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The sheer number of earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, that have taken place in so many different places just over the last month (since CERN was re-booted) should be alarming don’t you think? It is unprecedented in world history, though it was predicted to to be one of the signs of “the beginning of sorrows” some two thousand years ago!

Not only have there been the TWO major quakes in Nepal, but the whole “ring of fire” of the Pacific Rim has been on the move, with multiple quakes off Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Alaska, one just went of in the Pacific, and with “the big one” expected in California any time now. There was even one in the UK’s “garden county” of Kent, shaking people out of bed in the early hours of one morning last week!

Go here for a global map of recent activity :

Then there is volcanic activity going on now here:

What has this got to do with CERN? Well, just listen to the scientist explain in this short video clip (you have to get through the intro and comments by the lady posting, but when you do just watch the animation also included to get an idea!)

(You can find loads more info for yourself, just Google it).

Other recent news…

Just HOW bad things have now become in the UK now? Watch and read…
(Watch intro and Lembit Opik interview)

Some incredible history (repeating itself?) is covered in the first half of this show…

Then there is the Ukraine debacle (in EVERY sense of the word), the President there being little more than a very dangerous clown no-one (the West) wants to “employ” any more, the FIFA debacle (with the US inexplicably involved), the EU debacle, AND…. “the Russians are coming!” (blah, blah, blah, b******t, b******t, b******t!!!).

Doesn’t the Western Political Media Circus understand that the rest of the world isn’t listening to them anymore? And that the rest of the world can, will, and do, carry on very happily without them? Whew! (The US is totally exposed and back-peddling on everything, as is the UK!)

The so-called “leaders” (NOT) are like the inmates running the insane asylum! YIKES! It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious!

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4 More 4…

…the UK, with implications for many, “at home and abroad”…

Each of the following current items contain vital info elements for “the uninformed” (Watch all the way through each one for a balanced picture). If the Brit population hasn’t already realized it, you have been duped, lied to, and are, as a result, basically “screwed”!

“V for Vendetta” anyone???

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Eurovision 2015! (Up-dated 24th)

Eurovision 2015

I stumbled across the first semi-final that took place on the 19th May.
All I can say is… I don’t care how “politically incorrect” my comments are going to be!

Besides the whole thing being steeped in occultic ritual and symbolism, the overall presentation reminded me of the audience of “PanAm” in “The Hunger Games” movies! – Having a so-called “bearded lady” “win” last year was bad enough, but to carry that over to this year with the “Phoenix” song (also VERY occultically symbolic), as well as being involved in the presentation, was stomach-churning!

I always watch ceremonies like this, to get an idea of what the message is we are being given. It’s not about the “songs” or the “artists”, but the overall purpose of the event, which is very different today from how it was intended in its original idea!

Having said this I have to say that Russia’s song was the best and most powerful, though the other anti-war song from Hungary was also beautiful. The Greek entry was very watchable, though unlike the Russian and Hungarian songs the symbolism accompanying was very apparent sadly.

A couple more observations…
Five countries, France, Germany, Italy, Spain & the UK, are granted automatic access to the final, solely on their financial contributions to the event!
Only two songs so far were in their own language, and one of those changed to English half way through! (It used to be a “cultural event”!)
For some “un-known” reason Australia has been allowed to enter this year!
And, as usual, the BBC voice-over commentators spent most of their time being sarcastic about the other countries’ entries!

I will watch the second semi-final on the 21st, as well as how the voting goes in the final on 23rd, just to get a clearer picture of “the message”. I strongly suspect that the elites are/will be using the event as a signal as to just where we are along on their agenda for Europe!

Maybe more later then…

22nd May – Well the second semi-final seemed a bit more muted than the first. I have to say that the overall standard of music has been better than usual. Some of the singers struggled a bit in their live appearances though. If you watch the YouTube vids of the original recordings you will see what I mean. Iceland’s entry makes a good case in point. It’s a shame that so much hinges on one live performance, the more professional singers and musicians being able to carry it off better of course. Anyway…

It remains to be seen how things go in the final. There is usually a lot of politics behind the voting. Let’s hope there is not too much “message” being preached and that they leave it more up to the songs and the singers! I like that there are more ballads, love songs and meaningful lyrics than usual this year and not so much “hype”, so far anyway.

It doesn’t matter and I don’t care who “wins”, there are some good songs to come out of it all I think. Let’s hope the final isn’t a let-down!

I might post a comment after Saturday, but if I don’t it’s because it wasn’t worth it. 😀

24th May

Eurovision results

Well… I will follow these brief comments with an op-ed that pretty much sums up the politics of the event (written before it took place). But first a few facts…

In spite of some “boos” from the audience (before being asked to desist by the hostesses) Russia (quite rightly in my opinion) was taking the lead in the voting, up until later in the process. Then a few things started happening… Three of the countries “lost connection” before being able to cast their votes and had to be returned to later, and two other countries were later disqualified for irregular voting, apparently “having no effect” on the final outcome.

The voting process was done as follows… The voting by the general public (of 40 countries) was allowed during a one-minute period, and this could be done by phone, text (except in the UK apparently for some reason), on-line, or by the Eurovison app. To this was added a “jury vote” of five individual people from each country, and this was all sorted using “a computer algorithm”! (Hmmmm – I’m skeptical already)

Generally, with the exception of only a very few songs that I would call “below par” musically or by performance, the standard was, in my opinion, higher than I think we have been used to. However, again, very few songs were in their own language, and even the hostessing was done wholly in English (it used to be in French and required running translation). It was a great international song concert, but hardly what I would call an international song “contest”, other than the fact that the singers came from different countries.

The theme was supposed to be about “building bridges” and “making circles”, and each countries’ entry certainly seemed to try, however, in spite of the claims to the contrary, the politics of it all was very apparent in the voting. Spookily, there was the “all-seeing eye” overlooking the whole thing, as well as the tree symbolism – both Luciferian and occultic in nature.

