Words Fail Me!…

…As the farmer who was famous for his cursing was heard to say while staring at his overturned cart of apples one day — “I just can’t do the subject justice!”

However, this dear man sure does a great job of it!…

Note: This video is from last August, 2013. NOW look at what has transpired since that attempt failed – ISIS, a CIA created, trained and supplied group of “who?”s (now it’s a another “global war against the terror(ism) of jihadism”!?) from 2007 (FOR the purpose of attacking Syria) and the US has now declared it has every right to do what it could not do before – bomb Iraq (again!) and now the ones they were always after, Syria! What will follow? Iran! These last two were the ONLY ones that did not “fall” when expected to when the US first declared its intentions for the countries in the region more than a decade ago, and on Israel’s behalf!

The current situation in Iraq and Syria today? — The US presidents and UK prime ministers and their governments, past and present, as well as those of other supporting “coalitions of the willing” and agencies, including all the alphabet soups and their bank-rollers (always behind the scenes, working on behalf of…?) – should all be in criminal courts, tried, convicted and sentenced for REAL “crimes against humanity”!

Personally, it is almost impossible for me to comprehend just how much “the powers that be” and their puppets get away with, and for how long they have been doing so! Surely they must be aware of the fact that the world knows that they are lying and that their intentions are not what they say they are but are pure evil, and anything but “humanitarian”? How can they be so blatantly ignorant of the fact that the populations of the world know this, clearly, and what their agendas really are? They must feel very secure in their positions of “power”, huh?

However, what is worse is not that evil men and women wax worse and worse, but that they do so because good people do nothing! And what most fail to realize is that when they are done with “cleaning up” from the rest of the world, they will then start on their own peoples at home! (The mechanics and laws for doing so are already in place!) Remember, one of their stated ultimate goals is to cut the worlds population down to just a half a billion, and they are using, and will continue to use, all methods at their disposal!

I will be writing on this soon, including continuing with “The Genetic Wars” (a huge subject, but more relevant than many may realize). I like this pic…

2014-09-26 11.37.48

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So Sad…

A sad day…

… for freedom!

I guess it was to be expected that Scotland’s referendum would swing to “no”, against leaving the UK. The pressure to do so was immense, right up to the last minute before the polling stations closed.
Everyone and everything was brought to bear on the Scottish people – the political party leaders of the main parties in Westminster all showing up in Scotland, the banks, the corporations, the top military leaders – all warning of the “dire consequences” of leaving (while at the same time dangling promises of more autonomy if Scotland stayed). Even Bill Clinton weighed-in (which should have set warning sirens off right away), and the Queen expressed “concern” (probably because there was some risk of her having to lose her favorite castle). And the media? – So biased it couldn’t be disguised at all! AND there was a LOT of BIG money poured into the “no” campaign!
I guess it all proved that “might is right” after all, eh?

It was like the whole world was watching, and waiting on the outcome, with 155 countries tuning-in live, and debate raging throughout Europe and elsewhere as to what it could mean to the UK’s “standing” or “ability” (power) throughout the world if left “diminished”, as well as others cries for freedom and independence in their parts of the world. This was more than just “a local affair” affecting a few million Scots, and “the powers that be” knew it (and were scared shitless)!

Sadly the deciding factor seemed to have come down to fear at the end though – the slightest majority in the end being persuaded that they “couldn’t survive” alone!
I think perhaps only the “yes” voters can say that they have the right to sing “Scotland the Brave” now. Where were the rest of the Bravehearts?

Interestingly there was an interview with one “yes” woman who was very succinct and wise when asked by a “no” woman how Scotland would survive if they went independent? Who, and how would Scotland be governed? How could they stand “alone” in the world? – The lady said that they would start by looking after each other, in their communities, and as they grew and increased in their example their influence would spread, at the grass-roots level, showing and proving how, that it worked, with no more centralized government and “control” needed, including all the problems and bills (taxes) that are passed on to the people by that government = true freedom, with a genuine say in self-government!

Imagine what this example would say to the rest of the world? The 99.99% would then be able to say, with conviction and in reality, to the 0.01%, the elites “We don’t need you! F**k off, and take your wars with you!” Whew!

Yes, a sad day indeed! “So near and yet so far!” Now the price will be paid! And don’t expect the “promises” of “the victors” to ever materialize – their mission is already accomplished!

