Never Before Seen!…

Never Seen Before!…

I have never seen a state of global turmoil as we have had it reported so far this month, on every level!


The so-called “global economy” – stock markets have been reeling for a while now, and the false-feeds of information we are being provided with mask the true state and intent of all that is going on. I hope folks are following Max Keiser’s Reports – so many exposés on what all the financial rhetoric from the banks and governments actually means, in real terms. Talk about “double-speak”. They bolster their claims with statistics, however they must be using “new math” where 2 + 2 does not necessarily = 4! There are so many OTHER stats they do NOT advertise, which undermine and diametrically oppose their claims! Whew! (One of the aspects associated with it all is the current housing/building scam!) There is so much wheeling and dealing going on at global level right now and ALL of it ONLY benefits the elites, NOT the general populations (contrary to their sales-pitches)! ALL of the “market forces” and figures only reflect “the financial sector”, NOT “the real world” where people live and work to try and produce (their “livelihoods”). “Money”, in all its forms, is used as a weapon against the people, so if you want to know “who’s pulling all the strings” – follow the money! Simple!

Political rhetoric on the international scene has never been so bellicose, closely mirrored by military build-ups and “training exercises” on a scale not seen for decades! It is actually worse, and more dangerous, than the last “Cold War”! (Even Japan, a peaceful nation since the end of the Second World War, considers it now necessary to increase its forces and to be ready to use them.) You don’t increase “defense spending” and “arms sales” unless you intend to use those weapons (and to do so you have to have an “enemy”)!Governments always “war their way out of” financial ruin (distracting and covering up the facts that “get lost” in the conflict), while making huge profits for those who arm both “sides”. This also helps in the enabling of “population reduction” – less people to have to control or provide for, because they are dead!

The public outcry for change has never screamed louder, and the desire for it has never been so obvious. I also have never seen such a viciously vehement verbal-attack-campaign against a UK politician in the national media as has occurred in just one week since the UK Labor Party leadership election held recently. You normally see and hear stuff like this from “national governments” against “foreign dictators” that they plan on eliminating in some way. The word “assassination” has even been used by some journalists in some instances, and a top U.K. military leader has mentioned “mutiny” if the Labor Leader should be elected to PM and adhere to pulling out of NATO and cutting back on “defense” (in order to spend the money on the populations’ real needs it must be said). So much for a so-called “free democratic society”!

On the “religious” front there is concern over those who are Muslim on a scale that has never been since the invasions of Europe in the Middle Ages, (now there is the refugee crisis), while Israel continues to quietly eradicate the Palestinians, and genocide continues in the Ukraine, the Yemen and throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Currently the Pope is in the Americas, calling for “peace” (falling on deaf ears, as he is talking to those who want and propagate war!)

In the meantime, the fervor with which the populations are being swept up in “patriotism”, including an almost never-ending “remembrance” of those who have died for “the powers that be”, and with current international sporting events that are on an almost “gladiatorial” scale. I have never seen so many different international sporting disciplines taking place at the same time, or compacted into such a short period of the calendar. Throw the mind-numbing “entertainment” factor in there from TV and films (mostly on “apocalyptic” themes these days, so-called “reality”, “futuristic” or just plain silly “comedies”) and we have basically “brain-dead” populations, oblivious to the very real threats on their doorsteps from own their “rulers”!

Can’t keep up? Confused? Well, back in 1966 there was a prophecy given about a “Great Confusion” that would precipitate a period of time not seen before. Can you imagine how much confusion there would be if all “the plugs” of each of the elements mentioned here were pulled out at the same time (including and especially the Internet, once everyone is completely dependent on it, including all the “commerce”, while at the same time ensuring that all the technology needed for complete surveillance and control is set up and in place)? It would be the end of things as we have come to know them, all that we have come to “believe” and trust in!

And THAT is the plan!

(More to come!)

P.S. I came across the following after writing the above – it is an absolutely MUST SEE (both halves)! I have also added a few other items that are also extremely relevant.

SOT, Full interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus


Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad gave an interview with RT’s Lizzie Phelan and Sargon Hadaya and other Russian journalists in Damascus.


Question 1: Mr. President, thank you for giving us all, from the Russian media, from RT, from Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Channel 1, Russia 24, RIA Novosti, and NTV channel. Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to talk to you during this very critical phase of the crisis in Syria, where there are many questions that need to be addressed on where exactly the political process to achieve peace in Syria is heading, what’s the latest developments on the fight against ISIL, and the status of the Russian and Syrian partnership, and of course the enormous exodus of Syrian refugees that has been dominating headlines in Europe.

Now, the crisis in Syria is entering its fifth year. You have defied all predictions by Western leaders that you would be ousted imminently, and continue to serve today as the President of the Syrian Arab Republic. Now, there has been a lot of speculation recently caused by reports that officials from your government met with officials from your adversary Saudi Arabia that caused speculation that the political process in Syria has entered a new phase, but then statements from Saudi Arabia that continue to insist on your departure suggest that in fact very little has changed despite the grave threat that groups like ISIL pose far beyond Syria’s borders.

So, what is your position on the political process? How do you feel about power sharing and working with those groups in the opposition that continue to say publically that there can be no political solution in Syria unless that includes your immediate departure? Have they sent you any signal that they are willing to team up with you and your government? In addition to that, since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, many of those groups were calling to you to carry out reforms and political change. But is such change even possible now under the current circumstances with the war and the ongoing spread of terror in Syria?

President Assad: Let me first divide this question. It’s a multi question in one question. The first part regarding the political process, since the beginning of the crisis we adopted the dialogue approach, and there were many rounds of dialogue between Syrians in Syria, in Moscow, and in Geneva. Actually, the only step that has been made or achieved was in

Moscow 2, not in Geneva, not in Moscow 1, and actually it’s a partial step, it’s not a full step, and that’s natural because it’s a big crisis. You cannot achieve solutions in a few hours or a few days. It’s a step forward, and we are waiting for Moscow 3. I think we need to continue the dialogue between the Syrian entities, political entities or political currents, in parallel with fighting terrorism in order to achieve or reach a consensus about the future of Syria. So, that’s what we have to continue.

