it! This was not my idea! If you want to “argue” with anyone, try arguing with The Author of Creation! Maybe that’s the problem right there though – man has been trying to tell God that he knows better than Him all along, and look where it has gotten him!?)

So, first we have the man, then the woman. Again, don’t argue with me or try telling me that God got it wrong, or that it should have been the other way around, or anything else! There’s no point! It’s not my problem! It’s already “signed, sealed and delivered”! It’s too late! And there’s nothing any of us can do about it to change it, though it sure seems that many certainly have been trying! Take it up with The Boss if you don’t like the idea! It’s none of my business!

If you think about it, and again our concept of the time-frame “leaves much to the imagination”, by the time woman arrives on the scene she is not as “experienced” in things as the man has been up to that point. God made the man first, taught and trained him personally, first-hand, and then introduced the woman to him, His “crowning creation”. (There are probably very few men on the planet who would argue with this). Man was “responsible”, and was going to be held accountable as such, for the creation, and especially God’s ultimate creation, for man, woman! Man was not meant to be her “boss”, and neither was she meant to be his! They both had their own “role” and place in the order of things, to “make love, not war” – recreation and procreation! I’m pretty sure they didn’t have a problem with this. We still seem to like it today, don’t we? (I mean, in spite of all we have tried to do to kill ourselves off, we have still managed to arrive at seven billion people on the planet, right? So, “the system works” doesn’t it!?) And if we don’t know what “role” we are supposed to play, we can do what one funny guy said once when questioned on it. “If you haven’t figured out yet whether you were meant to be a man or a woman, just check your “equipment”, then you’ll know!” It’s not rocket-science people!


Man had been around a while before woman was made. She was made for him. She was a part of him. Without her he was incomplete. There are differences between men and women of course, otherwise it wouldn’t work, at all! (And again, if you don’t like it I’m sorry but that’s just too bad! It is what it is!) The only difference really between whether we are born one or the other is one, tiny chromosome! The sex organs are one of the last visible parts of our bodies to take shape in the initial stages of our development. It almost seems like it is a “last-minute decision” as to whether we will be male or female, doesn’t it? There are probably good reasons for this, if this is the case, but whenever the decision is made, for whatever reason, the chemical processes that take over and formulate the physiological, emotional (and as a result, mental too of course) fundamental differences between men and women kick in, affecting us for the rest of our lives! (Whew!)

(I have an idea as to when and how the “final” decision is reached as to wether we will become male or female, but I won’t get into that here. It has to do with our own choice and decision BEFORE we arrive here on Earth in this life! But this is another whole topic entirely!)

Man was on the scene first, woman came later. As such, man knew more! I wouldn’t say “better”, but by reason of experience he certainly knew “more”. Because of those difference between men and women, which God KNEW would be in place, I think I can figure out why man came first, and not the other way around! I of course have reasons for saying this, and these will be born out in what happened next…

If the garden, the trees of life and the knowledge of good and evil, and the serpent were around when man was first created, they were not a determining factor in his life. Basically, he simply kept to following his instructions. He was “the first”, what else could he do? He didn’t know anything except what he was told, and when he was told he just did it! When he had shown that he was ready, he was entrusted with woman. She was taken out of him, was a part of him! (Again, there is no point in arguing about “why” it was done the way it was – it just was! How would YOU have done it?) To put it candidly, woman came later, which means she was relatively new to everything in her experience, compared to the man that is.

Now here we are getting to it…

If you were a predator, intent on doing harm, who would you pick on as your most likely target? The “strongest”? The “smartest”? The one whose intention was to walk the safest path, doing the thing that they knew they were meant to do, unswerving, not even considering any “alternatives”? The one who could not be easily persuaded, convinced, “turned”, because they had learned, and were continuing to learn, the ways that worked, and were just too busy doing it to be “distracted”? Well, you might, but it probably wouldn’t be easy – you would have “a fight” on your hands probably, even just to get their attention! Maybe the serpent had tried it? We don’t know because we are not told, but if he had, it clearly hadn’t worked!

Cowards don’t attack the strongest. They are sly, and they go for the weakest! (Now before all the dear ladies start shrieking and screaming here, I am not referring to them as “the weaker of the two sexes”, so bear with me and you’ll see what I mean in what comes next!) The woman was only “weak” in that she didn’t have as much, or the “same” shall we say, experience as the man had had up to that point! She was like “the new kid on the block” to the situation, whereas he had been around a while, and had been keeping busy for some time! How long we don’t know, but it was longer than her, obviously! I think it is safe to assume that he knew and understood more than she did at that point. As such, he was responsible to take care of her, showing and sharing with her what he had learned and how things worked. Until she was “caught up to speed” you could say, she was a little “wet behind the ears” there at the beginning I guess. It’s not a “fault”, it is just a fact – to do with time, chronology, experience, however you want to put it!