I have no qualms about the Sweden entry winning. It was a great production. However, I believe the Russian entry could have, and probably should have, won. Polina certainly sang her heart out with lots of real emotion – a heart-cry I believe. (During the voting, after the booing, when the voting started waning for Russia there were a lot of groans of disapproval it seemed to me). Anyway, here is that op-ed…

How Europe changed its tune- 60 years of Eurovision
May 22, 2015 13:33

On Saturday night in the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna the grand final of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest takes place. Twenty-seven countries, not all of European, will compete for the prize, won last year by the Austrian ‘bearded lady’ Conchita Wurst.

Eurovision is more than just a song contest- its history tells us much about the way Europe has changed politically, culturally and economically since the mid-1950s, and how the changes have not always been for the best.

Eurovision predates the formation of the European Economic Community (EEC) by several months, but came about from the same desire to bring the countries of Europe (or at least Western Europe) closer together and help prevent future wars. Countries that have close trade links with one another and take part in singing contests together, can’t really go to war against each other, can they?

The first contest, held in Lugano, Switzerland on 24th May 1956, saw just seven countries compete and for the first and only time each country was allowed two entries. The winner of the first contest was Switzerland, with Lys Assia singing ‘Das alte Karussell’.

The contest soon became a hit with Europeans. Top stars competed and the songs showcased by Eurovision became international hits.

Ironically, in this pre-globalization era, there was more genuine cross-cultural fertilization in Europe than there is today, when globalization too often means Americanization. Millions of people across the continent bought the song which only came third for Italy in the 1958 Eurovision Song Contest – Volare, (Nel blu, dipinto di blu, ) sung by Domenico Modugno. It’s a wonderful song, which has been covered by many top artists, and remains popular today. Will we remember any songs from recent Eurovisions in 55-years time? I doubt it. The quality of the songs was very high in Eurovision in its first twenty years-reflecting the richer cultural life that we had on the continent in the pre-neoliberal era. Les Trente Glorieuses- but just how glorious on so many different levels the period 1945-1975 was, only became fully apparent with the passage of time.

With full employment, rising living standards, and a widespread reduction in inequalities, the 1960s was a particularly good time to be a European, and the Eurovision Song Contest reflected the optimism of the age. France, which regained its confidence under the brilliant leadership of Charles de Gaulle, won it in 1960 and 1962. Swinging Britain, a happy, vibrant place to be under Harold Wilson’s progressive ‘old’ Labour government, won in 1967 and 1969, and should have won in 1968 too with the upbeat‘Congratulations’; it’s claimed that Spanish dictator General Franco rigged the contest in Spain’s favor.The 1970s was another vintage decade for Eurovision.

The Seventies started with a first win for Ireland, with the lovely ballad ‘All Kinds of Everything’, with the UK again doing well, finishing a close second.

The 1974 contest, held in Brighton, in the UK, is remembered today for bringing the Swedish group Abba to everyone’s attention (they won with ‘Waterloo’) but the quality of the contest was reflected by the fact that the song which finished second, the hauntingly beautiful Italian ballad Si, sung by Gigliola Cinquetti, also became a massive international hit.

By now, Eurovision had grown to 17 countries. The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia had debuted in 1961, but still Eurovision reflected the Cold War division of the continent. Some communist countries in the east did broadcast the contest, but apart from Yugoslavia none took part. In 1977, an Eastern European equivalent of Eurovision, the Intervision Song Contest, was held for the first time.

Ironically, it was in 1989, when Yugoslavia won Eurovision for the first time, that things really did begin to change. What had been a contest for Western European nations plus Yugoslavia, expanded in the same way the EU expanded after the fall of the Berlin Wall? The Nineties saw Yugoslavia and the USSR break up and a whole host of new nations join the Eurovision family. Estonia and Latvia won in 2001 and 2002 respectively, Ukraine in 2004, while Russia won for the first time in 2008 when Dima Bilan sung ‘Believe‘. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was banned from competing in the contest from 1992 (what justice was there in that?), but Serbia did win the contest in the very first year it competed, in 2007.

It was great to see the contest become a genuinely pan-European event, but sadly, the expansion of Eurovision coincided with the era of turbo-globalization, a period which has seen national cultural identities weakened, and the contest, despite the participation of new countries, is arguably not as interesting as it once was. The score-board used to be in the language of the country hosting the event, but now almost the entire evening’s events are conducted in English. Only a small minority of acts sing in their native tongues and instead of a genuinely European cultural experience, where we can learn something about other countries, we’ve got a competition in which too many of the contestants are trying desperately to sound and look American. Modern Eurovision has become a much-hyped high-cost television spectacular, watched by around 180 million people, but they don’t have anywhere near as much charm as the old contests had when the sets were creaky, and it was all about the songs and not the flashing lights.

Eurovision does though still provide a good indication of how the popularity of certain countries has waned in recent years.

Britain had an excellent record when its foreign policies were relatively peaceful, (the UK won it four times between 1967-81 and finished in the top four in every contest between 1967-78, but its last win was in 1997, the year Tony Blair – with his ‘liberal interventionist’ foreign policy, came to power. Did anyone really want to vote for the UK widely seen as the US’s lapdog in Europe, after the wars which Blair helped to launch? The UK has only had one top ten finish in Eurovision since 2003; and in the last three years, despite having reasonable enough songs, songs, has finished 25th, 19th and 17th. If the UK does want to do well in Eurovision again the answer is clear: kick out the neocons and ‘liberal interventionists’ from the corridors of power and show Europe we’ve changed by putting Tony Blair on trial for war crimes. We should be doing that anyway of course.

