Prediction —

The British people will vote to stay in the EU! (Sadly)

Why? — Because as a people they don’t like or want change, in spite of how their “leaders” lie to them, steal from them, and cheat them out of their livelihoods while benefiting themselves and their elite cronies with their “government policies”. “Better the devil you know”, which is a stupid statement by any criteria. They are AFRAID of CHANGE. They are TOO SCARED to take responsibility for their lives and futures and their children and children’s children. They LOVE the status quo.

Why? — Because they still get their “news” from “official” sources, such as the BBC (the bullhorn of the establishment), who’s website tells you “all you need to know” about the ins and outs of the EU Referendum (NOT), the “press” (owned by the usual suspects), and the “government” itself, who spent £9,000,000 of the peoples’ taxes on propaganda that was then pushed through their letterboxes (and went straight into the trash bin in our house, without even being read – I get my information from FAR more reliable sources).

Why? — Because the “official” “leave” campaign was granted to members of the current Government’s political party, sidestepping the ones who actually KNOW WHY the UK would be better off leaving.

Why? — Because the Labor party is ALSO saying Britain should stay “in”, and their leader was landslided into power by those who wanted change, but have yet to see it. (As in all “politics” it is NOT about what the people want, only those in power). Dear Mr Corbyn, for one reason or another, seems to have lost the plot I fear. Those who say they want to try to “change things from within” are under a complete delusion. It is NEVER going to be allowed to happen, because THAT is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of the PURPOSE of the EU and how it functions.

Why? — Because the public are purposely misinformed and misled, especially by “project fear”, as to the REAL reasons why the EU actually exists in the first place. They are told all kinds of reasons how they would “benefit” by staying in, and are abjectly LIED to about what it is actually going to cost them in the long run – their freedom (of which they already have precious little, but it will be TOTALLY removed from them by staying in – watch and see). THEY ALREADY PAY BILLIONS DAILY for the “privilege” of being dictated to by a triumvirate of unelected people who routinely pass HUNDREDS of laws that affect 500 million peoples’ daily lives (for the worse), and by which they BY-PASS the national governments of member states. The endgame of these people is “a Federal Europe”, or a “United States of Europe” and, like what happened to America, European countries have to give up their independent statehood (which is what the US Constitution was supposed to have “guaranteed” to the independent states of the US, UP UNTIL the American Civil War).

Why? — Because although we are told it is OUR decision, hence the call for a referendum, the system, including the voting apparatus, is already rigged, just like the “General Election” was. Even if “the public’s voice” is heard and noted, it WON’T be heeded, just as the recent Dutch Referendum on “European association” wasn’t (it was not “binding” they were told and their Government is just going to ignore it and “carry on, business as usual”, which is actually what it is all about). The current UK “government” has NOT listened to the people so far on anything, so why should they suddenly change their attitude towards “the general public” now? They won’t. Even if the majority vote to “leave”, they won’t be allowed to – something will happen to ensure so, guaranteed.

Why? — Because the elites simply will not allow the people to have their way. If they did, the elites could not exist. It is as simple as that. If the people give up their “human rights” willingly, then they are giving up their freedom, willingly. Result? You get what you deserve! (If you don’t like what you’ve got, change it! If you don’t want to change it, then you deserve what you get! Simple! Stop passing the responsibility to those who don’t care one iota for you. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!)

I predict that “the silent majority” will cave in. If it goes the other way I will be happily surprised!

Okay, now for Edification —

Here is PLENTY about how we are being lied to and cheated by the usual suspects. And how their hypocritical double standards only benefit them, but not us! LOTS of details in these items. Watch and learn!

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