However, there were dire consequences soon to transpire!

An enemy, if they wanted to attack, would choose when to do so? – As soon as possible, before the other had time to realize that they were even being attacked, and as such be able to put up a defense or a resistance! Man had been pretty single-minded from the beginning, but now there was this “new kid on the block”, and the plan was that they would be united! If you are an enemy, “a united front” is all the harder to have to deal with! If you can divide them from each other, even just two, you have a greater chance of success in putting the whole plan in jeopardy. And if your goal is to destroy it entirely, well that sure is a good way to start going about it, isn’t it? That was the serpent’s plan, and here is how it all transpired…

It doesn’t seem like the serpent had gotten anywhere with the man, that is, if he had even tried, which we don’t know. Man generally seems to be pretty straight-forward in his attitude and approach to everything doesn’t he? – “Here’s a job, let’s do it!” And he will usually plug away at it until it’s done, and then move on to the next one! He’s not usually a “multi-tasker”, usually single-minded (some might say “simple-minded”), and as such he keeps busy, and usually that keeps him out of trouble! He hasn’t usually got time for “intrigues” and “mind-games” (or mind-traps I think you could say), he’s too busy “doing” what he has to do! After a while he needs a break, some time off, time to relax and refresh. This is where woman comes in, the ideal match, the one with all he needs, and the best for it, “made for the job” if you like! All man really wants is to be loved, because that is how he is made! It really IS as simple as that! However, it seems that two of the main characters involved at the beginning were not satisfied with the way things were, doesn’t it, if we go by what happened, and how it happened? As follows…

If you read it carefully, it is all explained, exactly, in words so simple and clear it could not possibly be missed, by anyone!

What was woman doing, while man was busy doing what he knew he had to do? If she had been with him, alongside him, beside him in his activities when what happened happened, it wouldn’t have happened! But she wasn’t! Why? It seems like she must have been off on her own somewhere, and again, why? If she knew that she was there to love her man, be there for him, “help” him as it was specifically stated was part of her role, then why wasn’t she? If nothing else, she had a lot to learn yet, and who was she supposed to get that learning from? As the saying goes “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” and we read exactly how he “worked her over” while she was off on her own, away from the safety and security of the one who loved her more than anything else in the world!

We know the serpent was jealous. We know he was cunning and sly. We now know, very well, by the results, how he works! And for anyone who might still be in the dark, “the light is about to go on”! It is “as plain as day” people!

There are three things that the woman was weak in right then, and she succumbed to them when she was tested! She COULD have stuck with love, the simple and safe option, the reason for everything, including our very existence, but she didn’t! Instead, (and this serves as an important lesson for the rest of us ever since, and which is repeated, over and over in our ” instruction”, and which we seem to fail to learn countless times, thus paying the painful price) she fell for a material (physical) counterfeit, and all because of one element – pride!

Love is very spiritual (because that’s where it comes from) and it is manifested in the physical as a result. It is a choice we make, a choice to “do” (OBEDIENCE to the command to do so!) It is not just an “emotional” thing that we are supposed to “wait” for to happen before we do it! Otherwise it hardly ever happens, right? It is obedience to the very meaning and purpose of our existence! Without it none of us would be here! Nothing would exist, because man wouldn’t be here, and as a result neither would anything else! (There is a reason why man was given the job of looking after it all – it needed “tending” and “keeping”). What is it that we try to fill “that empty space” with though if we are not satisfied? – Material things, and things that appeal to our minds (which rule our emotions).

Here’s the account: The “fruit” (subsequent supposed result) of the knowledge of good AND EVIL was good-looking, tasty (both “materialistic”) and going to make her “like a god” (pride). The woman was now, she was told, supposedly, going to be “smart” from it! Instead of following her heart, which would have kept her by her man’s side (and thus safe) she went “off on a tangent”! She was found, alone, by herself, and leaned to her own understanding (her own mind and thinking, ruling her emotions) when questioned on the veracity of her Maker and His Plan, His commandment to…..? She didn’t seem to know how to answer in any event. First of all, she wouldn’t have even been ABLE to listen, IF she had “stood by her man” and been where she was supposed to be! Secondly, by the account, she either wasn’t clear on the instruction (hadn’t listened) given by God, and possibly via her man, or perhaps she wasn’t convinced enough of it for some reason. Who knows? But she was, basically, “easy prey”, for all of these reasons!