Israel is another country which has experienced a reversal in fortunes. The country won two years running in the late 1970s, at the time when Israel’s international image was fairly positive on account of the peace agreements with Egypt brokered by US President Jimmy Carter. But it has only won once since then, in 1998, a sign perhaps of how European attitudes to the country have changed in the light of Israel’s wars against Lebanon and Gaza, and the activities of the pro-Israel lobby in cheerleading for US-led wars against Israel’s ‘enemies‘.

You could say that Eurovision today is less about music than it is about making the ‘right’, politically-correct statement. We saw a clear example of this in last year’s contest, won by a ‘bearded lady’, striking a blow for LGBT rights. But while we all remember Conchita Wurst, (who incidentally will be co-hosting this year’s final), can anyone honestly remember how the song goes?

The advance in LGBT rights is an undoubted positive, but while we have gained equality in some important areas, at the same time economic inequalities have widened. Because of the economic changes that have taken place since the late 70’s, the feelings of solidarity and comradeship between people are not as strong as they once were. Rugged ‘me first’ individualism and the rise of identity politics have led to more fragmented societies in Europe, particularly in countries where neoliberalism is most entrenched, such as Britain.

It’s interesting to note that in the more collectivist 70s, groups did well in Eurovision, today it’s solo performers, and solo performers who really stand out like Conchita Wurst, who do best. Only one ‘collective’ has won in the last 13 years- Lordi from Finland in 2006, and they were dressed as monsters.

The Berlin Wall is long gone, but today Europe remains divided and we see these divisions in Eurovision, which is marked by bloc voting. The dream of the founders of Eurovision and the EEC [European Economic Community] have not been realized.

And what about artistic freedom of expression? This too is in retreat. The Hungarian entry this year is a song about the futility of war called ‘Wars for nothing’. Who could possibly object to that? Well, the Israeli Ambassador to Hungary for one. He protested about the song because one of the captions in the song’s video contained the words: “2014 – Gaza – two-thirds of the victims were civilians, including more than 500 children.”

The ambassador complained to Hungary’s broadcasting authority and the offending words were taken out.

I’d call that censorship, but the West’s free speech anti-censorship crusaders weren‘t at all interested. Keith Walker, of Euronews, did though pick up on the irony ‘Israel who’s PM marched in Paris defending free speech, protests’ Hungary’s Eurovision entry’

Just imagine the furor if the Russian ambassador had intervened to try and get changes made in another country’s Eurovision entry. Then we’d have been treated to a plethora of unbearably pompous oped pieces in neocon and faux-left publications expressing ‘outrage’ over how Putin was trying to destroy “free artistic expression at the Eurovision Song Contest” and calling for Russia to be banned.

What dreadful hypocrisy there is over the issue of free speech in Europe at the moment.

We’ve certainly come a long way since 1956, but in some areas, we’re going backwards. Still, we have to remain optimistic as those upbeat songs that used to win the song contest in the 60s and 70s told us to be. So here’s to the next 60 years of Eurovision, and let’s hope the contest can recapture some of the magic that it once had.

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More 4 the UK…

More 4 the UK…

Just before the recent General Election I happened to be watching the Wachowski’s “V for Vendetta” movie, then the Conservatives won the election, against all the odds and the predictions of the polls! (See this previous post as to how and why:

All I can say now, after monitoring what the Prime Minister has publicly stated, almost immediately after gaining power (only time will tell what is being said and done “behind closed doors” – just look at who his cabinet are, and what they are pushing for, in major areas that their coalition partners rejected during the previous Government!), is that “the seeds are definitely sown” for bringing about the scenario depicted in the movie! All that needs to happen now are for similar events to occur as those depicted that tipped the scales for a despotic, totalitarian state – attacks on the population itself by “the powers that be” to coerce everyone into submission!

If the people don’t rise up first (after they find out that they were lied to and cheated) and bring about “a state of emergency” of some kind, resulting in “emergency powers” and all that entails, such as “martial law”, “curfew”, etc, then those same results could so easily be achieved using the supposed “attacks” by “outside” or “internally subversive” “threats”! Either way, the UK population has been, and will be in totality, “screwed”!

A couple more things raised questions about “the election” itself…

How is it that Cameron was already on his way to see the Queen, before all the results had come in and “confirmed” his “majority”? And how come it came “down to the wire” of the last votes, which took exceedingly long to be declared? It smells like the same scenario that occurred when Bush was “re-elected” to a second term as President – also a vote that turned on postal and an “electronic” system! Hmmmm!

Anyway, the “why” it was important for Cameron and the Conservatives to “win” is well explained in the first half of the following from Max Keiser…

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More Vital Insights…

… into CERN, and BEYOND!!!


From me:

Definitely fascinating stuff! I am impressed, not just with the depth of research that folks like Stan Deyo, Tom Horn, Cris Putnam, Steve Quayle, David (deceased) & Michael Flynn, and many others have engaged in, but how “in sync” their findings are with each other, which they often only discover afterwards if/when they have an opportunity to compare notes!

Some readers here may not appreciate that my more recent posts have been moving more towards scriptural basis for presenting current events, but there is a reason for this…

You will note that these researchers are Christian folks, and from different denominational backgrounds I might add. Yet, they all have one thing in common – they have “studied to show themselves approved unto God”, as the scripture itself exhorts us to be, which then goes on to say “that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God”. In another place it says that “every word” should be “established in the mouth of two or three witnesses”. Part of God is The Holy Spirit, and this power is promised to “lead and guide you into all truth”. So, we find that there are many, many people, from all over, who are doing as the scripture admonishes – “watching” and “studying” – who are all coming to the same conclusions! Something is happening! It is supernatural, and there is a reason for it!