P.S. Now the government in Westminster can release the news that they have found huge oil reserves off the coast of Scotland I guess!



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More “Latest”…

Apologies for not getting back to “The Genetic Wars” series so far – there have been a few “distractions” shall we say? Several pressing needs on the home front, some heart-breaking news recently, as well as a mischievous, malicious and malevolent “personal attack” by someone from the past. Add to this a small but concerning personal injury, some technical problems, including several attempts to hack my web-site, and the discouragement that usually accompanies these sorts of things, especially when you feel all alone and quite isolated in it all, and…. Well, I’m sure you get the picture!

One side-benefit in this though is that it caused me to have to stop and have a little talk with my Boss. His perspective on everything is always a genuine “help in time of trouble”. Now if I can just focus on His instructions and follow through on them….. 😊

Another “little miracle” is that during this time I was also questioning “Why?” things seems to be the way they are for me sometimes. Amazingly, during some of the “home front” stuff I was working on I came across a book that was all about relationships and how we appear to, and react with, others according to our astrological birth signs.

Let me make something very clear – I do not go for all the daily horoscope stuff, nor do I believe that everyone of a particular sign is the exact same as all the others of the same sign. There are oodles of factors that determine a person’s life, not the least of which are our personal choices and decisions. Place God’s Will in supreme place above all of this and you have something else entirely different also! This has been my life for forty three years now anyway (on the 9th September).

Although it was somewhat of a relief to discover the reason and meaning for how things seem to turn out for me the way they do in my relations with others, it was helpful, but hardly hopeful, sad to say. I guess “the short version” is that very few others, if any, will ever understand me, and as a result very few others, if any, will ever be a “permanent” part of my life! This sounds terrible doesn’t it, and in a way it is, but the way it was explained at least now I know “how it works” (or doesn’t in my case). According to the explanation it is I who will suffer most from the way things seem to go. Others who may have expected more from me will be able to, and usually do, move on to other more “normal” relationships. However it is I who will often find myself alone, again, and again. Oh dear!

Apparently it will take a very special type of person to make a relationship with me work and last, and if I ever find myself getting close to anyone again I will make very sure that they know what they are in for, from the very start. This would be only fair. Anyway…

Another project that has grabbed my attention of late is “Tiny Houses”! I have a plan, and have been doing research on designs and downloading plans. It seems that the best approach will be to build my own, on a chassis with wheels so it is also transportable. This way I can drive it home to Iceland when the time comes. It will take some time to get this going and completed, but at least things are becoming clearer now. Then it is just a matter of timing! 😊

So what about the rest of the world? Well………….

“It ain’t pretty” is it?

Gaza (it’s destruction and decimation, Israel’s assault being financed and arms-supported by the US – and now they are “expanding” in the West Bank!); Syria and Iraq (ISIS being armed, trained and financed by the CIA since 2007, initially as a weapon aimed at Syria and Iran, but now conveniently a scapegoat providing an excuse to send armed forces back into the region!); the Ukraine (an illegal puppet-government financed, armed and backed by the US, EU, NATO and the IMF, as a beach-head and an excuse to step right up to Russia’s front door and start stepping their toes in!); the usual political and media BS on it all, the US, UK, EU, IMF, NATO double-speak; “talks”, “sanctions”, “cease-fires” and truces made and broken; “terror threats” (from whom I wonder? – funny how “the authorities” always seem to have their own people on-hand when they happen, “doing drills” for such events huh?); Ebola scares; Monsanto’s march against the human population (including into the Ukraine, one of Europe’s main “bread-basket” wheat producers! – at the same time the West is trying to syphon off Russia’s oil and gas through it by proxy, “reverse flow”!); serious “war-talk” (actually using that word now – while NATO is putting troops on the ground in “exercises” in the Baltic states “for their protection” and as “a clear message”!); while thousands are dying and having their homes and resources destroyed or stolen, with no answers or recourse allowed! Volcanoes and earthquakes everywhere (no exaggeration – never has there been as much seismic activity, all over the globe at the same time, as we have been having recently!).

All I can tell you is that we were foretold of these things! Never in the world’s history has it been as bad as it is now, and it is going to get worse! The three main economic blocks of the world’s economies are sizing each other up now, and since it is always about the money, and war is both A means to an end as well as THE means to the end…….!?

Where did this all originate, and where is it headed? Who caused it and why? – Read on with “The Genetic War” series part 6, coming soon!

Always, David

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