Why did she go for it? Perhaps she wasn’t satisfied with being made for the man, her role in the whole scheme of things? Perhaps the idea that being “smarter” than him was appealing, because then she could “rule over” him, maybe, using her “smarts”? She was made AFTER the man, but in getting “smart”, BEFORE he did, perhaps she figured that would give her “the edge”? Perhaps she thought she could “leap-frog” the order of things, and maybe even reverse it? Who knows? Whatever the reasons, now she was walking on the serpents’ territory, and the man didn’t see it coming!

Man was made to love, and be loved in return. Simple. He knew, he understood, how it was all meant to be. He had been taught and shown, first-hand. He understood his responsibilities, was very happy with them, and was just busy doing them. I guess he must have been TOO busy, because he doesn’t seem to have noticed his wife was not there, and if he did, he didn’t seem to think it was important enough to go looking for her! Oops! (BIG “oops” actually!)

When the woman returned from her “wandering” we are not clear on exactly how MUCH her eyes were “opened”, (yet) but at the very least she now knew “evil”, and all that that entails! (It is all to become VERY clear later though, AFTER the man had ALSO partaken of the fruit). Any resultant effects were possibly not so apparent to the man maybe, right at that moment, perhaps because he was used to being “distracted” by his woman’s beauty, and “doing what comes naturally” whenever he felt like it as a result? If they had been apart for a while, and he had been busy working, he was probably “up for it”, right then, and their natural reaction to each other up to that point had always been to respond, with action! It wasn’t “a game of cat and mouse” – they were both used to just “doing it”! But what if this time it was different? What if now, the woman was attaching some “condition” to it? What if now, using her new-found “powers”, she expected him to comply with HER wishes, before she would grant him his? And what if one of those conditions was that he join her in what she had done, first? “If you want this, you have to eat that!” (Sounds just like the “reasoning” that was used on her just previously, doesn’t it? Sounds like she had now also become cunning and sly, doesn’t it? – So much for the knowledge of evil, huh?) Anyway, how else would it have even been a consideration for him, seeing as he had had a pretty clear understanding of that one rule up to that point? He had a need, an irrepressible, undeniable need. A need and a desperate desire that had to be fulfilled and could not be put off! And up to that point she had never denied him! But now….? (This is probably where the erroneous idea that SEX was/is a “sin” (or “THE” sin) first entered the picture, which is absolutely NOT the case! How could it possibly be, when it was God’s own, very first, and ONLY command up to that point!?)

(Here’s a mind-boggler – what if the man had NOT eaten the fruit also? I guess we won’t know, but what a thought!).

The serpent had not been able to reach man yet, but he knew just how he could, and once he did the ruse would be completed. “Mission accomplished”!

Why couldn’t the man see it coming? My belief is that it is greatly underestimated just how simple, emotional and loving men are! Perhaps this is because men don’t express it in the same way that we have come to think women do? There are differences, clearly! Maybe this is one reason why men think they have to be “macho”, in order to protect their hearts? I don’t know. But in the first man’s case, why would he, how could he, suspect that the one he loved, and who was supposed to love him, would betray him? He didn’t know evil, yet, he was “innocent”, but all that was about to change!

There is no need to explain the rest here, because that is not what this article is all about. This article is about “the neck that turns the head”. Basically, although there certainly WAS some “head-turning” going on at the beginning of all things, it was not “a neck” doing any turning! The woman’s head was turned, by her own choice! The man’s head was turned, by his own choice! And both were turned by something that “seemed like a good idea at the time”, and only because they strayed away from the original instructions! Simple!

If you read on from that point you find out exactly what God thought about it all! Nobody “gets away” with anything! And the first person who is called to account for them-self is the man, believe it or not! Why? Simply because he was “first on the scene” in the whole plan, knew the most, and as a result was most accountable! This is when the first “blame game” starts!