Different denominations start up as a result of some difference in interpretation of some scriptures, which then become “doctrines”. A lot of time and energy is then wasted by some on arguing those doctrines, instead of “majoring on the majors” (instead of the “minors”) and agreeing on the indisputable, undeniable, clearly stated, sound and solid scriptures themselves “straight from the horses mouth”. It is dangerous to be too dogmatic about anything, and not open to new ideas and possibilities. We don’t have to agree on everything, we can “agree to disagree”.

However, some things are indisputable. God, Jesus, His Spirit, and the authenticity and authority of His Word fall into this category. I know this from personal experience, which is on-going I will add! We all have to “do our own homework”, and He WILL lead if we do so with an honest and open heart.

I have studied, and taught, Bible Prophecy since my earlier years, starting in 1971. Over the last decades I have also monitored current world events. Now, today, I can tell you that the two disciplines are merging, closer and closer, and at a faster and faster rate!

The world is getting worse and worse, faster and faster, at the behest of “the god of this world”. Yet THE God is faithful, and He ALWAYS sends His messengers to warn the people of what is happening, why, where it is coming from, where it is headed, and what the final outcome will be (it’s all GOOD in the end)!

This is part of the purpose of this site, it’s a part of my job!

I hope that the reader will take heed to the posts. They are all here for a reason, and they are not posted for “sensationalism” or “a following”. They are meant to be a help.

As stated before, not all folks may agree with each other on everything. I certainly don’t personally agree with everything contained in the “secular” posts I have on this site. However, as you might notice, the Christian contributors here, even though denominationally differing from each other, are all agreed, and myself with them, that we are living in “the time of the end”, the time that almost all Biblical Prophecy has foretold, over centuries and millenia!

Why do I share content on what The Bible has to say? Simple!…

It is the ONLY source of Truth you can completely and totally rely on! You cannot trust in man, certainly not those who are in the employ of “the father of lies” and who help him run the world!

“Who” you “believe” and “what” you “believe” is left entirely with you of course! But if you are fed up with the BS, then why not try The Truth for a change!? What have you got to lose???

Okay, well in closing this little note I just wanted to bring everyone’s attention to a couple of details that are indisputable…

Christian’s often make reference to something called “The Rapture”. This is not actually a scripture reference, you won’t find it in the Bible. However, it generally refers to when “we (believers) which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with Him in the clouds” at Jesus’ second coming (return). This occurs after a period of time called the “Great Tribulation”.

Some seem to be in a bit of a quandary about when this happens, so I will let Jesus Himself clear it up, as follows (Jesus’ own words on the matter) …

Mat 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
Mat 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
Mat 24:29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:
Mat 24:30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
Mat 24:31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

(READ ALL OF MATTHEW CHAPTER 24 for His own vivid description of the world of today!)

Some also seem to have different understandings about how long this Great Tribulation is for. I don’t blame them – it is the most “ain’t pretty” period of time “such as was not since the beginning (creation) of the world” as Jesus Himself described it!

Rest assured though, it is not long, and is one of the few specific time periods given us in The Bible, counted in EXACT DAYS, MONTHS and YEARS, in SEVERAL places! 1260 days, or 42 months, or “a time (one year), times (two years) and a half a time (1/2 year)” = 3 1/2 years!

(See Daniel 12:7 ; Revelation 11:2,3 ; 12:6,14 & 13:5 – Study Daniel chapters 2 & 7 – 12 and Revelation chapters 6 – 22 if you really want your mind blown! Remember, there is a blessing attached to reading The Book of Revelation!)

After centuries and millenia of cruelty and injustice foisted on the worlds’ populations at the behest of Satan and his followers, he only gets to wreak his worst havoc for such a short time! Why? Because “except those days be shortened there shall no flesh be saved”, so although God allows him his “final fling” at the very end, it won’t last long before Jesus Himself steps in to put a stop to it all, once and (almost) for all, and brings a thousand years of peace on earth and good will toward men! Cool!

Have a great weekend folks, and do your homework! 😀

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“IF” & “ALL”

“IF” & “ALL”

IF you really WANT to know…
ALL you really NEED to know…
Can be found in the following videos (at least “enough to get you started”!)

If you can get through the program format, some the repetition in the presentation, a style that might not be your personal cup of tea, then please work your way through these. You cannot afford to “skip through”, ANY of it – it contains information that you need to know! Some vital statements can be missed in the blink of an eye if you don’t pause it while going to get a cup of coffee or take a potty-break!

There are details presented that will likely cause “shock and awe”, and this is good!
There are details that give insight into the timing of everything that is happening right now – “why now?” There is an explanation as to why there is reference to “The Beast” in The Book of Revelation (and why it is the ONLY book of The Bible with a blessing attached to it, for those that read it)! There is an explanation as to why “the snake” in the Garden was NOT a “snake”! But more than this, you will be astounded at how everything we think we know actually “fits” and that we were ALREADY told of all of these things, with the worst/best yet to come – we are on the brink of/are witnessing ALL that was foretold, NOW, TODAY!

Hold on to your hat, because “the truth is out there” and is “stranger than fiction”! This is “real science” folks!


Full video (58 mins) here:

Full video (58 mins) here:

Full video (58 mins) here:

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The “UK”??? (Up-dated!)

The “UK”???…

The result of the recent General Election in the “United” Kingdom heralds “the beginning of the end” for the country, one way or another. One thing is certain, “it ain’t going to be pretty” for the British population, and the Conservative Government has already declared what can be expected. People are already protesting, and we can expect protests and riots to increase in the future, when the public realize they have been seriously screwed!

For those who may not be aware, the current procedure for the elections ensured that the Conservatives would win, and with a majority, while sweeping aside and ending the political careers of all opposition (except the Scottish Nationalists). This is considered a “victory” and justification for the Government, and (we are told) for the country that is now (we are told) “in recovery”. (But is it???)

