5 May 2016

There seem to be a lot of posts on YouTube right now with the headline “The Antichrist will be revealed ‘in’ (? – bad English grammar there) 5 May 2016”. The “sources” are all kinds of different people, and each have their “take” on whatever their angle is in their posts. What is interesting though is that the banner headline is the same on all the thumbnails, yet when you click on a video it doesn’t necessarily tackle the subject specifically at all, not of “5 May 2016”, in many cases it isn’t even mentioned!

It makes me wonder “who” is doing this, and therefore “why”?

Anyway, in case anyone is interested there are a couple of things that came to mind while gleaning through some of these videos for info.

First of all, some of the Christian ones have made one particular statement that is in glaring error with regards to an understanding of a very important major end-time event. This is “a basic”, which the Lord Himself pointed out, very clearly and specifically. It is astounding that any Christian who says they read their Bible should have missed it. So here it is…

A lot of Christians seem to like the idea that they are “God’s Chosen”, and therefore will escape “The Great Tribulation”, described as taking place “in the last days”, by being “raptured” (not a Word used in the Bible to describe this event) beforehand. Jesus Himself (who they say they believe) SAID HIMSELF how things will be played out, and here it is…

Matthew 24:

15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:
30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

“There are none so blind as those who will not (choose not to) see”

‘Nuff said on that!

Other posts indicate things that are all to do with the current Pope, that he is the False Prophet, or even the Antichrist, such as the one I am posting below.

Before I do I would like to just say a couple of things…

There are a LOT of things on the net about this man. There is a LOT of dark history regarding the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church throughout the history of its existence. It would NOT be difficult to believe that their methodology in perpetrating their power is NOT going to change, as the examples brought out in the following video show, clearly.

One scripture that came to my mind when thinking on these things was how the Antichrist would “come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries” (Daniel 11:21), which has been this Pope’s modus operandi for sure (verse 24: He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers’ fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time). Another verse describes the Antichrist as “not regarding the desire of (for) women”. (The Pope is supposed to be celebate)

Look at where he has been, what he has done, where he has spoken, and what he has proclaimed since coming to power.

Now watch this video. Pay particular attention to what is explained about your birth certificate, your social security number, and the laws that are going to enacted and enforced globally, exercising control over everybody, whoever or whatever they are (or think they are). These things have been explained extensively by Jordan Maxwell, including terminology, word usage, “legal-speak” (as is used in the Popes’ “Motu Proprio”s).

Whoever or whatever this man is, he certainly fits the bill as someone who has power that can be exercised over millions, billions of people. Right now he’s “peaceable”, but that could easily change, as has happened with so many deceivers who were revealed as despots when they had achieved their goals.

I don’t know if he is the False Prophet or the Antichrist. What I DO know is that he is “right up there” with the elites, if not sitting on top of them, as is declared in the following video. Anyway…

Just watch, and be aware that all those “terms and conditions” (that nobody reads) will be enforced one day, brought to your doorstep, where you will be forced to comply with a “mark of the beast”, or…? (Your worst nightmare!)

A PERSONAL NOTE: If you are like me, you might be frustrated and irritated by folks who hem and haw their way through their posts on the net, wishing they would just get to the point, which they could by preparing better beforehand and stripping their statements down to short, concise sentences (editing).

I understand why it doesn’t happen though. Some are not talented in that way. Time constraints, or technological ability and availability can be a problem. I can “waffle” as well as anyone (sorry).

However, it is worth struggling through items when you find those gems buried amongst the rubble. Perseverance pays off!

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Those who are regular readers of my posts here will notice that I often intersperse references to Biblical prophecies in current event items. Some may have wondered “Why did he have to do that? Why couldn’t he have just provided the post without all that Bible stuff?”