Error and a lie cannot stand alone. It needs support to stand up, and “a crowd” to hide in, so it doesn’t stand out and become exposed! This is why the woman could not be alone in what she had done, she had to have an “accomplice”, which is probably why she wanted to get her man in on it. Why the man went along with this we don’t know exactly, but he did! She didn’t want to be “alone” in what she had done, and perhaps he didn’t want to be “left” alone? I mean, there was now a world of difference between them, a huge gulf! What could have possibly been, in any way, a future for them together, under these circumstances? Perhaps he rather chose to join her? (I’m reminded of a funny old song, about “a hard-hearted woman and a soft-hearted man”). Perhaps he reasoned that by doing so he could still fulfill the command to be fruitful and multiply at least? I mean, clearly she hadn’t “died”, as they were told they would do, so “maybe it was okay after all”? Perhaps this is where he leaned to HIS own understanding and thought he knew best? Whatever the case, he didn’t seem to be able to “trust God anyway”, that He could fix it, even the “impossible” in the situation, that if he had “stuck to his guns”, somehow God could still go on with His Plan! (How, or what, God could have/would have done I have no idea, but He IS God, and considering what He had accomplished SO far I don’t think it would have been difficult for Him! – We tend to limit what WE think He is capable of, simply because WE can’t do what He does! Right? Er, DUH!)

So, God shows up! And this is where it gets interesting!…

The FIRST one “called” (to be questioned and to give account of them-self) was the man! Why? Simply because he was first! And man’s response was to be the first one to try to place the blame elsewhere! “The WOMAN, which YOU gave me, made me do it!” Next up, the woman! “The DEVIL made me do it!” (Hmmmmmm!) So NOW we are going to find out “What’s wrong with this picture”! God had to sort out the mess, He had to “fix” it, with what He had LEFT now that man had gone “off message”! It wasn’t God’s fault! He had made everything very clear, and very simple in the first place! Now He had to CORRECT the situation, before man could do any more damage and destroy what was left of what God had made (and FOR man remember, as well as Himself!). Man had CHANGED the way it was all made and meant to be, at the serpents’ behest of course!

(This is what I I have written about in “the Genetic War” series – how corruption first appeared on the scene, corruption of everything actually, and where it is all headed and why!)

Since man’s big boo-boo he seems to have become some sort of a “judge” hasn’t he? And he is the biggest judge of………? God! (The result of the lie of “becoming as god’s”!) How man could ever even think he has “the right” to do so is beyond me, but that is another matter! Because man’s nature has become like this, since learning good AND EVIL, he seems to think that God must be some kind of a judge also, because he COMPARES God, WITH HIMSELF! (Really “smart” huh?) Well, in a way, God IS a judge, but man has NO CONCEPT of what God is like, because he gave up that knowledge when he chose the knowledge of good AND EVIL! Man hasn’t got a clue! (Unless he gets back to Him!). And since he hasn’t, God could not possibly even entrust man to “judge” other men, certainly not now, under the present conditions! It was never God’s Plan or intention to have any “rules” in the first place – it was just meant to be Him, mankind, the creation, and all for, and out of, love! Simple!

Whenever God has had to introduce any kind of “rules”, “laws”, “judgments” if you like, they have always, and ONLY EVER been, for a specific purpose, at a specific time, to correct a specific situation! Believe it or not, NONE of them were ever meant to be “permanent”! He has always been RELUCTANT to bring any type of what we would call “punishment” on us. Like any parent would know when they have to discipline the kids, He’s like “This hurts me more than this is going to hurt you!” He’s been trying, all along, to get us all back to that “state of being” we were in at the beginning! The “rules”, when implemented, are boundaries, guidelines, to steer man back on course, so we get back “on message” – love! The more “far gone” we are at any time, the stricter and more stringent the rules have to be, simply because we are going to hurt ourselves more otherwise, and because He loves us, that much, He is going to do everything He can to try to prevent that! This IS love, isn’t it? Any parent should understand this at least.

Not only are God’s workings for the purpose of trying to keep us on track, but if we stray, He also hopes that we will LEARN from our mistakes, hopefully so we don’t make the same ones again! So, we find that His “corrections” usually also take the form of the “punishment” fitting the “crime”! Again, simple! And this is what He does here at the beginning with the first man and the first woman! You might want to pay attention to this, because He makes it all VERY clear, as well as His reasons for doing so! And there are NO “if’s, and’s or but’s!” Why? Because it is THAT important folks! It is THE most basic fundamental of life to man, which he had ALREADY “f****d up”! Here it is then…

He confronted the man first, because he was the most accountable, having been made the most responsible. However, when it comes time to put everything back in place, in order, he starts with the serpent, supposedly the “smartest”, because he knew exactly what he was doing and was very cunning and sly about it. (In the account, at this point God also makes a prediction about what the relationship between the serpent and the woman was going to be like from then on – basically a constant state of confrontation, a war! See “The Genetic Wars”).