Consider the following few facts:

Almost four million people across the country voted for the UKIP, clearly a call for change from 16% of the electorate (there was only a 66% voter turnout, most of those who didn’t vote saying they didn’t believe in the electoral process or promises anymore, and/or that their vote would make no difference because nothing would change anyway – they are right, as proven by the following).

If Proportional Representation was in place, instead of the current status quo-protecting system of “first past the post”, UKIP would now have 83 seats in Parliament, instead of just 1! The whole structure in the House of Commons would look very different from even the change that just took place! (See the article and charts here: )

Far from being “a Government of one united country” the Prime Minister has the following in store for the population…

More “austerity” (for the poor, not the corporations, banks and big business), including a £12 billion cut in the welfare system. (The National Health Service is already decimated, and is going to get worse, as is the education system!)

The abolishment of the Human Rights Laws (giving “free reign” to “surveillance” of private citizens, forced entry of households, detainment and interrogation without warrants, etc, etc.)

The continued sell-off of public services to private enterprise, including and especially the rail system. (They have already done this with the postal service, hospitals and the health service resulting in complete and abject failure. The power companies are already owned by other countries, as is most of the property market in London.) The selling-off of Britain has been well under way for ages now and the current “Government” (actually lackeys for “big business”) plan to finish the job!

Let’s just hope that the slimmest majority that the PM now has over “the opposition”, as well as some rebellious “back-benchers” from his own party, are able to try and keep him in check somewhat, but it is unlikely.

Following are a series of links to recent headline items in the news. Well worth taking note and staying informed, as best you can anyway….

​Voting fraud? George Galloway launches legal battle over election defeat

Tories’ repeal of Human Rights Act will spark constitutional crisis, erode civil liberties – experts

​UK general election: Establishment wins again?

May 7th, 2015 – the day the United Kingdom died?

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Chapter 3

This will be the last post from my book. What follows in the book after this is everything that happened afterwards, until “up-to-date”(ish). If you would like a PDF copy please let me know.

Always, David

“A near-death experience” or “Chapter 3 of Why I do what I do!”

I left home and began “a pilgrimage” on September 9, 1971, at the age of 17. It was an unplanned start, in that I didn’t know that it was something that was going to happen, but I am oh so happy that it did! In effect, it was the ending of an old life, and the beginning of a new one, completely “out of this world”! Yes, I am basically the same person, and yet, no, I’m not! I now live for, and in, “a different dimension”, except that I still inhabit the same body, a human one, with all its limitations and experiences. Thank God it’s not “the be all and end all” though, just “a vehicle” to travel in while still here! Ha ha!

I joined a group, a Family. Again, this wasn’t planned, but it has been “The Best”, and as I have often told those who have questioned it, “If you could show me anything better, I would do it! I’m not stupid!” No-one has ever been able to do this though of course, because I’m still here!!! Ha ha! As I have often said also, “Even if there was no Heaven after all, I would still do this, because I have had just such an amazing time coming this far!!!” Wheweee!

It began easily, by having time to study, as well as having lots of very exciting and interesting experiences going out and meeting complete strangers, and sharing this new found love and freedom with them! (This has basically been my whole life for the thirty nine years I’ve been on earth since – er, 44 as of this date!). I also helped with some of my expertise in producing publications, as well as teaching, even newer disciples than myself, what I was learning. As a result, in the first few years, I was able to travel, doing this work in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, as well as back to the UK and Ireland at one point. “Thousands of miles of miracles” would be the best way to describe it. By the time I was twenty years old, I was solidly certain about everything I had read, learned and experienced, yet I was facing a few doubts about myself! I was struggling, and I knew it, but this was all to change, very dramatically, very soon!

It was August 31st 1974, and I was passing out literature on one of the main streets downtown, in Manchester, northern England. I hadn’t been doing very well, being very discouraged about myself, and any ability I thought I was supposed to have in following Jesus. I was “working my way up” from being an absolute “zero”. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do our best for Him, but He had a very big lesson for me, actually a series of lessons, and He was about to change my life, in a very big way!

One of my team-mates had stopped by a few minutes before, just to say “Hi!” and see how it was going, and now I was just waving “Bye-bye” to a pretty young 16 year old girl, who had just taken a piece of literature, given me a donation for it, and had then turned the corner out of sight.

Suddenly, all I knew was that there was this incredibly loud crashing sound! I had no idea what was going on at all, except that, for a few moments, I was trying to figure out “What happened?” I remember thinking, “What’s going on? I’m sure I was witnessing! What happened?” There was a huge crowd of people gathering around me, though I still didn’t know, for sure, where that was, except that I was in a horizontal position, because all the people were standing on their sides, it appeared to me!

Later, I learned that nobody actually made a move to help at first, because they were sure I was dead. I was fully conscious though. Just a bit dazed I guess!

After a few more moments I realized I was lying on my right side, and there was all this crunchy stuff under me and all over me. And there was this warm, wet stuff oozing out from various places, and people were screaming, or in shock, for some reason. It was difficult to move, though I felt no pain. I figured I’d better try and see what had happened.

I turned my head slightly, to look over my shoulder, and then the reality of the situation struck me – there was a bus, standing over me!

I later learned that the bus had a steering fault, and had been turning a corner when the steering wheel locked in the turn position. The driver couldn’t straighten out after the turn, so the bus just kept coming round, up onto the pavement (sidewalk), hit me on the left-side at the back, sending me flying across the pavement, through a 1 cm thick pane of glass that was the front of a shoe store, depositing me on the display inside. The bus then followed me into the store a little ways, before coming to a halt!

As I said, at first nobody bothered to come to help me, because they were sure I couldn’t have survived, but after those first few moments I stirred, and then a few people flew into action. The ambulance arrived a few more minutes later, and I was off to the hospital, where, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was to spend the next three months!

