“Disclosure” is a term that you can Google and there find numerous references to a coming “revelation” of “extra terrestrials”. “The powers that be” have been not only aware, but working with these entities, for a long time now. They have their reasons, and they are not good.

A lot of different people from different disciplines (belief systems) have researched and documented all kinds of “encounters” with these entities, and the “sci-fi” media especially, as well as mass public eye-witness accounts of Ufo’s, human abductions, animal mutilations, crop circles, unexplained historical artifacts and events, dna tinkering, hybrid experimentation, inexplicable phenomena observed all over the Earth and in space, and an unprecedented increase in all these phenomena recently are all “leading up to something” – “disclosure”!

Those who understand Biblical prophecy can easily piece together all these bits of the giant puzzle. A couple of men who have researched and written extensively on these subjects are mentioned below (in my friend’s comment). These are some of those who do “understand and know their God”.

Others, who proclaim to be Christian, specifically the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, are encouraging us to “welcome ET” as our “brothers”, and that these entities would probably be superior to mankind morally, even our “saviors”, due to their “good intentions” in sharing their superior knowledge, experience, expertise and technology with us.

Certainly the military industrial complex have been in cahoots with them, for a long time now, in order to exploit this “knowledge” and “expertise” for their own ends, on behalf of the powers that be of course. (Call it a “collaboration”) – Only bits and pieces of “new discoveries”, especially in technology, are passed on to the people of the world, as and when it suits their purpose of being able to use it to control and subdue, enslave us. (And like the carrot on the end of the stick, it all appeals to our natural senses and desires, “lusts”)

Then there are “new-agers”, such as the men featured in the videos found at the link in the messages below.

Most of the world’s populations could easily believe that all of this will probably be a good thing, a “natural progression” or “evolution” in humanity’s development, “moving on”, especially when it presents itself as inescapable, “before your very eyes”.

The way everyone will perceive this “disclosure” will depend on their personal belief system, but whichever or whatever that may be it will appeal to everyone, and this is the plan. The “disclosure” will happen when it is determined it will be most readily received, and we are being “prepared” for it by all the means just described above, as well as by “leaders”, “scientists”, “historians”, “journalists”, the media in all its forms (movies especially), and those propagating it on the internet!

I could explain a LOT from what we have already been told in scripture, especially the “signs and wonders” that we will see, and “men’s hearts failing them for fear” as a result, and so on and so on. However, whether you choose to follow the link in the communication below (as an example of what is happening), or not, please take note of John’s and my comments.

There is a way to determine whether these things are “good” or “bad”, and if you are not aware of this, and do not apply the counsel yourself to anything and everything in this day and age, whatever form it may be in, from “who” or “what”ever, then you risk falling into and under the “great deception” that my friend John refers to (and at your peril I will add)!

Anyway, here is the communication John and I had between us just the other day, and thanks John for passing it on. Always, David

From John 8 November

“I don’t know if this is for real but it sure fits with Tom Horn’s discoveries and L.A. Marzulli as well as others about the possibility of demons pretending to be aliens who have come to help us keep from destroying ourselves. It’s right on time as Ezekiel 38 is falling into place with Putin coming down to Syria to help them and Iran (and he said Libya next) ! Will this have to do with the installment of an alien savior and a putting off of Armageddon till the end of the 7 years after the great world peace covenant is signed? Just thought I’d send this shocking video series. I cannot verify if it’s true or just bunk. Anyway: hope this is helpful. – love you all, John


(Later from John) I think they are “the great deception” and their message and presence will be so overwhelming and powerful to the earthlings that they are the ones spoken of where it says that “even the elect could be deceived were it not for the Father’s intervention…” We will look like old superstitious fools to everyone for clinging stubbornly to our beliefs even unto death.”

(From me) “Hi John. Funny, but I was talking about things along these lines with someone just yesterday, before your e-Mail arrived.

Personally I believe all of the spirituality and the science behind it all, but of course there is always the crunch proviso that we are taught by scripture and David BB, and that is…. “Every spirit (or spiritual entity) that confesses not that Jesus is come in the flesh is not of (or from) God”. It doesn’t mean they aren’t real, it just means that you can determine which “side” they’re on by challenging them with that question.

These entities and dimensions are as real, if not more so, than the dimensions we can perceive with our natural senses in this life, and there are plenty of accounts in scripture that describe things that are pretty indescribable, as well as predictions and promises of things beyond the (B)asic (I)nformation (B)efore (L)eaving (E)arth we are given in The B.I.B.L.E.

The thing is, there is a lot of truth in everything that folks are experiencing and sharing about these days, on every level, but the bottom-line always comes down to THE Truth, and The Lord Himself told us Who that truth is – Jesus. Everything else exists because He created it, and the spiritual entities have to make their choices as to who they will believe and serve, just like we do, hence the whole “war” evil declared against the good – God and His whole creation and plan for us, man, who He created in His own image, and including “the universe” or what more accurately should be called “multi-verse” as in incorporating all of the dimensions that exist outside our current perception.

The most dangerous form of a lie is one where it is mostly true, maybe almost all, “almost”, but the “little bit” of “not true” (the lie) is enough to kill us (like rat poison). Satan will provide almost anything we desire, as long as it falls short of salvation. “A miss is as good as a mile”

It all comes down to our Creator, Jesus, it’s ALL about Him, “by Him all things consist”, and anything outside of that fact is not going to be “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” right?

Not preaching at you here John, I know you already know this. Just bouncing this stuff off you as it comes to me. (I’m probably going to cover it on my site, along with the vids you shared. I’ll use anything to get folks attention )

Thanks again John. Lots of love. D”

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