If I jump to the last part, because it’s related to this one, is it possible to achieve anything taking into consideration the prevalence of terrorism in Syria and in Iraq and in the region in general? We have to continue dialogue in order to reach the consensus as I said, but if you want to implement anything real, it’s impossible to do anything while you have people being killed, bloodletting hasn’t stopped, people feel insecure. Let’s say we sit together as Syrian political parties or powers and achieve a consensus regarding something in politics, in economy, in education, in health, in everything. How can we implement it if the priority of every single Syrian citizen is to be secure? So, we can achieve consensus, but we cannot implement unless we defeat the terrorism in Syria. We have to defeat terrorism, not only ISIS. I’m talking about terrorism, because you have many organizations, mainly ISIS and al-Nusra that were announced as terrorist groups by the Security Council. So, this is regarding the political process. Sharing power, of course we already shared it with some part of the opposition that accepted to share it with us. A few years ago they joined the government. Although sharing power is related to the constitution, to the elections, mainly parliamentary elections, and of course representation of the Syrian people by those powers. But in spite of that, because of the crisis, we said let’s share it now, let’s do something, a step forward, no matter how effective. Regarding the refugee crisis, I will say now that Western dealing in the Western propaganda recently, mainly during the last week, regardless of the accusation that those refugees are fleeing the Syrian government, but they call it regime, of course. Actually, it’s like the West now is crying for the refugees with one eye and aiming at them with a machinegun with the second one, because actually those refugees left Syria because of the terrorism, mainly because of the terrorists and because of the killing, and second because of the results of terrorism. When you have terrorism, and you have the destruction of the infrastructure, you won’t have the basic needs of living, so many people leave because of the terrorism and because they want to earn their living somewhere in this world. So, the West is crying for them, and the West is supporting terrorists since the beginning of the crisis when it said that this was a peaceful uprising, when they said later it’s moderate opposition, and now they say there is terrorism like al-Nusra and ISIS, but because of the Syrian state or the Syrian regime or the Syrian president. So, as long as they follow this propaganda, they will have more refugees. So, it’s not about that Europe didn’t accept them or embrace them as refugees, it’s about not dealing with the cause. If you are worried about them, stop supporting terrorists. That’s what we think regarding the crisis. This is the core of the whole issue of refugees.

Question 2: Mr. President, you touched on the subject of the internal Syrian opposition in your first answer; nevertheless, I would like to go back to that because it’s very important for Russia. What should the internal opposition do in order to cooperate and coordinate with Syrian authorities to support them in battle… which is what they say they intend to do? How do you see the prospects for the Moscow-3 and Geneva-3 conferences? Will they be useful to Syria in the current situation?

President Assad: As you know, we are at war with terrorism, and this terrorism is supported by foreign powers. It means that we are in a state of complete war. I believe that any society and any patriotic individuals, and any parties which truly belong to the people should unite when there is a war against an enemy; whether that enemy is in the form of domestic terrorism or foreign terrorism. If we ask any Syrian today about what they want, the first thing they would say is: we want security and safety for every person and every family. So we, as political forces, whether inside or outside the government, should unite around what the Syrian people want. That means we should first unite against terrorism. That is logical and self-evident. That’s why I say that we have to unite now as political forces, or government, or as armed groups which fought against the government, in order to fight terrorism. This has actually happened. There are forces fighting terrorism now alongside the Syrian state, which had previously fought against the Syrian state. We have made progress in this regard, but I would like to take this opportunity to call on all forces to unite against terrorism, because it is the way to achieve the political objectives which we, as Syrians, want through dialogue and political action.

Intervention: Concerning the Moscow-3 and Geneva-3 conferences; in your opinion, are there good prospects for them?

President Assad: The importance of Moscow-3 lies in the fact that it paves the way to Geneva-3, because the international sponsorship in Geneva was not neutral, while the Russian sponsorship is. It is not biased, and is based on international law and Security Council resolutions. Second, there are substantial differences around the ‘transitional body’ item in Geneva. Moscow-3 is required to solve these problems between the different Syrian parties; and when we reach Geneva-3, it is ensured that there is a Syrian consensus which would enable it to succeed. We believe that it is difficult for Geneva-3 to succeed unless Moscow-3 does. That’s why we support holding this round of negotiations in Moscow after preparations for the success of this round have been completed, particularly by the Russian officials.

Question 3: I would like to continue with the issue of international cooperation in order to solve the Syrian crisis. It’s clear that Iran, since solving the nuclear issue, will play a more active role in regional affairs. How would you evaluate recent Iranian initiatives on reaching a settlement for the situation in Syria? And, in general, what is the importance of Tehran’s support for you? Is there military support? And, if so, what form does it take?

President Assad: At present, there is no Iranian initiative. There are ideas or principles for an Iranian initiative based primarily on Syria’s sovereignty, the decisions of the Syrian people and on fighting terrorism. The relationship between Syria and Iran is an old one. It is over three-and-a-half decades old. There is an alliance based on a great degree of trust. That’s why we believe that the Iranian role is important. Iran supports Syria and the Syrian people. It stands with the Syrian state politically, economically and militarily. When we say militarily, it doesn’t mean – as claimed by some in the Western media – that Iran has sent an army or armed forces to Syria. That is not true. It sends us military equipment, and of course there is an exchange of military experts between Syria and Iran. This has always been the case, and it is natural for this cooperation to grow between the two countries in a state of war. Yes, Iranian support has been essential to support Syria in its steadfastness in this difficult and ferocious war.

Question 4: Concerning regional factors and proponents, you recently talked about security coordination with Cairo in fighting terrorism, and that you are in the same battle line in this regard. How is your relationship with Cairo today given that it hosts some opposition groups? Do you have a direct relationship, or perhaps through the Russian mediator, particularly in light of the strategic relations between Russia and Egypt. President Sisi has become a welcome guest in Moscow today.

