Past, Present, Future!

Here are the dots (connected) that got us here! (This documentary is long but it has to be. For those who always wondered “why?”, and “how was this possible?”, well, just watch and you will see! You will do yourself a GREAT dis-service if you don’t!)…

And what are they trying to tell you by this?…

Talk about “bold”! Whew!

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Lying, deceiving…

…the UK PM!

I wasn’t going to post anymore, but this takes the cake!

Just listen to the UK PM’s BS (on the UK’s national “news” media) on “why the UK should bomb ISIS” (attack Syria)! THEN listen to John Pilger’s interview following (just yesterday)! YOU tell ME who is BSing the population! Aaargh!

By the way, while here, there is a reference to “Nimrod” in the interaction between Lembit and Afshin towards the end of the program that I almost missed! HOWEVER… those who follow things (alternative) will understand that THIS IS NO SMALL THING!!! (Do your homework people!) Sheesh!!!

Okay, I really AM “oughta here” (I hope)!

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Last Post…

…for a while.

Dear All,

As stated previously, I am beginning to tire and get more angry by the day at all the BS we are being fed about all the tragedy that is being perpetrated on the world. So I think I will cease and desist from any more posts for a while. There is just too much going on all the time that I can’t keep up with it all anyway, and it is so heart-breaking to learn of the atrocity that is being foisted on the majority by the hands of the minority. So I will pray.

I hope that folks will do their own homework. There is plenty of authentic material out there. There is one totally credible source of Truth that never lies however, and if you read THAT you will find a route-map that will personally guide you through the mess the world is being dragged through now. If you can measure everything by the Source of Creation, His Word, and especially His Biblical prophecy you won’t get lost. A lot is already fulfilled, much is being fulfilled as we speak, and the “little bit” (albeit the worst) that is left is about to be. There WILL be an end to it all, soon, so…

In the meantime, if I don’t get a chance to say this later, I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year!

With love always,



The day after Friday 13th, in his initial broadcast after the event, Alex Jones pointed out that IF we later learn that “drills” were being carried out by the security forces and emergency services, THEN we can be certain that it was a staged (managed) affair. (This has been revealed to have already been in place at so many of the dramatic and traumatic occurrences that have taken place in recent modern history!) So, guess what? Yep, this was the case in Paris also, as well as all that has transpired since! (Look it up!)

What is the purpose of these “drills”? – To manage the dupes who are very often recruited by the secret agencies, under false and misleading guises of being involved in or doing something else (See the film “The Little Drummer Girl” with Diane Keaton), while simultaneously preparing for and ensuring that they can monitor and maintain control of the situation afterwards, especially the media’s already scripted rendition of “what happened” (with it being repeated continually for years afterwards, even though it was proven to be false), and including the scripted roles of those who appear on camera afterwards. (Sometimes these dupes “jump the gun”, revealing details that were not supposed to come out). Talk about “conspiracy” FACTS!

So when THIS fact comes out what should you deduce from it all? – SOMEBODY KNEW all about it BEFORE it happened, SOMEBODY had to have PLANNED it, and the ONLY ones capable of being able to pull it off would be the very people who call for “greater security” and “surveillance” and “emergency legislation” afterwards, including the “pointing of the finger” at who they were really after in the first place and calling for reprisals, and “consequences”, (while steering the public’s attention away from themselves, the TRULY guilty, and after scaring the public into going along with it all). Sheesh!

Anyway, here is a a vid that shows how the mainstream media most certainly does NOT “cover the news”. (It’s a bit old now, but the principles still apply, haven’t changed, and if anything are even worse!)…

And here is also proof of another current event of which the content was hardly publicized, and yet…

NOTE: Students of “The Prophecy of the Popes” and Biblical prophecy might want to consider (pray about) whether the current Pope could be “The False Prophet”, in light of the points brought out here? It certainly needs some attention and close monitoring I believe!

Always, David

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…as opposed to “brainwash”!