God then, literally, puts woman in her place, making it VERY clear “who is who” and “what is what”! From now on “her desire shall be to her husband (whatever that means I don’t know, though I have some ideas) and HE SHALL RULE OVER YOU”!

If you happen to be a woman, and are shrieking and screaming here, just hold on a moment, because there’s more…! You have to keep in mind that these were rules put in place for a specific purpose – the survival and future of mankind! This was no rule in the first place, because it was not necessary in God’s mind! It was not His original intention to have to make it a rule! Man and woman were supposedly happy with the idea, not knowing of any possible “alternatives” (at first)! It only became necessary to “lay down the law” because of what happened, and the rules were for the purpose of getting everything back on track, with everything and everyone in the place they were meant to be, doing what they were meant to do! Up until then it had all been voluntary, out of love, and physiologically the method was going to, bound to, work, because it just does! God had to make sure it still WOULD, in spite of all that had happened, so He laid it all out, again, but this time more clearly and very specifically! He HAD TO! If they had just followed the “love rule” it never would have come to what it did, requiring what it did as a result! Do you see?

This is His “natural order of things”, at least as far as His physical creation is concerned! Anyone NOT liking the idea, well, “not my problem”! Sorry!

(More on this in a moment, on getting back to “the original” that is. But in the meantime…)

As if to make it EVEN CLEARER, God now turns to man! If THIS doesn’t spell things out as to everyone’s place and purpose, as well as act as the exposure of each one’s motives and attitudes, as well as failures on their part, I don’t know what does! Here’s “the cruncher” then… “BECAUSE YOU LISTENED TO YOUR WIFE in this matter…..!” (He had listened to HER, when he had ALREADY been told by God what was allowed, and what wasn’t!)

For their own safety, as well as trying to hold it all together, AND to try to help them see where they went wrong, everything was now going to be much more “rigid”, as well as much harder work, to keep them busy enough that hopefully they will stay out of trouble, because NOW they knew good AND EVIL! Man wasn’t going to have it all handed to him on a plate any more, he was going to have to work hard to keep his job! And woman was going to have to “labor” too, in childbirth, and with “pain” it turns out! Again, this was NOT God’s original Plan or intention!

Thus we have man’s natural state of being, for some six thousand years or so since! Result? Some seven billion people on the planet at this moment in time! In spite of everything, and especially in spite of man’s lack of cooperation to “go with the program”, at every opportunity it seems almost, it is pretty much an unstoppable force! Thank God! The most successful areas of mankind are those who comply, knowingly or not! God WILL bless those who do, regardless as to whether they even know Him or not, as best He can anyway! (He does work with every single person on an individual basis as well, even the hairs of our heads being known! Whew!)

Later down the road from “the beginning” though we find that He gets very descriptive about societies, or parts thereof, that get away from Him, and as such away from the desired results. One of the conditions He describes as a “proof” that they have gone “off message” is that “their women and children rule over them”, a complete reversal and inversion of how He said things were meant to be! Yikes!

The whole idea of getting back to “the original” CAN be done, on an individual basis at least, and immediately! It is spiritual in nature, and the definition is that “there is no male or female in Christ Jesus”, in other words, equality! Some may still have learned more than others of course, that’s a personal, individual matter between them and Him! Even in spiritual matters we are not all the at the same point in our personal growth, nor are we all “gifted” in them all, nor all in the same way. We are still all individuals, whom He loves, personally, “made to (His) order”. And we are responsible, and as such held accountable, to Him, and Him alone, personally! But this is another whole dialogue though.

Even though we now live in what is called the era, or age, of Grace (since Jesus, if you know Him) and Christians are no longer male or female, in Him, when it comes to man’s marriage with woman, the home and family, etc, the “rules” are STILL in place, and there are reasons for it! One of the explanations given is so that any who do not have faith can be won by the example of the relationship, because it is supposed to be representative of how God is and made it to be, AND how the relationship is supposed to be between Jesus and us! In a way, because of the importance of this, the “restrictions” might seem to be even stricter! However, if those involved know The One Who makes it all possible, they are able to receive the Grace to fulfill their roles. So still, “no excuse” for a lack of obedience from any of us! Sorry!

Also, in the future we are told that “they neither marry, nor are given in marriage”! Some seem to have concluded that this means we become a-sexual, but I don’t see how this could be the case! And again, the reasons for this go right back to the beginning!