President Assad: Relations between Syria and Egypt have not ceased to exist even over the past few years, and even when the president was Mohammed Morsi, who is a member of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organisation. Egyptian institutions insisted on maintaining a certain element of this relationship. First, because the Egyptian people are fully aware of what is happening in Syria, and second because the battle we are fighting is practically against the same enemy. This has now become clearer to everyone. Terrorism has spread in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, in other Arab countries, and in some Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and others. That’s why I can say that there is joint vision between us and the Egyptians; but our relationship exists now on a security level. There are no political relations. I mean, there are no contacts between the Syrian Foreign Ministry and the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, for instance. Contacts are done on a security level only. We understand the pressures that might be applied on Egypt or on both Syria and Egypt so that they don’t have a strong relationship. This relationship does not go, of course, through Moscow. As I said, this relationship has never ceased to exist, but we feel comfortable about improving relations between Russia and Egypt. At the same time, there is a good, strong and historical relation between Moscow and Damascus, so it is natural for Russia to feel comfortable for any positive development in relations between Syria and Egypt.

Question 5: Mr. President, allow me to go back to the question of fighting terrorism. How do you look at the idea of creating a region free of ISIS terrorists in the north of the country on the border with Turkey? In that context, what do you say about the indirect cooperation between the West and terrorist organizations like the al-Nusra Front and other extremist groups? And with whom are you willing to cooperate and fight against ISIS terrorists?

President Assad: To say that the border with Turkey should be free of terrorism means that terrorism is allowed in other regions. That is unacceptable. Terrorism should be eradicated everywhere; and we have been calling for three decades for an international coalition to fight terrorism. But as for Western cooperation with the al-Nusra Front, this is reality, because we know that Turkey supports al-Nusra and ISIS by providing them with arms, money and terrorist volunteers. And it is well-known that Turkey has close relations with the West. Erdogan and Davutoglu cannot make a single move without coordinating first with the United States and other Western countries. Al-Nusra and ISIS operate with such a force in the region under Western cover, because Western states have always believed that terrorism is a card they can pull from their pocket and use from time to time. Now, they want to use al-Nusra just against ISIS, maybe because ISIS is out of control one way or another. But that doesn’t mean they want to eradicate ISIS. Had they wanted to do so, they would have been able to do that. For us, ISIS, al-Nusra, and all similar organizations which carry weapons and kill civilians are extremist organizations.

But who we conduct dialogue with is a very important question. From the start we said that we engage in dialogue with any party, if that dialogue leads to degrading terrorism and consequently achieve stability. This naturally includes the political powers, but there are also armed groups with whom we conducted dialogue and reached agreement in troubled areas which have become quiet now. In other areas, these armed groups joined the Syrian Army and are fighting by its side, and some of their members became martyrs. So we talk to everyone except organizations I mentioned like ISIS, al-Nusra, and other similar ones for the simple reason that these organizations base their doctrine on terrorism. They are ideological organizations and are not simply opposed to the state, as is the case with a number of armed groups. Their doctrine is based on terrorism, and consequently dialogue with such organizations cannot lead to any real result. We should fight and eradicate them completely and talking to them is absolutely futile.

Intervention: When talking about regional partners, with whom are you prepared to cooperate in fighting terrorism?

President Assad: Certainly with friendly countries, particularly Russia and Iran. Also we are cooperating with Iraq because it faces the same type of terrorism. As for other countries, we have no veto on any country provided that it has the will to fight terrorism and not as they are doing in what is called “the international coalition” led by the United States. In fact, since this coalition started to operate, ISIS has been expanding. In other words, the coalition has failed and has no real impact on the ground. At the same time, countries like Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Western countries which provide cover for terrorism like France, the United States, or others, cannot fight terrorism. You cannot be with and against terrorism at the same time. But if these countries decide to change their policies and realize that terrorism is like a scorpion, if you put it in your pocket, it will sting you. If that happens, we have no objection to cooperating with all these countries, provided it is a real and not a fake coalition to fight terrorism.

Question 6: What is the Syrian army’s current condition? They’ve been fighting for over four years. Are they exhausted by the war, or become stronger as a result of engagement in military operations? And are there reserve forces to support them? I also have another important question: you said a large number of former adversaries have moved to your side and are fighting within the ranks of government forces. How many? And what is the extent of their help in the fight against extremist groups?

President Assad: Of course, war is bad. And any war is destructive, any war weakens any society and any army, no matter how strong or rich a country is. But things cannot be assessed this way. War is supposed to unite society against the enemy. The army becomes the most-important symbol for any society when there is aggression against the country. Society embraces the army, and provides it with all the necessary support, including human resources, volunteers, conscripts, in order to defend the homeland. At the same time, war provides a great deal of expertise to any armed forces practically and militarily. So, there are always positive and negative aspects. We cannot say that the army becomes weaker or stronger. But in return, this social embrace and support for the army provides it with volunteers. So, in answer to your question ‘are there reserves?’… yes, certainly, for without such reserves, the army wouldn’t have been able to stand for four-and-a-half years in a very tough war, particularly since the enemy we fight today has an unlimited supply of people. We have terrorist fighters from over 80 or 90 countries today, so our enemy is enjoying enormous support in various countries, from where people come here to fight alongside the terrorists. As for the army, it’s almost exclusively made of Syrians. So, we have reserve forces, and this is what enables us to carry on. There is also determination. We have reserves not only in terms of human power, but in will as well. We are more determined than ever before to fight and defend our country against terrorists. This is what led some fighters who used to fight against the state at the beginning for varying reasons, discovered they were wrong and decided to join the state. Now they are fighting battles along with the army, and some have actually joined as regular soldiers. Some have kept their weapons, but they are fighting in groups alongside the armed forces in different parts of Syria.

Question 7: Mr. President, Russia has been fighting terrorism for 20 years, and we have seen its different manifestations. It now seems you are fighting it head on. In general, the world is witnessing a new form of terrorism. In the regions occupied by ISIS, they are setting up courts and administrations, and there are reports that it intends to mint its own currency. They are constructing what looks like a state. This in itself might attract new supporters from different countries. Can you explain to us whom are you fighting? Is it a large group of terrorists or is it a new state which intends to radically redraw regional and global borders? What is ISIS today?