Most of the injuries were due to the glass. I have counted about 120 stitches, on the outside, altogether. I went under anesthetic around mid-day, and didn’t come around until 9:00 pm, when I found a doctor still trying to string my right leg up in traction (this means a steel pin through the shin bone, attached to a rope and pulley system, with weights on it). My right femur had been shattered to splinters over a six inch length. I had a bandage around my head, from cuts to my neck and ear. A plaster cast was on my left arm, as I had three lacerations that had cut the tendons to my thumb in three different places. I had another bandage on my right hand, due to cuts to two of my fingers, and yet another bandage around my right foot, where a cut right across the base of my toes had left four of them hanging on by just threads of skin (one of them was removed), and another cut across the right side of my ankle. There was also a huge hole in my lower right leg, where about a pound of flesh had been gouged out.

In the emergency room, when I first arrived at the hospital, the staff nurse on duty actually cried when she saw what condition I was in. When my parents were called, and informed of what had happened, they said they would drive the 200 miles or so distance right away, but were asked if they could find a quicker way of getting to the hospital, as the staff couldn’t be sure that I would be alive when they got there. Two of the cuts were so close to vital blood vessels that I think I must have lost a lot of blood. There was certainly a lot of it everywhere. Someone who was there when I came round in the evening later told me “You were a mess!” I was being monitored every thirty minutes, and placed in the bed under the ward sister’s window, the one where people usually died! Whew!

Amazingly, when it all first happened, I didn’t see, hear, or feel a thing! Pain was something I was going to experience later, for entirely different reasons!

It sounds quite shocking doesn’t it? I guess it was! “Shock treatment” I think you could say! But it was nothing compared to what happened in the spirit, which is as follows:

You might be wondering “Why?” of course, and quite naturally so. It should be quite clear though, as you read on!

Believe it or not (please do believe it though, because, it’s what actually happened, I’m ashamed to have to say), my first reaction was to complain! There I was, lying very helplessly in a “could possibly die” situation, and I was almost mad at the Lord, saying to Him, “How could you do this to me? I’m one of Your children! I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing! What do you think You are doing?” But then, as clear as I have ever heard His voice, He just simply said, “I could bring you Home right now!”

Woah! It wasn’t so much what He said, which I knew was probably true, as I had no idea what the total extent of my situation was (though He sure seemed to know, and had gone to great lengths to engineer, or allow, it to happen). It was the way He said it! Oh my, it was so real, so convicting, so sweet and loving, and yet so very clear and firm, so definite! Immediately I was so ashamed, ashamed to have thought, felt, and to have spoken to Him that way! All I could do was say, “Oh Lord, I am so, so sorry!”

It wasn’t that I was afraid of dying. I knew I was saved. I knew where I would go. But that was it, I would go to be with Him, and I would have to face Him, with that very wrong, bad, murmuring, ungrateful attitude, and I was so very sorry!

Well, however He did it, it did the trick! What followed was such a beautifully warm forgiveness and acceptance, such a peace, knowing that I was forgiven, loved, that then I really didn’t care if I lived or died! It was worth it all, just for that! Whew! It was “a perfect moment”, and it changed my whole life!

This all happened in the few moments between when I was hit by the bus, and when people started coming to help me. By the time things were moving, as far as my rescue was concerned, I was so happy, I really didn’t care, or worry, about what was going to happen. Somehow I knew that everything was going to work out though. I figured that if He really did want to take me Home, well that was fine with me now, because He had forgiven me! But, then if He didn’t, because I was still alive, then He must have a purpose in it all, and it was a privilege to be considered for such an “assignment”.

Suffice it to say that there were many, many lessons to be learned in the following months, the “accident” was just the beginning. Most of the really important lessons had to do with faith (what it is, and what it isn’t), “grace versus works”, as well as (literally) “Stop, Look & Listen”, and “Squeeze, Don’t Jerk!”. Self-righteousness and Pride were hi-lighted to an embarrassing degree also, (with frequent “refresher courses” delivered to me throughout the years since. Ha!)

I guess you could say this accident was like a kick-start to the rest of my life, really putting everything into a perspective that I had failed to get at the beginning of my service for Him. I certainly didn’t attain through it though, it’s just a very good reference point!

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Next Chapter…

I have been asked to continue from where I left off from the last post, so here is the next chapter from my book.

The book is a bit dated now in parts, but never mind. It came about as a result of an e-mail exchange that took place between myself and a young Icelandic girl I had met at a shopping center in Reykjavik one weekend ten years ago. After the first chapter or two she said I should write a book. What followed was the result of that.

Later I thought perhaps I should “fill in some gaps” with more detail, and a second book resulted. A combined PDF of both books was revised in 2010, though a lot more has happened since then which has not been written. I have thought of re-editing the whole project and bringing it all up-to-date, but have not had the time as yet.

Let me know if you would like a copy, however, please bear in mind that my style is my own, much like this site, so please don’t expect a grammatically perfect nor “politically correct” work. It won’t be (you may as well know this up-front)!

Anyway, here is “Chapter 2”, and I may publish “Chapter 3” tomorrow, or at least sometime this coming week…

“What Happened Next!” or, “Chapter 2 of Why I Do What I Do!”

Right after the prayer, and explaining to Graham that I couldn’t explain, everything was different. Now I knew what it was that these people had, because now I had it too! I had no idea that this was going to happen, really! I knew I was looking for something, but I didn’t know what it was. “Love”, “Truth”, “Peace”, “Freedom”, yes, but if you had told me that this was how and where I was going to find it, and what was going to happen next as a result, I would have told you where to go, in no uncertain terms!

Actually it wasn’t like I found anything – it was more like it found me! It never ceases to amaze me how awesome everything has been, everything before this event, and then everything since. There is a distinct difference between the two though. Before was flat, dull, boring, meaningless, with no future, no answers, no purpose, like a fish floundering around on the ground, gasping for air, knowing it was only a matter of time before it would weaken away to death.