As for the rest of mankind generally? “The basics” have not been changed, and most of the most successful cultures and societies have been so because they have stuck to the blueprint! They might not be “politically correct”. They might be called “backward” or “primitive”, not “progressive”, even “un-civilized”(?). They will make up MOST of the world’s population, and by definition, if you are “comparing”, probably be mostly “poor” as well! BUT, they sure seem to have been propagating! Anyway…

When God first came up with His idea of Creation, especially mankind’s part, He was discussing it, counseling, WITH Someone. The conclusion was to “make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness” and so “MALE and FEMALE” He created them! Everything in the physical is a representation of a spiritual truth, and if it works in the spiritual, and is also proven to work in the physical, why change it, if the original design is how it was made, to work? – And IT WORKS, because IT IS LOVE! Love is eternal, it goes on, forever, it grows, it increases, it gets better as we learn it, it gets bigger, goes further, is never “done”, just like God! There’s MORE TO COME, folks, only BETTER! So personally, I believe that there is SEX IN HEAVEN! (Whoopee!) And in THIS life, it is meant to be as close to “Heaven” as you can get! At least, as far as most of us are concerned I think, it is “Heaven on Earth”, or SHOULD be! So………..?

In the perfect world of the Spirit and Heaven, there is no “male or female” inasmuch as the roles of “perfection” (or “completion” would be more accurate a word) are not gender specific – we ALL get to be so! We don’t HAVE to “marry”, because we ALL are! Love reigns, and we ALL get to enjoy it, freely! We won’t be bound by our “roles”, because there won’t be any, we will all be spiritually complete, as and when and how we each grow and learn! There are no “bosses” just mutual love, consideration, affection and understanding, as needed, with whoever, whenever, wherever, out of love and consideration for each other! So what are “male and female” for, even in Heaven? Simple! FUN! As well as the CONTINUED reproduction of man, both spiritually and physically! (The mind boggles doesn’t it? How limited our understanding is now, but soon it won’t be! AWESOME people, AWESOME!)

But perhaps we should “draw the net” on the conclusion of this “little dissertation” (finally! 😊).

“The neck” cannot, shall not, will not, ever, be able to turn the head! It is impossible! The head is turned by the head’s own decision to do so! The decision is not, nor can ever be, made by the neck! So, where, or from whom, did the idea come from in the first place? I don’t know, but I have a pretty good idea that it wasn’t from God! He didn’t design it to be this way after all. He laid it all out for us, and He knows what He’s talking about and what He is doing!

I believe the idea originated from the same source, and in the same order of the sequence of events just described above, and for the same reasons! And wherever we find that, maybe, “the neck” HAS been “able” to “turn the head” we find nothing but trouble as a result usually anyway! Not “always” of course, but “the neck” needs to have acquired a pretty good knowledge and understanding of it’s role (“her” role, IF this is even true!?) in order to be able to get it right! In any case, IF a woman WANTS to be “the neck”, or CONSIDERS herself to be so rather, as far as GOD is concerned “the neck’s” job is supposed to be “a support” to the head, NOT it’s “turner”!

You CAN call me “old fashioned” if you like, and you would be about about six thousand years right, but I am NO “male chauvinist”, NOR am I “sexist”, NOR do I even want to be “a boss” over women (much like it seems the first man was reluctant to be, until he was actually told to!) I just LOVE women, and “I can’t help it” I’m afraid! I make NO apologies for this, and I am certainly not ashamed to say so, nor do I care who knows it, and I certainly am NOT going to STOP admiring them, nor their beauty – I enjoy it too much! I was MADE this way, and, “if I could ever get my hands on one”, with their permission of course, I would! No joke! I am a man, and very happy about it, except when I am hurt by some women sometimes. I thank God for it, in spite of how difficult it is to be one sometimes – “that’s life”! I am not perfect, I make mistakes – because I am not God! But that doesn’t stop me loving! My pride gets in the way of this sometimes, sometimes a lot, but “so what”? One thing I will NEVER do is apologize for being a man! It’s what I AM, and the way He MADE me! Anyone who doesn’t like it will just have to “lump it” or take it up with my Maker! 😊

In closing, finally, one last statement: TO HELL WITH (where it comes from and belongs) “Political Correctness”!!!

‘Nuff said! 😘



“Now all these happened to THEM, for EXAMPLES, and they are written for OUR admonition, upon who the ends of the world are come”!

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