President Assad: (1) Of course, the terrorist ISIS groups tried to give the semblance of a state, as you said, in order to attract more volunteers who live on the dreams of the past: that there was an Islamic state acting for the sake of religion. That ideal is unreal. It is deceptive. But no state can suddenly bring a new form to any society. The state should be the product of its society. It should be the natural evolution of that society, to express it. In the end, a state should be a projection of its society. You cannot bring about a state which has a different form and implant it in a society. Here we ask the question: does ISIS, or what they call ‘Islamic State’, have any semblance to Syrian society? Certainly not.

Of course we have terrorist groups, but they are not an expression of society. In Russia, you have terrorist groups today, but they do not project Russian society, nor do they have any semblance to the open and diverse Russian society. That’s why if they tried to mint a currency or have stamps or passports, or have all these forms which indicate the existence of a state, it doesn’t mean they actually exist as a state; first because they are different from the people and, second, because people in those regions flee towards the real state, the Syrian state, the national state. Sometimes they fight them too. A very small minority believes these lies. (2) They are certainly not a state, they are a terrorist group. But if we want to ask about who they are, let’s speak frankly: They are the third phase of the political or ideological poisons produced by the West, aimed at achieving political objectives. The first phase was the Muslim Brotherhood at the turn of the last century. The second phase was al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in order to fight the Soviet Union. And the third phase is ISIS, the al-Nusra Front and these groups. Who are ISIS? And who are these groups? They are simply extremist products of the West.

Question 8: Mr. President, at the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Kurdish issue started to be discussed more often. Previously, Damascus was severely criticized because of its position towards the Kurdish minority. But now, practically, in some areas, Kurdish formations are your allies in the fight against ISIS. Do you have a specific position towards who the Kurds are to you and who you are to them?

President Assad: First, you cannot say there was a certain state policy concerning the Kurds. A state cannot discriminate between members of its population; otherwise, it creates division in the country. If we had been discriminating between different components of society, the majority of these components wouldn’t have supported the state now, and the country would have disintegrated from the very beginning. For us, the Kurds are part of the Syrian fabric. They are not foreigners – they live in this region like the Arabs, Circassians, Armenians and many other ethnicities and sects who’ve been living in Syria for many centuries. It’s not known when some of them came to this region. Without these groups, there wouldn’t have been a homogenous Syria. So, are they our allies today? No, they are patriotic people. But on the other hand, you cannot put all the Kurds in one category. Like any other Syrian component, there are different currents among them. They belong to different parties. There are those on the left and those on the right. There are tribes, and there are different groups. So, it is not objective to talk about the Kurds as one mass.

There are certain Kurdish demands expressed by some parties, but there are no Kurdish demands for the Kurds. There are Kurds who are integrated fully into society; and I would like to stress that they are not allies at this stage, as some people would like to show. I would like to stress that they are not just allies at this stage, as some suggest. There are many fallen Kurdish soldiers who fought with the army, which means they are an integral part of society. But there are parties which had certain demands, and we addressed some at the beginning of the crisis. There are other demands which have nothing to do with the state, and which the state cannot address. There are things which would relate to the entire population, to the constitution, and the people should endorse these demands before a decision can be taken by the state. In any case, anything proposed should be in the national framework. That’s why I say that we are with the Kurds, and with other components, all of us in alliance to fight terrorism. This is what I talked about a while ago: that we should unite in order to fight ISIS. After we defeat ISIS, al-Nusra and the terrorists, the Kurdish demands expressed by certain parties can be discussed nationally. There’s no problem with that, we do not have a veto on any demand as long as it is within the framework of Syria’s unity and the unity of the Syrian people and territory, fighting terrorism, Syrian diversity, and the freedom of this diversity in its ethnic, national, sectarian, and religious sense.

Question 9: Mr. President, you partially answered this question, but I would like a more-precise answer, because some Kurdish forces in Syria call for amending the constitution. For instance, setting up a local administration and moving towards autonomy in the north. These statements are becoming more frequent now that the Kurds are fighting ISIS with a certain degree of success. Do you agree with such statements that the Kurds can bet on some kind of gratitude? Is it up for discussion?

President Assad: When we defend our country, we do not ask people to thank us. It is our natural duty to defend our country. If they deserve thanks, then every Syrian citizen defending their country deserves as much. But I believe that defending one’s country is a duty, and when you carry out your duty, you don’t need thanks. But what you have said is related to the Syrian constitution. Today, if you want to change the existing structure in your country, in Russia for instance, let’s say to redraw the borders of the republics, or give one republic powers different to those given to other republics – this has nothing to do with the president or the government. This has to do with the constitution. The president does not own the constitution and the government does not own the constitution. Only the people own the constitution, and consequently changing the constitution means national dialogue. For us, we don’t have a problem with any demand. As a state, we do not have any objection to these issues as long as they do not infringe upon Syria’s unity and diversity and the freedom of its citizens. But if there are certain groups or sections in Syria which have certain demands, these demands should be in the national framework, and in dialogue with the Syrian political forces. When the Syrian people agree on taking steps of this kind, which have to do with federalism, autonomy, decentralization or changing the whole political system, this needs to be agreed upon by the Syrian people, and consequently amending the constitution. This is why these groups need to convince the Syrian people of their proposals. In that respect, they are not in dialogue with the state, but rather with the people. When the Syrian people decide to move in a certain direction, and to approve a certain step, we will naturally approve it.

Question 10: Now, the U.S.-led coalition has been carrying out airstrikes on Syrian territory for about one year on the same areas that the Syrian Air Force is also striking ISIL targets, yet there hasn’t been a single incident of the U.S.-led coalition and the Syrian Air Force activity clashing with one another. Is there any direct or indirect coordination between your government and the U.S. coalition in the fight against ISIL?

