…What was said and actually happened!

I hate politics! I don’t believe in it!

We will have three to four months of it thrown at us now in the run up to the UK referendum on whether to stay in the EU or not. What should be realized however is that it is NOT a “political” debate. It is a decision as to whether the UK wants to be dictated to by a fascist dictatorship or not. This is NO JOKE! – What DO you call it when a rich elite of non-elected officials dictate what can or can’t be done by 500 million people across 28 states from a centralized “government”? Basically the “in” campaigners in the UK are FOR this here in their OWN country ALREADY, which is why they don’t want to lose their cozy membership of this elite club, which started out as an informal “economic” union of just six countries but which has now morphed into a declared “political union”!

The British public don’t seem to understand what is at stake here, as evidenced in a local TV program broadcast just last night where ALL of those on camera (from all walks of life) said that they didn’t even know what it was all about, either “for” OR “against”. But they had better learn, fast, and decisions CANNOT, SHOULD NOT be made by just going along with what is “popular” (comedians are just making a big joke out of it all), or by following who gets the most air-time and media publicity for the “in” campaign (“polls”, etc). DO YOUR HOMEWORK FOLKS! LISTEN to those who KNOW, NOT those who are consistently LYING!

Hopefully these two items will help.

Nigel Farage has been a member of the European Parliament for 14 years and seen and heard first hand how things are done!

And, contrary to what the BBC would have you believe, George Galloway had a full audience when he was invited to speak as a guest and was given a standing ovation! (Take note of what the Conservative MP had to say at the end also)

I hope that this will be all I have to say now. I am for the principle of freedom through truth, not slavery through lies. It has nothing to do with politics. There IS a better way – keep it small, keep it simple, keep it pure. Community is built from the bottom up, not dictated from the top down. We don’t need politics, we just need each other!

Always, David

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