After was like being thrown into a huge, deep, wide ocean, with no limits, places to go, things to see, things to do, people to meet, and, more than anything – purpose! It’s actually gone even further than this, because now I’ve even explored beyond the ocean and taken off into space, the universe, and beyond! Wow! Soooooooo cool!

But again, I’m getting excited, and ahead of myself. Here’s what happened next.

Graham didn’t pray with me when I prayed this prayer. I don’t know why, maybe because he wasn’t asked at that time. I guess the guy who was talking to us just figured I was the one who was ready, so “went for it” with me. However, everyone there was as concerned for him as they were for me, so they wanted to talk to him some more, perhaps to explain a bit more, and give him the same opportunity.

While this was happening, I was invited to read the Bible with some of them. I said, “Sure”, again, not knowing what I was in for! Ha ha!

I had never read the Bible before. Why would I? I already knew all the stories — Jesus was born in a stable, because there was no room at the inn. Angels, shepherds and three wise men were involved. When he grew up he started roaming around telling people good stuff, performing miracles, and had disciples who followed him. In a little while he would be killed, but that He did this to “save” us.

“So? That was two thousand years ago. He was a good guy, but what has that got to do with me?”

We sat down at a table. A Bible was brought for me, and we opened to The Gospel of John, Chapter One, and started reading. As I said, I had never read the Bible before. All I knew about it was that it was written in very old English, which was difficult to understand, especially for a “storybook”.

Well, again, this is something that is kind of difficult to explain, but while reading the words on the pages, this wasn’t like reading a book! What I was seeing with my eyes, was going in through my eyes (like the words themselves were leaving the pages), coming into me, and down into my heart! And my heart was responding! It was thrilling! It wasn’t the words themselves, it was their Spirit, their very meaning! It was all so simple, so clear, so real, so true! It was like being fucked, and I loved it!!!

This went on for a couple of hours, and I couldn’t get enough, though it was a little tiring! Ha ha! Meanwhile, some others were talking to Graham. They encouraged him to pray, but, basically, he
wouldn’t, so they asked him to join us in reading, which he did, for a while.

At about 6:00 pm I was aware that Graham was getting up from the table. I was so absorbed in reading, that at first I couldn’t figure out what he was doing, but he was looking at his watch, and trying to get my attention. “Dave, we need to get going!” “Huh? What?” “We need to get going” “Going? Where?” “Home. It’s getting late. Our parents don’t know where we are. It’s going to take a while to get home. We need to go.”

It was then that I realized that Graham was intending to leave, and he wanted me to leave too, with him. I hadn’t expected this. It was a difficult moment. Here was my best friend, my only friend, the one responsible for introducing me to these people, and everything that had happened as a result. The one I felt, more than anyone, would understand what was happening, and he was leaving! Why?

I couldn’t get it, but I just looked at him and said, “Graham, where are you going?” “Home. It’s late. Our parents will worry.” “Graham, I just came home! I can’t leave! Where are you going? Why are you leaving?”

At this point, Graham seemed to realize that something had changed, something was different. I was different, and I wasn’t leaving with him. I was staying here, with these strangers. He freaked out a bit!

“What are you doing? How can you stay here? What will I tell our parents?” etc, etc. “I don’t know! Tell them I love them. Tell them I’ll be in touch. I’ll write, or phone, whatever. But I can’t leave Graham! I just found what I didn’t know I was looking for, and I’m not leaving. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but this is it!!! I had no idea, but I’m not going to let go of this, for anyone, I’m sorry”

Whew. Talk about a tough moment! Graham was in tears. I was nearly in tears. This was my best friend, and I watched him walk away, a very sorrowful guy! I was heart-broken! However, I knew that what had happened was worth more than million “friends”, at least more than friends that would be here today and gone tomorrow. Everything, including even those I loved, was so temporary, unsure, anything could happen, and often does, but what I now had was certain, fixed, sure, permanent, real, and it was just the beginning!!!

My new-found friends were more like a family. It really was “like coming home”, from a very, very long journey. A journey of desert, with little or no water, and I didn’t even know them. And yet, it was like we always knew each other. It was weird and strange, but very cool!

What followed could only be described as a very intense effort on the part of my parents to get me to “give up this idea” and “come home”. For two weeks straight I think they tried everything in the book. Quite clearly, they didn’t understand. But then, they weren’t willing to hear an explanation either! They were afraid, and confused.

It wasn’t until a couple of months later that I was to find out why, something about my past that I didn’t know about. They hadn’t told me, and were afraid of what my reaction would be if I found out. My leaving so suddenly had caught them off-guard, and they were scrambling around to try to get a hold on the situation, so this “big secret” could be resolved in some way I guess. (I’ll tell you later – it’s very cool, very romantic, and totally miraculous, convincing me even more that there was a plan for my life! Wow!)

My parents tried everything – phone calls, sending my favorite uncle to talk to me and bring me home, a lady who had gotten involved in religion and the church (and gone crazy) came “to help me see sense”, they called the newspapers (who sent a reporter to interview me), Graham called. Finally, as a last resort, they came themselves and physically tried to get me into the car to drive me away. None of this worked. Nothing and no-one was going to deter me, or take away from me what I now had! No-one! This was “the real deal”, “the real McCoy”, worth everything to gain and keep, even my life, and I knew it!

It was the Police that had to help my parents come to their senses. When they saw that I wouldn’t be moved (I was actually stuck to the ground, literally – an amazing experience!), they called the emergency number for the Police, who were on the scene pretty quick.