President Assad: You’d be surprised if I say no. I can tell you that my answer will be not realistic, to say now, while we are fighting the same, let’s say enemy, while we’re attacking the same target in the same area without any coordination and at the same time without any conflict. And actually this is strange, but this is reality. There’s not a single coordination or contact between the Syrian government and the United States government or between the Syrian army and the U.S. army. This is because they cannot confess, they cannot accept the reality that we are the only power fighting ISIS on the ground. For them, maybe, if they deal or cooperate with the Syrian Army, this is like a recognition of our effectiveness in fighting ISIS. This is part of the willful blindness of the U.S. administration, unfortunately.

Question 11: So not event indirectly though, for example the Kurds? Because we know the U.S. is working with the Kurds, and the Kurds have some contacts with the Syrian government. So, not even any indirect coordination?

President Assad: Not even any third party, including the Iraqis, because before they started the attacks, they let us know through the Iraqis. Since then, not a single message or contact through any other party.

Question 12: Ok, so just a little bit further than that. You’ve lived in the West, and you, at one time, moved in some of those circles with some Western leaders that since the beginning of the crisis have been backing armed groups who are fighting to see you overthrown. How do you feel about one day working again with those very same Western leaders, perhaps shaking hands with them? Would you ever be able to trust them again?

President Assad: First, it’s not a personal relation; it’s a relation between states, and when you talk about relation between states, you don’t talk about trust; you talk about mechanism. So, trust is a very personal thing you cannot depend on in political relations between, let’s say, people. I mean, you are responsible for, for example in Syria, for 23 million, and let’s say in another country for tens of millions. You cannot put the fate of those tens of millions or maybe hundreds of millions on the trust of a single person, or two persons in two countries. So, there must be a mechanism. When you have a mechanism, you can talk about trust in a different way, not a personal way. This is first. Second, the main mission of any politician, or any government, president, prime minister, it doesn’t matter, is to work for the interest of his people and the interest of his country. If any meeting or any handshaking with anyone in the world will bring benefit to the Syrian people, I have to do it, whether I like it or not. So, it’s not about me, I accept it or I like it or whatever; it’s about what the added value of this step that you’re going to take. So yes, we are ready whenever there’s the interest of the Syrians. I will do it, whatever it is.

Question 13: Regarding alliances in the fight against terrorism and ISIS, President Putin called for a regional alliance to fight the so-called ‘Islamic State’; and the recent visits of Arab officials to Moscow fall into that context, but Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said that would need a miracle. We are talking here about security coordination, as described by Damascus, with the governments of Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. How do you envisage that alliance? Will it achieve any results, in your opinion? You said that any relationship is based on interests, so are you willing to coordinate with these countries, and what is the truth behind the meetings held between Syrian, and maybe Saudi, officials as reported by the media?

President Assad: As for fighting terrorism, this is a big and comprehensive issue which includes cultural and economic aspects. It obviously has security and military aspects as well. In terms of prevention, all the other aspects are more important than the security and military ones, but today, in the reality we now live in terms of fighting terrorism, we are not facing terrorist groups, we are facing terrorist armies equipped with light, medium and heavy weaponry. They have billions of dollars to recruit volunteers. The military and security aspects should be given priority at this stage. So, we think this alliance should act in different areas, but to fight on the ground first. Naturally, this alliance should consist of states which believe in fighting terrorism and believe that their natural position should be against terrorism. In the current state of affairs, the person supporting terrorism cannot be the same person fighting terrorism. This is what these states are doing now. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan, who pretend to be part of a coalition against terrorism in northern Syria, actually support terrorism in the south, the north and the north-west, virtually in the same regions in which they are supposed to be fighting terrorism. Once again I say that, within the framework of public interest, if these states decide to go back to the right position, to return to their senses and fight terrorism, naturally we will accept and cooperate with them and with others. We do not have a veto and we do not stick to the past. Politics change all the time. It might change from bad to good, and the ally might become an adversary, and the adversary an ally. This is normal. When they fight against terrorism, we will cooperate with them.

Question 14: Mr. President, there is a huge wave of refugees, largely from Syria, going to Europe. Some say these people are practically lost to Syria. They are deeply unhappy with the Syrian authorities because they haven’t been able to protect them and they’ve had to leave their homes. How do you view those people? Do you see them as part of the Syrian electorate in the future? Do you expect them to return? And the second question has to do with the European sense of guilt about the displacement happening now. Do you think that Europe should feel guilty?

President Assad: Any person who leaves Syria constitutes a loss to the homeland, to be sure, regardless of the position or capabilities of that person. This, of course, does not include terrorists. It includes all citizens in general with the exception of terrorists. So, yes, there is a great loss as a result of emigration. You raised a question on elections. Last year, we had a presidential election in Syria, and there were many refugees in different countries, particularly in Lebanon. According to Western propaganda, they had fled the state, the oppression of the state and the killing of the state, and they are supposed to be enemies of the state. But the surprise for Westerners was that most of them voted for the president who is supposed to be killing them. That was a great blow to Western propaganda. Of course, voting has certain conditions. There should be an embassy, and to have the custodianship of the Syrian state in the voting process. That depends on relations between the states. Many countries have severed relations with Syria and closed Syrian embassies, and consequently Syrian citizens cannot vote in those countries. They have to go to other countries where ballot boxes are installed, and that did happen last year.

As for Europe, of course it’s guilty. Today, Europe is trying to say that Europe feels guilty because it hasn’t given money or hasn’t allowed these people to immigrate legally, and that’s why they came across the sea and drowned. We are sad for every innocent victim, but is the victim who drowns in the sea dearer to us than the victim killed in Syria? Are they dearer than innocent people whose heads are cut off by terrorists? Can you feel sad for a child’s death in the sea and not for thousands of children who have been killed by the terrorists in Syria? And also for men, women, and the elderly? These European double standards are no longer acceptable. They have been flagrantly exposed. It doesn’t make sense to feel sad for the death of certain people and not for deaths of others. The principles are the same. So Europe is responsible because it supported terrorism, as I said a short while ago, and is still supporting terrorism and providing cover for them. It still calls them ‘moderate’ and categorizes them into groups, even though all these groups in Syria are extremists.

