…as opposed to “brainwash”!

I am beginning to tire of and become more angry every day at the sheer volume of BS mainstream Western media is drowning its populations with, ever increasing and more outrageous acts of anti-people terror (in reality perpetrated by the “governments” and their paymasters – who are NOT the tax-payers, whom they are SUPPOSED to be “serving” – joke!), and propaganda designed to steer them to… destruction – and ON PURPOSE!

If you really want to know the truth of any matter, at least to have some semblance of balance and normality in your thinking so you can decide for yourself what is really going on and why, then you HAVE to go to the net!

Anything or anyone that gets poo-poo’d by “the establishment” (note THAT word) is more than likely to be on the right track. We may not always agree with every tiny detail or individual on everything, but at least they are TRYING to use their “little grey cells”, as seriously sincere (real) journalists and researchers SHOULD do (and so should YOU these days, if you want to survive)!

The net is currently awash with credible proof that “fing’s ain’t wot they appear ta be” right now. Showing and proving the holes in the “official accounts” of things recent (and using the mainstream media’s own broadcasts and presentations against them) is getting to be all too easy!

Which begs the question – if accounts of times past have been found to be false (flags), with the resultant acts of destruction decimating the lives of thousands and millions afterwards, how many more atrocities have to be thrust upon us before we learn where it all originates and we throw off their chains!?

(By the way, you should check out who was at this years’ “Bilderberg” meeting, and the agenda that was discussed – look up “Palantir”)

Anyway, recent events in France (the ONLY one being really played up) and elsewhere (NOT being covered much, if at all) are being clearly exposed now, and NOT what we are being told and expected to believe in the mainstream media! (Just check out YouTube if nothing else – there are TONS of examples)

In the meantime, here are some more videos…

Couldn’t find or embed this latest below so just click on the link. (By the way, I don’t know what has happened with “In The Now” since its restart, but it and its presenter sure get a lot of flack!)

And here is an interesting insight to consider. The youth of the world have always never been considered. Do people forget that they are the future, and that the world to come will be what they make it, IF “the powers that be” will allow them (which they don’t/won’t, never have)? Basically they are the cannon fodder on the alter of sacrifice of the real string-pullers behind the scenes, and they always have been.

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