“Okay. What’s the problem here?” “This is our son. He left home two weeks ago, and has been living here with these people since. We want him to come home with us, but he won’t come. Would you please help?” “How old is he?” “Seventeen!” “When does he turn eighteen then?” “In January” “I see”. “Well, Sir, Madam. Would you mind if I give you just a little bit of advice?” “Okay”

“Technically, it’s true, your son is under-age. If you insist on it, we can arrest him, take him before a judge, and the judge can make him a ward of the court, and bind him to your care until he turns eighteen!” (My parents heaved a huge sigh of relief and said “Okay, let’s do that then”) “However.. (the policeman hadn’t finished). We don’t usually recommend this course of action!” “WHAT???” “Well, in our experience, this only leads to more upset and heartbreak and broken families. What usually happens is that the son or daughter often resents this, bitterly, and when they turn eighteen, they leave home anyway, and their parents never see them again! If I were you, I’d let him go and pursue whatever it is that he wants to do! Just make sure you leave the door open for him to return, if ever he wants to. He’ll thank you for it, and you’ll be thankful that you did. Trust me on this one!” Whew!

It was like the light went on for my parents, and they gave up! “Okay! I guess you’re right. Of course”. It was now relief for all of us, and, for the first time, I was actually able to talk to them and try to explain.

“Mum, Dad, I love you! I probably love you now more than I ever did! I know you don’t understand, but that’s okay. I don’t even understand it all. I just know this: You know how desperate I was for answers, a reason, a meaning to my life. I had no idea what I was looking for, or if it even existed. I certainly wasn’t looking for this! But, this is it! I’ve just got to do this! I’ll stay in touch, of course! Please, just try to understand” “Okay Dave! If that’s what you want to do. No, we don’t understand, but that’s okay. And if you find out that it’s not what you’re looking for after all, well then come home, okay? You’ll be welcome!”

Since that moment, though my parents’ understanding has taken a long time to grow, we’ve at least had a healthy respect and love for each other, and good communication. Quite different to how it was before I left, and immediately afterward. It’s gotten to the point now that they are even quite proud of me, and we’re even able to talk about some real deep stuff. It’s never too late for this sort of thing, and it won’t be long before they move on into the next dimension, and everything will be even clearer for them, I know. (My Dad “passed on” 24th December 2006)

Meanwhile, as I said, that moment was just the beginning for me. The beginning of miracles, faith, healing, near-death experience, talks with angels, visits in my dreams, visions, helpers from Heaven, journeys, supply, work, teaching, more and more truth, freedom, peace, love, friends and lovers, excitement, purpose, fulfillment, prophecies, and on and on, eternally, unending, forever and ever..

Life sure has taken some funny twists and turns though, many of which were quite unexpected, unplanned, or even not quite what I would have chosen myself! But I have no regrets! It’s all been GREAT, even the “bad” stuff!

I’ve been married three times now and have eight children (twelve actually, including the four step-children), six from my first marriage, which lasted fifteen years – four girls, two boys, four of these born in India. I was there at the birth of five of them. All of them were amazing, even down to their names. The oldest is now thirty three, and the youngest is twenty two (at the time of revision – all older now of course). My wife re-married, a friend of mine actually, and I’ve seen them all in the last few years. They are all growing up well, though I certainly love and miss them. I get e-mails from some of them occasionally. They all live in the UK.

My second marriage lasted ten years (there was a year to two year’s gap between the two). My second wife was a single-parent with four children already. She had never married. We met in Hong Kong. Sadly, her children really resented, and eventually hated me, which is a big reason why we are not together anymore. My youngest, a boy, is now seventeen years old (at the time of revision) and lives with his mother (Australian) in Australia. My second wife and I are still friends, but it is very unlikely that we will be together again, as it looks like our lives were brought together for a time, and now they have taken different paths.

Already, there are so many details left out of these two, short chapters, and what would follow would, or should, contain much more, especially all the “special stuff” that takes place all along the way, but I’m not sure that I have the time for this.

[ Editorial insert ]
17 November 2006
Okay, just so anybody reading this might think “This is ‘wimpy’!” — First, I would challenge anybody to live my lifestyle ‘24/7’, for 39 years (44 now)! But also, to give you an idea of some of the “details” that have been “left out” of the last two chapters (and since), here are some “headlines” (details not included).

— Some of the things that have happened, or that I have been involved in, during this time (exciting stuff!!!):

Besides the “near death experience” described in the next chapter (3)
While in Ireland I was caught in the middle of a series of car bombings that took place in Dublin in 1974.
While in Kashmir, India, I was caught in the middle of a war between India and Pakistan.
After fleeing Kashmir, I arrived in Delhi in time for the assassination of the Prime Minister at that time, Indira Ghandi, and as a result was caught up in the riots that followed, resulting in houses in the district all around where I was staying being burned, and people being killed.
A previous visit to India included and encounter with the Mumbai “mafia”, resulting in being literally, physically, thrown out of the apartment I was living in at the time (I was sick with fever at the time as well).
India is a “weird and wonderful” place, where almost anything can happen. While there I also got to appear in two movies, a TV commercial, and sang and played guitar in several concerts.
My name has appeared in newspapers in the UK three times (that I know of), once as a result of “a police raid” on my home at 7:00 am one morning. – I had done nothing wrong, but a
disgruntled former associate had gone to the police with a series of lies, resulting in the raid, accompanied by social services and the media! The police broke the law on thirteen counts themselves during this endeavor, and had to officially apologize, returning items previously stolen by a “plant” (someone posing as a “service worker” for my landlord)!
Typhoons are a regular occurrence in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and I have been present for a number of these, but there was a major earthquake in Taiwan, 1999 (this literally shook me out of
bed at 1:00 am) in which I was involved in the disaster relief.
There are quite a few other “events” that I cannot record here, simply because it would not be wise!
There are also the many, many “personal” experiences involved, with regards to individuals, on a literal “life and death” level, that cannot be recorded. However, if you are seriously
interested, come and ask me yourself, okay?

(To be continued)

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