Well, here’s why…

When I was a teenager, back in the late sixties/early seventies, I knew something was wrong with the world. I just didn’t know what. My desperate desire for answers all came to a head in September ’71 when I met a group of people who asked me if I would like to pray to receive Jesus. I did, not knowing at the moment what was about to happen, but that moment changed everything. Now I knew, maybe not everything there is to know, but I now knew the One Who did. This was my spiritual rebirth, usually understood as being “born again”. But this was just the beginning…

I had never read the Bible before that day, but after that prayer, just minutes after, I started with the Gospels. All I can tell you is that the Word was alive to me (still is) and it spoke to me in such a personal way that it all made sense, everything. A little later I began studying the prophecies, and these made even more sense. I could see it all so clearly, and simply. It wasn’t long before I was asked to teach these things, and for many years after, wherever I happened to be, this would be one of the things that would reoccur.

From that first day, for the next forty years or so, I was a missionary, travelling through twenty countries, spending ten years each on three continents, all on a wing and a prayer. My own experience was to see the truth of God’s promises proven, over and over again, without fail. My faith in the absolute veracity of His Word just grew and grew. It is a living, continual process and still is to this day.

A few years back I got the inspiration to start this site. The purpose?…

Well, it is designed to be for the general public, not necessarily for people who have any kind of faith but more for those who have none. I do not like to hit people head-on with “preaching” per se. My experience is that this rarely works, if ever. I prefer one-on-one contact, but by its very nature a web-site doesn’t allow for this.

My approach to anyone is usually to talk about mutual interests, find out and learn about folks, before offering any help I might be able to give them. This site for the most part, I hope, covers material that I expect is of interest to most people these days – “the news”, current events. Comments received from those who have visited generally fall along the lines of “thanks, this is so helpful and needed”.

“Current events”, as they are known today, are not so “current” though IF you know and understand that they were already predicted. Most of the important and relevant predictions that refer to the times we are living in now are two to three thousand years “old”, and many of them are so specific that when I watch or read the “news” today so many references in these prophecies leap to mind, and at an astounding rate.

We are told by many watchers and observers today, knowledgable people who have done their research, that if we want to understand how everything fits and is being worked we have to “join the dots”. This is becoming easier by the day as things are so obvious and “in your face” now, yet the sheer number of “dots” seems to be increasing exponentially. We should keep “the bigger picture” in mind always, but it can be tiring.

Believe it or not however, “the highlights/headlines” as well as an incredible amount of detail, AND the final outcome, is ALREADY WRITTEN and available. See for yourself…(Below) In this post I am going to provide material for your perusal.

A dear friend recently shared a project that he has been working on for the last decade. He, like me, has been a student and teacher of these things for a long time. I was very happy to see what he has produced. I already know these things myself, and have the same material in different formats, but I was thrilled with this simple outline. Anyone should be able to understand it, even if you should choose not to believe it. You CAN though. Trust me, it’s all true.

Also in this post (below) are links to web-sites of other friends of mine, along the same or similar lines to this, that deal with subjects that The Bible and we commonly refer to as “the end-times” = where we are living now – “current events” for real!

So, if you want to know and understand what is happening, why, who’s involved and responsible, and where we are all headed, how it all “ends”, then start here…(reposted with permission)




And here are links to websites you might like to look at also…



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…This is how it’s done! Watch and weep! (And then DO something about it!!!)

(There are commercial breaks throughout this vid – just “skip” them when it becomes available)

“Capitalism” 101…

…or “for Dummies”.

“Capitalism”, “free enterprise/market”, “competition”, “more choice”, “resulting in a better consumer experience” (that word “experience” along with “opportunity” are used for just about everything in the media these days, have you noticed?), in a “democratic society”, etc, etc — all exposed for what they are and how they work in the following program!

Result? You are given the ILLUSION of “choice”, while the market gets smaller and smaller and more and more centralized, under fewer owners who have grabbed everything up with “mergers and acquisitions”, who can then dictate “quality” of “service”, supply, and prices because there is NO “competition” anymore, nor are there any “competitors” left!

Watch and learn, especially the second half where it is clearly summed up.