Question 15: If you don’t mind, I would like to go back to the question about Syria’s political future. Mr. President, your opponents, whether fighting against the authorities with weapons or your political opponents, still insist that one of the most-important conditions for peace is your departure from political life and as president. What do you think about that – as president and as a Syrian citizen? Are you theoretically prepared for that if you feel it’s necessary?

President Assad: In addition to what you say, Western propaganda has, from the very beginning, been about the cause of the problem being the president. Why? Because they want to portray the whole problem in Syria lies in one individual; and consequently the natural reaction for many people is that, if the problem lies in one individual, that individual should not be more important than the entire homeland. So let that individual go and things will be alright. That’s how they oversimplify things in the West. What’s happening in Syria, in this regard, is similar to what happened in your case. Notice what happened in the Western media since the coup in Ukraine. What happened? President Putin was transformed from a friend of the West to a foe and, yet again, he was characterized as a tsar. He is portrayed as a dictator suppressing opposition in Russia, and that he came to power through undemocratic means, despite the fact that he was elected in democratic elections, and the West itself acknowledged that the elections were democratic. Now, it is no longer democratic. This is Western propaganda. They say that if the president went things will get better. What does that mean, practically? For the West, it means that as long as you are there, we will continue to support terrorism, because the Western principle followed now in Syria and Russia and other countries is changing presidents, changing states, or what they call bringing regimes down. Why? Because they do not accept partners and do not accept independent states. What is their problem with Russia? What is their problem with Syria? What is their problem with Iran? They are all independent countries. They want a certain individual to go and be replaced by someone who acts in their interests and not in the interest of his country. For us, the president comes through the people and through elections and, if he goes, he goes through the people. He doesn’t go as a result of an American decision, a Security Council decision, the Geneva conference or the Geneva communiqué. If the people want him to stay, he should stay; and if the people reject him, he should leave immediately. This is the principle according to which I look at this issue.

Question 16: Military operations have been ongoing for more than four years. It’s likely that you analyze things and review matters often. In your opinion, was there a crucial juncture when you realized war was unavoidable? And who initiated that war machinery? The influence of Washington or your Middle East neighbours? Or were there mistakes on your part? Are there things you regret? And if you had the opportunity to go back, would you change them?

President Assad: In every state, there are mistakes, and mistakes might be made every day, but these mistakes do not constitute a crucial juncture because they are always there. So what is it that makes these mistakes suddenly lead to the situation we are living in Syria today? It doesn’t make sense. You might be surprised if I tell that the crucial juncture in what happened in Syria is something that many people wouldn’t even think of. It was the Iraq war in 2003, when the United States invaded Iraq. We were strongly opposed to that invasion, because we knew that things were moving in the direction of dividing societies and creating unrest. And we are Iraq’s neighbours. At that time, we saw that the war would turn Iraq into a sectarian country; into a society divided against itself. To the west of Syria there is another sectarian country – Lebanon. We are in the middle. We knew well that we would be affected. Consequently, the beginning of the Syrian crisis, or what happened in the beginning, was the natural result of that war and the sectarian situation in Iraq, part of which moved to Syria, and it was easy for them to incite some Syrian groups on sectarian grounds. The second point, which might be less crucial, is that when the West adopted terrorism officially in Afghanistan in the early 1980s and called terrorists at that time ‘freedom fighters’, and then in 2006 when Islamic State appeared in Iraq under American sponsorship and they didn’t fight it. All these things together created the conditions for the unrest with Western support and Gulf money, particularly form Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and with Turkish logistic support, particularly since President Erdogan belongs intellectually to the Muslim Brotherhood. Consequently, he believes that, if the situation changed in Syria, Egypt, and Iraq, it means the creation of a new sultanate; not an Ottoman sultanate this time, but a sultanate for the Brotherhood extending from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and ruled by Erdogan. All these factors together brought things to what we have today. Once again, I say that there were mistakes, and mistakes always create gaps and weak points, but they are not sufficient to cause that alone, and they do not justify what happened. And if these gaps and weak points are the cause, why didn’t they lead to revolutions in the Gulf states – particularly in Saudi Arabia which doesn’t know anything about democracy? The answer is self-evident, I believe.

Mr. President, thank you for giving us the time and for your detailed answers to our questions. We know that in September you have your golden jubilee, your 50th birthday. Probably the best wishes in the current circumstances would be the return of peace and safety to your country as soon as possible. Thank you.

Party Politics and…

…TRUE global government!

“Party Politics” & True “World Government”

I’m all for “the underdog”, the “weak” and “the meek”. Why? Because The Master of Love said “inasmuch as you have done it unto ‘the least’ of these my Brethren, you have done it unto Me”. And anybody who is more concerned for others than they are for themselves is going to be on the right track, fulfilling His second commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself”, in whatever way they are doing so.

It is extremely rare that anyone in “Party Politics”, or any position of “government”, “power” or “authority” has these noble virtues as their motive however. Those that DO threaten the “status quo”, where “the powers that be” wield full sway, getting where they “have arrived” through lies, deceit and subterfuge. And for what? They already have more money than they can possibly spend, and they certainly aren’t using it for good and the well-being of their fellow man!

It is all about POWER, CONTROL, SELFishness, “Capitalism”, propagated through so-called “democratic” means. “Dog eat dog, and to hell with the hindmost” = “the theory of evolution” (which is why they want you to believe in it) = the EXACT OPPOSITE of “greater love has no man than this, than to lay down his (own) life for (in preference of) his brethren (his neighbor)”!

Any time someone arises and takes a stand with true values they are immediately vilified, in every way imaginable, through every means possible, if not actually martyred. “The powers that be” are TERRIFIED of any actual change and popular support for it from the masses, because their own numbers are actually so few and the only “power” they hold is through persuasion, propaganda. “The masses” eventually get tired of this when they finally realize they have been lied to and misused and abused by them though. The result?…… Well they have to be suppressed and more greatly oppressed, by all means possible. This is what usually happens. Call it “population control”, another form of. In its extreme it can become a revolution, a “civil war”, leading to more genocide.