I am beginning to tire of and become more angry every day at the sheer volume of BS mainstream Western media is drowning its populations with, ever increasing and more outrageous acts of anti-people terror (in reality perpetrated by the “governments” and their paymasters – who are NOT the tax-payers, whom they are SUPPOSED to be “serving” – joke!), and propaganda designed to steer them to… destruction – and ON PURPOSE!

If you really want to know the truth of any matter, at least to have some semblance of balance and normality in your thinking so you can decide for yourself what is really going on and why, then you HAVE to go to the net!

Anything or anyone that gets poo-poo’d by “the establishment” (note THAT word) is more than likely to be on the right track. We may not always agree with every tiny detail or individual on everything, but at least they are TRYING to use their “little grey cells”, as seriously sincere (real) journalists and researchers SHOULD do (and so should YOU these days, if you want to survive)!

The net is currently awash with credible proof that “fing’s ain’t wot they appear ta be” right now. Showing and proving the holes in the “official accounts” of things recent (and using the mainstream media’s own broadcasts and presentations against them) is getting to be all too easy!

Which begs the question – if accounts of times past have been found to be false (flags), with the resultant acts of destruction decimating the lives of thousands and millions afterwards, how many more atrocities have to be thrust upon us before we learn where it all originates and we throw off their chains!?

(By the way, you should check out who was at this years’ “Bilderberg” meeting, and the agenda that was discussed – look up “Palantir”)

Anyway, recent events in France (the ONLY one being really played up) and elsewhere (NOT being covered much, if at all) are being clearly exposed now, and NOT what we are being told and expected to believe in the mainstream media! (Just check out YouTube if nothing else – there are TONS of examples)

In the meantime, here are some more videos…

Couldn’t find or embed this latest below so just click on the link. (By the way, I don’t know what has happened with “In The Now” since its restart, but it and its presenter sure get a lot of flack!)

And here is an interesting insight to consider. The youth of the world have always never been considered. Do people forget that they are the future, and that the world to come will be what they make it, IF “the powers that be” will allow them (which they don’t/won’t, never have)? Basically they are the cannon fodder on the alter of sacrifice of the real string-pullers behind the scenes, and they always have been.

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Double Standards!

Double Standards!

You may be (should be, if you’ve got your eyes and ears open and your antenna up and “on”) aware of the unbelievable double standards existing today, a huge gulf between the elites and the rest of us. The following video is replete with examples.

What can we do about it? How do they constantly get away with it?

Here’s another recent example not obviously covered in the mainstream media in the UK…

It is required by law that any petition that exceeds 100,000 signatures from the public must be debated in Parliament. A petition submitted just recently was for a call of no confidence in the current Prime Minister and his government. To date the number of signatories has exceeded 169,000. The petition was rejected. The reason given is that it is suspected that 6,000 signatures were possibly fraudulent (whatever that means, we are only told that this is so, it has not been proven). In any case that means that the remaining signatures are still 63,000 in excess of the minimum required. So…?

The claim of fraudulent voting on the part of some was made when the Labour Party was voting for its leader recently, and although some 3,000 votes were rejected we still witnessed a landslide majority victory for the person clearly chosen by the people, a genuine reflection of public will and desire for change!

A double standard exists when the same principle is not to be applied in the case of the current petition (threatening the government that has been exposed as liars and deceivers, only serving the interests of their elite bosses, not the people whom they claim gave them “a mandate”, and this only with the slimmest of “majorities” under a disproportionate and unrepresentative system of “election”. – All aspects of society have been affected negatively since, most especially everyone who is not a part of the elitist’s agenda, the 99.99%!)

The elites consider themselves to be “above” the rest of us, a law unto themselves. “Their” governments’ issued “laws” are only applied to us, not them, and are for the sole purpose of suppression and oppression, control.

Which brings us to the subject of Israel, covered in the video below…

Do you wonder why “Israel” considers itself above everyone else, answerable to none? It is very simple, if you know and understand how it came to be, what its purpose is, and how it will all end.