“Capitalism”, so loudly touted by the puppet governments of the “free”, “Democratic” West, is nothing more than a tool — to prosper the elites, while making everybody else poor! IT IS THE MACHINE FOR BRINGING ABOUT THE “NEW WORLD ORDER”, THE CENTRALIZED GLOBAL GOVERNMENT UPON WHICH EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD WILL BE DEMANDED TO COMPLY WITH, IN EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES, OR DIE!

“Sovereign Nation States” are ALREADY being side-stepped with the various “Trade Agreements” being pushed through. Soon there will be NO “countries”, no “national borders”, no independent currencies, just “regions” run by corporate power, with regional “enforcement” entities — a one-world, one currency (digital), one leader, “one army” system, with NO OTHER WAY ALLOWED! (Read your Bible folks! “The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse” are ALREADY on their war-path!)

Here it is then…

Want proof? Watch this episode and see if “The OC” (Osborne/Cameron) are “guilty as charged”. (Let’s hope they are soon fired, and let’s then also hope that they aren’t replaced with the same, or worse!)

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Happy Easter!

A personal perspective

Believe it or not, Easter is more important for us all than Christmas.

Christmas, in its multi-various forms, is recognized or celebrated in most countries throughout the world, mostly commercially it seems. Whereas Easter is only really celebrated by believing Christians. If we all understood the meaning and significance of both, it would be the other way around (without the commercialism of course).

Most of “the holidays”, as Christmas has now become known by a lot of people due to the media, revolves around traditions that have no basis in scripture at all. Even the Nativity is represented incorrectly – there were no three wise men present at the time. (They didn’t show up until two years later, after Joseph and Mary had moved out of the “stable” and into a house). Trees, gift-giving, December 25th, “Santa Claus” by his various names, “elves”, North Pole, reindeer (Rudolph and friends), etc, etc – none of it has anything to do with Jesus’ birth whatsoever. They took “Christ” out of “Christmas” and made it “Xmas”, and now there isn’t even a “mass” involved (except a massive pagan one).

Some mathematician could probably work backwards from Jesus’ crucifixion to the general time of his birth, but the date is not recorded anywhere. In those times birth dates were not recorded or given any particular significance. The account we are given of Jesus’ is unique of course in that the circumstances were far from “normal”, but that is all I am going to say about Christmas here.

Jesus’ death is most definitely recorded as happening at a very specific time however.

(There are also traditions around Easter that have nothing to do with the event, such as bunnies and chocolate eggs. – Both Christmas and Easter have been taken over by pagan events and rituals, anything to mask or get rid of Christ and His meaning.)

I would say that most people don’t read The Bible, not even professing Christians who say they believe in it. Even those who do seem to miss the point it seems. (They don’t read it deeply as they should, allowing The Holy Spirit to lead and guide them through it, interpreting it for them personally). It seems to escape most folks that their idea of what is written is usually very different from the reality of what the scriptures are stating.

I blame tradition, especially those “Biblical epic” films, as well as also those pastors who teach and preach the same pious platitudes from their pulpits, one day a week from what they call a “church” (the original meaning of the word has nothing whatsoever to do with a building).

I don’t think anyone who really knows The Lord and lets Him lead in their lives is going to spew out watery milk, but rather the real meat of what is going to feed and strengthen souls (like Jesus did Himself). Not all pastors, teachers and Christians are luke-warm of course, but “the establishment” ones certainly are, and their example leads the general public to conclude that “it ain’t necessarily so – the things that The Bible teach us as reliable, they ain’t necessarily so”.

The Bible is usually considered by most to be fanciful, unrealistic, distant, un-relatable, “out-of-date” at best (“couldn’t be applied today”), unbelievable (“how could that possibly happen?”), and “irrelevant” as a result.

The general state of “knowledge”, “understanding” and “wisdom” in many people today seems to be “absent without leave”, leaving “common sense” to be very uncommon, sadly. People don’t use “their little grey cells” much any more, and there are all kinds of reasons for this, especially the purposeful dumbing down of humankind.