Very few, if any, have been able (or allowed) to bring about any real, lasting change in this world. Why? Well, as funny as this might sound, it’s because there are always people involved, and people are far from perfect. As well-intentioned as any individual might be, they will find themselves eventually becoming corrupted, either “by their own company”, or others who know how to use their “human weaknesses” against them. IF they have a GREAT will, and make a determined effort to keep themselves under subjection to higher principles, even this does not guarantee that their efforts will carry through beyond their own generation, sadly. That is, if they even survive. Many do not. This is why it was NEVER The Creator’s intention to have men or women “ruling” over other men or women, in ANY way, shape or form!

So-called “Party Politics”, where a group of supposedly like-minded people are gathered around supposedly agreed principles doesn’t work either. A couple of reasons for this are that there are usually always “minor” points that individuals will take exception to, usually wishing to gain a following of their own so that they can become “a leader” themselves, and in-fighting does not demonstrate a “unity” that can be trusted by others. It is bound to fall apart eventually. Also, man’s governments tend to focus on “the cult of the personality”. Even with the best intentions in the world on the part of the individual, the rest of the world, particularly his or her enemies, and especially because of a perverse desire to believe the media by the general population, they will always find fault, and mankind’s usual tendency is to be negative and to tear down rather than build up, sad to say. This is so very evident in today’s political environment, everywhere, when a centralized global government is planned and there are only so many seats at that table (and only one spot for “the boss”)!

So why is the Earth going to be given to “the meek”? Simple! – The meek aren’t usually thinking about “power” or “control”, so they are about the only ones who can be trusted with it! True “global government” will truly be “of the people, by the people, for the people” and start from the bottom up (as opposed to the top down as we have it today).

So in what form will “the meek’s inheritance” be? Again, it is all very simple!

You will notice that they inherit “the Earth”. There is no mention of “countries”, “nations” or “states”. Why? Because there won’t be any! There will only be “the Earth”, and the population will be global, spread all over, all “one people” = mankind, as it was originally intended to be. United, with no differences to have to fight over or about. It will be a return to the original instruction given us at the very beginning to “be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the Earth”. No mention of separate, divided “nation states” with “rulers” or “leaders” over them. No lines drawn around bits of dirt with labels on them such as “the UK”, “the US”, “China”, “Russia”, etc, etc.

But what about “government?” “Who is going to run things, make sure that this happens or that happens?” “How will we manage?” “Who is going to be responsible?”

Basically? WE are! We are going to start having to take responsibility for ourselves, instead of palming it off on others (and praising or blaming them as a result!). It’s “back to the basics folks!”. Being fruitful, multiplying, and replenishing! Everyone is going to be so busy with this that there won’t be time for much else! Great!

And “from the bottom up” works like this…

A man or a woman seeks out a “mate”, they have children, they need food, clothing, and shelter. Families grow, neighbors become communities, and everyone works together, helping each other to thrive in whatever way each has the ability to contribute. After all, we are not all the same, right? Everyone will have enough, because it will be what is actually needed. It will be workable, with time for the most important things in life – love, enjoying each other, communication and fellowship, exchanging ideas in counsel with each other. Generally a slower pace of life that is more rewarding. Who doesn’t want this?

Keeping it simple, keeping it relatively small-scale, if things start getting too unwieldy and unmanageable, people just spread out to other areas, continuing the replenishing elsewhere. It will take centuries to cover the whole “Earth”, if then! There’s plenty of room folks, it’s everywhere! (Even in such a “densely populated” country as the UK, with over 60 million people, ONLY 2% of the land area is lived on!) Take a look at a globe, and then try to convince me we have an “over-population” problem. WHERE is there “over population”? – Only in cities!

In today’s modern language usage words like “government” leave a bad taste in your mouth don’t they, especially as it seems to suggest that it means “ruling”. “Elected Officials” are supposed to do what? – SERVE, right? Do you feel like you are “being served”?, or that you are being expected to serve? Are YOU benefitting from your labors?, or is someone else not just benefitting from you but actually stealing from you at the same time, while also expecting that your “patriotic duty” should also be to be “willing to die for your (?) country”? “Your” country??? I don’t think so!

In the future there won’t BE any “leaders” or “rulers” (hooray!). There won’t BE any “governments”, there won’t BE any bits of dirt with lines drawn around them called “countries” for people to have to fight over! This is one of the main reasons that there won’t be any more wars either! You take the average man, woman or child, from anywhere in the world, and ask them if they believe in war and would want to be involved in it and I can pretty much guarantee that the overwhelming majority will say “no”! Who wants war, murder, death and destruction? It’s “a no-brainer” isn’t it?

Not everyone is always going to agree on everything, of course not. But most disagreements are the result of a lack of knowledge or experience and can easily be discussed until an understanding is reached, given the added aspect of time to do so.

The only reason some discussions can lead to conflict is when pride is involved. Those that are humble are “the meek”, and THESE are the “inheritors”, not the other way around. “Peace on Earth, and toward men of GOOD will” (not evil).

NB: Have you noticed how many proponents of peace have died as martyrs, assassinated by the war-mongers’ “agents provocateurs”!? This is always the fearful, “rich and powerful” people’s way of dealing with things isn’t it? (They are terrified of “losing” what they think they have or “own”, what they have “worked so hard for” to get. In reality “it” owns them!)

On the local level (everything everywhere will be “local” in the future, and this would work even NOW, today, IF it was applied) people may be asked to contribute their knowledge and experience, share it, with their community. In other words a farmer may be asked to help oversee the farming, a nurse or doctor the health needs, a teacher the education, builders building, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, seamstresses, cooks, mothers, fathers, etc, etc, as and when the needs arise. These folks will be acknowledged for their expertise, not “elected” for any dubious ulterior motives. There will be no more bankers or “money” as such, nor politicians and their “party politics” (Yay!) There will be no more “left”, “right” or “center” of anything, only people living together in their communities on a daily basis, taking care of each other. People will share with each other, themselves, their knowledge and expertise, their food, goods of whatever kind, shelter of whatever kind, as and when or whatever the need is as it arises. People will care for each other. It will be “Heaven on Earth”!

