A Simple Question…

… for your weekend perusal!

— Why would ANY population follow a government that has CONSISTENTLY PROVEN that it does NOT “serve” in the best interests of the majority of its people, but ONLY the interests of the “elites”? — And if the “leaders” of that government are promoting “staying in” an entity that ALSO only promotes the interests of a centralized, controlling elite few (the EU) but on a vastly greater scale, then what should that tell us of their motives for doing so?

It is a simple question (even a child could figure it out), with a simple answer! — The solution?… REBEL! DO NOT COMPLY! Choose your OWN destiny!

And while on the subject of what is going on, how “they” do things, and get away with it…

Ignoring David’s personal interpretation of things ALREADY STATED in The BIBLE, as well as his interviewers’ “new age” beliefs, just listen to these explanations… all true, and proven!

(Picture quality is not great, but the sound is fine)

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