You have to think for yourself if you want any kind of “truth” these days, and many seem to have relinquished that responsibility, handing it over to “their superiors” (they are NOT by the way) and their media blitz on the human psyche.

Folks don’t seem to be able to relate at all to the fact that the Scriptures give accounts of real people, who lived real lives, and who were no different than you or I. Some are mentioned in only a few fleeting accounts of a handful of scriptures and the rest of their lives are unaccounted for, just as most of us experience, except for a few who might know us because they live closest to us. The Bible only “hits the highlights” usually, except where the tiny details are used for specific instruction or enlightenment, as examples, and there are plenty of those. Most of the “major events” of the “heroes” however take place over years, decades, and, in the early times of man in some cases, centuries.

Mankind’s attention span and our expectancy (no patience) is only momentary today, things seem to “change so fast”, “here today, gone tomorrow”. We don’t slow down long enough to actually think or “meditate on these things”. Nobody “has time” for the really important things of life due to “the pace of life today”, thus we “miss the point” and “miss the boat”, everything!

A huge misunderstanding exists about the nature of the “heroes” or “saints” of the Bible, and that is that they all had “clay feet”. None of them were “perfect”, far from it! Most made mistakes, and some were outright criminals. Even the best efforts of some, trying to do the right thing, often fell short, and some even screwed things up completely, failed. Their highlights/headlines occurred when they heard God call, when they listened to what He had to say, and when they did what He asked of them. These are the only “good bits” you will find in their record in the Bible, the rest of their lives were as “good” or “bad” as yours and mine, and there is plenty in the record of their bad, even more than their good in some cases.

The only man who’s life was almost as exemplary as Jesus’ was Enoch who “walked with God”, but he was of no earthly use as such so “God took him”. The rest? Well just try reading their accounts – putting yourself in their shoes. You will be surprised. They were no better than you or me, no different. The ONLY difference was, as stated above – they heard, listened, and followed, and the only “good bits” were where God showed up and stepped in Himself.

Life in those times was no different to today really. “Time” hasn’t “speeded up” or “slowed down”. It has remained constant, the same for everyone, throughout all time, all over the planet. So what has changed? Well, nothing actually, at least nothing important that is.

But back to “Easter”…

Besides the miraculous features of Jesus’ birth (not as far as the Creator was concerned, only to us and the fact that He decided to show up personally in order to communicate with us all directly through His example), there was only one single purpose for it – to die, just like the rest of us, but FOR us, in our place, “conquering death itself” so that we might live.

And THIS IS the WHOLE point, and WHY Easter is more important than Christmas.

Jesus had to be born, or He couldn’t have died, and the eternal beauty of the whole thing is that He didn’t “stay dead”, like we would. Our spirits are eternal, like His is, but His resurrection was the conquering of the power of death itself, giving us the power to receive eternal life – LIFE, as in spiritual life that is, and it BEGINS when we ACCEPT (receive) this gift, and we are born again. His birth, though important in that it was the beginning of the vehicle of salvation, was not as important as His death, the whole point of everything.

THIS is why I wish everyone a HAPPY Easter. 😀

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A Simple Question…

… for your weekend perusal!

— Why would ANY population follow a government that has CONSISTENTLY PROVEN that it does NOT “serve” in the best interests of the majority of its people, but ONLY the interests of the “elites”? — And if the “leaders” of that government are promoting “staying in” an entity that ALSO only promotes the interests of a centralized, controlling elite few (the EU) but on a vastly greater scale, then what should that tell us of their motives for doing so?

It is a simple question (even a child could figure it out), with a simple answer! — The solution?… REBEL! DO NOT COMPLY! Choose your OWN destiny!

And while on the subject of what is going on, how “they” do things, and get away with it…

Ignoring David’s personal interpretation of things ALREADY STATED in The BIBLE, as well as his interviewers’ “new age” beliefs, just listen to these explanations… all true, and proven!

(Picture quality is not great, but the sound is fine)

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