Those who TRULY serve others will be acknowledged, appreciated, and respected for such, loved. But they will feel a responsibility more than anything, and the greater the responsibility the greater the sacrifice of themselves will be involved, true service to others. Not a job I think very many are capable of handling I think, but thank God for these types of people if they are there when you need them eh?
So, “from the bottom up” is the way, the ONLY way it CAN work and SHOULD be done. “From the top down” only leads to centralized tyranny, on every level, because “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, as has been proven over and over throughout history. Man ruling over man was NEVER meant to be, and it has never worked. It is as simple as that! A few rare cases where a very well-intentioned individual has done the best they could has stood out here and there, but again it didn’t last, because the methodology is flawed in the first place, as covered in the beginning of this presentation.

Human-kind is precious, infinitely invaluable, every single unique individual, and we are to love and care for each other, period! There are no “ifs”, “ands” or “buts” about this statement of fact. We were created to be this way, and it just works, when it is applied. If it isn’t, it doesn’t. It takes “the supernatural” to help us with this. Why? Because we are human, and being human we are given the immortal majesty of choice, to do good or evil. “Human nature” has shown itself to be very unreliable in its decision-making don’t you agree? Especially since being tricked into “knowing evil”. This is why our Designer is trying to get us “back to the future” (His original idea – Love!)

So, choose to be humble, “meek”, and you have a great future ahead. Or, choose “the dark side” and have a not-so-great future in store! The final outcome is already determined. Where each of us belong in it is OUR choice!

Love always, David

P.S. More to follow later on this topic.

Truth Will Out!

The other day I was talking with my taxi driver about how “the majority are always wrong” and he reminded me of one of Gandhi’s famous quotes:

“It doesn’t matter if only one person believes it, the truth is still the truth!”

If this site serves no other purpose than to be an outlet for truth, as opposed to the major BS the world is being force-fed through the four horses of the Apocalypse, then it is fulfilling its role! 🙂

Watch and learn…

What follows is the disturbing reality of the facts behind the last video posted above…

And if the UK Gov can send drones abroad to assassinate individuals in foreign countries (just like the US does) without asking permission first (which just happened), who’s to say that this isn’t planned for people on its own soil (as it is in the US) – and all because of the need to “defend” itself! — As with all the false-flag events these things are PLANNED by the very people who have the agenda for taking away your freedom! Expect “atrocities” to take place in the UK and across Europe soon, so THEY can consolidate their powers and grip on society!

P.S. They had the audacity to broadcast a “reality” show, beginning last night and which is to be a series, broadcast on the UK’s Channel 4 called “Hunted” – Google it! The UK is the most surveilled population on the planet, even more so than the US! “1984” has not come and gone, it is here! “V for Vendetta” is “in your face” already folks! And their message is “you can’t run, you can’t hide” (so give up and give in)!

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More “Need to know”!

The first halves of these two programs in particular at least, but you miss more if you don’t watch the second halves as well!

And remember to keep your eyes and ears open this month!
Dates/Times to monitor in particular:
The weekend of the Friday 11th – Monday 14th (financial crash? – partial solar eclipse on Sunday, visible from Jerusalem!)
Wednesday 23rd – a LOT going on on this day (and all this week), centering around the Pope’s visit to the US (false prophet?)
Monday 28th – the last “Blood Moon” of the current Tetrad (a “Supermoon”, the middle one of three over August, September & October this year!)


The following video came across my desk the other day, and I would highly recommend investing the 50 minutes or so it takes to watch/listen.

Many have heard of the speaker David Icke, and many do not agree with him. The reason why will become apparent if you take the time for this video.

All I will say about him is that there is not one thing he has covered over the last 20+ years that has not already been explained in The Bible. He has rejected “traditional” religion in all its forms, and frankly I don’t blame him and agree with him, because they don’t go far enough. Again, if you listen to what he has to say you will see what I mean. “Traditional” beliefs do not teach or preach on the subjects and explanations he has studied and come to know as true, yet, as I just said, they ARE covered in The Bible already, believe it or not!

Whenever I see or hear of some thing or some one new my first question is always “Is this true?”, and the One I am asking is Truth Himself. Usually He will confirm it right away if it is, and usually it will be with some scripture, His Own already recorded and written Word.

It is somewhat of “a mystery”, coded, and yet profoundly simple, IF you have the Key. Because it is a spiritual entity, you only get to unlock it if you have that Key. You take that Key inside of you, then the “connection” is made and it is all unlocked and opened up for you, and the more you dig, like for gold, the more you find.

As I said, all the things David Icke covers are already explained in The Bible, but, as he says, not everything is “confined” to the limits of the pages between the covers of a book. You could look at it this way…
Basic Information Before Leaving Earth. Thus, if you really want to know, you have to dig, deep!

As an example I will give you just two scriptures on this subject that illustrate this principle…

Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV)

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


1 Corinthians 2:9 King James Version (KJV)

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

Anyway, believe whatever you like, “take it or leave it”, and keeping in mind whatever personal experience David Icke is coming from, see for yourself “if these things be so”… (Warning: This video touches on some VERY unsavory subjects!) NOTE: The “science” explained in this video is true!

One last thought to consider here…

Romans 8:6-7 King James Version (KJV)

6 For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.

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Telling It…

…like it is!

Each of these items explain themselves – VERY well! And are shared on a “need to know” basis, i.e. you NEED TO KNOW!

These Keiser Reports are posted in reverse order, i.e. latest first…

Again in reverse order…

From CrossTalk lately…

Going Underground…

‘Nuff said! – However, REMEMBER September is a significant month this year, in SO many ways! (See here: WATCH!

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