Simply Put!…

It doesn’t matter which campaign becomes “official” (again this is the status-quo trying to maintain control of the voting mechanism, when that whole system is already broken), there are enough very well-read and sensible people who already know which way the wind should blow!

Now it’s the “sheeple” who just need to awaken from their slumber, get off their butts and damn well VOTE – “”GO!”, “LEAVE!”, “OUT!”.

There is NO other choice, IF you want to survive and remain free and actually believe in the thing called “democracy” for real!

Don’t pay any attention to the “divide and conquer” tactics of those who do not want to relinquish their power and control!


This is very probably your LAST CHANCE to do so!

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2 Wonderful People…

…in this program. I especially appreciate the young man interviewed in the second half. Beautiful! As for the lady in the first half, she proves that there are so many more much smarter people in the world than we are expected to/supposed to/told to be voting for in so-called “democratic elections”!

And quickly, just to keep up with news…

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…What was said and actually happened!

I hate politics! I don’t believe in it!

We will have three to four months of it thrown at us now in the run up to the UK referendum on whether to stay in the EU or not. What should be realized however is that it is NOT a “political” debate. It is a decision as to whether the UK wants to be dictated to by a fascist dictatorship or not. This is NO JOKE! – What DO you call it when a rich elite of non-elected officials dictate what can or can’t be done by 500 million people across 28 states from a centralized “government”? Basically the “in” campaigners in the UK are FOR this here in their OWN country ALREADY, which is why they don’t want to lose their cozy membership of this elite club, which started out as an informal “economic” union of just six countries but which has now morphed into a declared “political union”!

The British public don’t seem to understand what is at stake here, as evidenced in a local TV program broadcast just last night where ALL of those on camera (from all walks of life) said that they didn’t even know what it was all about, either “for” OR “against”. But they had better learn, fast, and decisions CANNOT, SHOULD NOT be made by just going along with what is “popular” (comedians are just making a big joke out of it all), or by following who gets the most air-time and media publicity for the “in” campaign (“polls”, etc). DO YOUR HOMEWORK FOLKS! LISTEN to those who KNOW, NOT those who are consistently LYING!

Hopefully these two items will help.

Nigel Farage has been a member of the European Parliament for 14 years and seen and heard first hand how things are done!

And, contrary to what the BBC would have you believe, George Galloway had a full audience when he was invited to speak as a guest and was given a standing ovation! (Take note of what the Conservative MP had to say at the end also)

I hope that this will be all I have to say now. I am for the principle of freedom through truth, not slavery through lies. It has nothing to do with politics. There IS a better way – keep it small, keep it simple, keep it pure. Community is built from the bottom up, not dictated from the top down. We don’t need politics, we just need each other!

Always, David

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What’s the message here?…

My dear friend John passed these on to me.

Here is my response to John…

Thanks John. 

Of course the scenarios depicted will not be possible unless allowed, and orchestrated, by “the good guys” themselves, right? – Mind-conditioning for the future through inducing fear. Same tactics always. I believe the second film clip is more than credible though, being a stated intention already by those in secret power.

I don’t know what it’s like over there, but over here it is very apparent that “the usual suspects” are running out of all credibility and the general population is becoming more and more aware of how nefariously they are behaving. Hence all the scare tactics. 

What gets me is that in the films everything always revolves around America, being “great” and the centre of everything, completely oblivious of the fact that there is a “rest of the world” with people in it, many of whom are much smarter and do things differently and very well, without U.S. interruption, if they would just be left alone. 

I believe the U.S. is becoming more and more isolated, as is the UK “leadership”, through arrogance and ignorance, like the proverbial “madhouse run by its inmates”. Whew. God help us all. “Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus”.

Lots of love to you all over there John.

Always, David

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More Shame!…

…on the BBC, the UK PM, and his political party!

The “out” campaign for the UK leaving the EU held their first meeting a few days ago. When George Galloway was invited to speak many of the conference attendees walked out (draw your own conclusions). The BBC’s “Daily Politics” program filmed this and showed it as a prelude to an interview with George Galloway. Mr Galloway was invited under the pretext of being asked to talk about his views on the EU referendum. He was shocked to find that he had been ambushed (not for the first time), and what followed was a concerted public personal attack on himself. This is standard BBC procedure used against anyone who is against the political status quo of the powers that be, proving conclusively who’s side they are on, rather than being a “news” provider. (The ITV behaves in the same manner it must be said). The “powers that be” ALWAYS make their “arguments” PERSONAL, and ALWAYS seek to divide their opposition amongst themselves. Watch what happened…

And here is what happened during “Prime Minister’s Question Time” in parliament this last Wednesday, again another personal sneer/smear, by the PM in this case, against the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbin, instead of answering the question. “Kids fighting in the school playground” mentality from someone who is supposed to be “governing” the country!?

Some Labour MPs said that Wednesday’s discussion marked a “new low” for PMQs.

Corbyn himself responded at the time by saying: “If we are talking of motherly advice, my late mother would have said, ‘stand up for the principle of a health service free at the point of use for everybody,’ because that’s what she dedicated her life to, as did many of her generation.”

The Conservative party have had MILLIONS poured into their political campaigns by big business and The City of London, and they get favored news coverage by the BBC and ITV. The Labor party have had to rely on members’ personal contributions and the trade unions for theirs, while the trade unions are being systematically decimated by laws passed by the Conservative governments.

A recent Channel 4 News item discovered in an in-depth investigation that in three recent by-elections the Conservative party hired professional campaign people at great expense and lavishly over-spent on those people, as well as their own “heavy-weight” party members involved, well over the legal limit allowed for campaigning. (The financial limit on campaigning was supposed to be for the purpose of ensuring that ALL the parties had EQUAL opportunity for campaigning).

A senior long-term Conservative party member has stated that membership in the party was over two million across the country in the 80’s, but now only three constituencies can boast over 1000 members each, and most have less than a hundred! (Do the math)

Oh, and HALF of the party want OUT of the EU, including some heavy-weight long-term well-known politicians!

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…on the UK government and it’s mainstream media (presstitutes), ESPECIALLY the BBC! (WHY would anyone PAY for its propaganda – through its “licencing”?)

Not only is it lying through its teeth to the British people while it sells off publicly-owned assets, payed for by the taxes of the people – power, traditional industries such as steel, coal and shipbuilding, the rail network, postal service, police and prison services (by farming out to private security companies such as G4S and the so-called “National Crime Agency”), the NHS (while “criminalizing” the junior doctors and saying that they are going to “impose” a new contract on them whether they like it or not), why the UK should remain in the EU (combined with the secret “trade agreements” that are taking place that will allow GMOs, as well as make it impossible to control pharmaceuticals and all their off-shoots – there is a genocidal agenda in this!), etc, etc. (The list is almost endless of the antics of the puppets of the elites)

One senior doctor, while being interviewed on the current circumstances of the NHS, put it very succinctly, saying “I don’t see how anyone can believe anything the PM says (about anything) these days”!

And yet more…

Have you noticed how calmly and factually Russia takes all the insults it is subjected to by those who are screaming and yelling at them (hit dogs howling)? The louder the lies, the less credibility the liars have due to exposing their BS in such magnificent ways. They must be scared, and so they should be!

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