Briefly, the “State of Israel”, is NOT the product of the Semitic Jews who claim Abraham as their father, nor the Jewish religion and its claim to “the holy land”.

“Israel”, the “Zionist” state, was the planned creation of the descendants of the Khazars, a war-mongering people from the Caucasus region who adopted the Jewish religion for convenience (in order to infiltrate the world and control and dominate it, and they have succeeded). Most of the elitist “branches” and their modern day affiliates (cronies) are known (do your homework), but the main “family” responsible for this present day culmination of events (about to be wrapped up with the fulfillment of their ultimate agenda) are the Rothschilds (again, do your homework). The route map followed by the elites can be readily found in “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” manuscript (look it up)!

Why? Again very simple…

Jerusalem is to be where “the seat of Satan” is, and where the “new world order”‘s global leader sits and dictates his global government from. The “Antichrist” of Biblical prophecy even has his temple (already prepared to be built, at a moment’s notice, as soon as the conditions are right) where he eventually reveals his true nature, demanding that he be “worshipped” as God.

It is a declared fact by the elites themselves that their “religion” and belief system is “Luciferian” (Satan worship). Look it up!

So do you begin to see (and hopefully understand) what we are up against?

Anyway, here is just another video, but please always keep in mind “the bigger picture”, because it is the only way to be able to make sense of anything that is going on, especially in these “last days”. Perhaps it is time to “pick a side”, if you haven’t already? (By the way, there is only ONE winner – best to pick THAT One don’t you think?)

Always, David.

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There are very valid and interesting points brought out in this interview. Watch and learn. One statement made that leaps out is a quote of Winston Churchill’s “I would even make a deal with the devil himself if…” (and he did!)

Perhaps this is why the global elites have financed, propagated, orchestrated and allowed the recent events that began with the so-called “Arab Spring” (an event foretold by someone “in-the-know” a decade before it took place, actually listing all the North African and Mid-Eastern countries where it has occurred since, with only Syria and Iran left “to go”), so they can bring forth their “solution” – the global leader, the devil himself!

What with “the Islamist threat”, probable imminent “disclosure” of “ETs”, global financial meltdown about to be instigated, the dissolution of independent sovereign nation states, “climate change” and “the environment” going “out of control”, the increased call for more and tighter “security” requiring greater “monitoring and surveillance”, the decimation of populations through “austerity measures”, the “return of the cold war” and possible “Third World War” confrontation and conflict, and the Pope expected to make a call for “a global solution” (government) at the UN next month…
etc, etc, ad infinitum… What is “the solution” approaching us from the horizon???

Read Bible Prophecy and the events, people and nations described therein – all taking place and forming up “before your very eyes” folks! I kid you not!

Just watch the video and “see if these things be true”.

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It is VERY important to do as Alex Jones points out here – keep the bigger picture! Just take note of all the elements he mentions in this first quick reaction to what has just taken place. Things are NEVER just as they seem, and it is easy to be led to focus ONLY on the immediate, without the understanding that there is an ultimate agenda. The protagonists are not called the “Illuminati” for nothing! (Read “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”) Take heed!

I do not personally completely agree with all of this man’s sentiments on this subject (as he has presented them in an earlier previous post to this update), but take note of the facts and figures that he presents here – very interesting and enlightening!

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Larry King

Larry King (if you don’t know who he is just Google him) has two programs on RT and just moved them from the US to the UK. (I don’t know why) He has been an internationally respected journalist for decades and is probably one of the most syndicated across all media. Watch this enlightening recent interview upon his arrival in the UK, including relating his experience working with RT (in answer to a question from a BBC reporter – his reply actually reflects how most non-Russian journalists working for RT feel, and there are a LOT of them), his personal attitude towards reporting, and a very touching story that moved him emotionally (and still does). An interesting interlude worth your time…

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