…an excellent article from my dear friend Stephen.

Scroll down on his page for another item on ballot rigging in the US. 

I am absolutely certain the same will occur here in the UK.

Personally I cannot understand why anyone, on either side of “the pond”, would vote for anything that proven liars have to say, having already been cheated by them, countless times over. 

And God help the world if H Clinton should ever be “elected” as President of the US! – Just research her record on-line, from her early days in Arkansas. She is much worse than her husband ever was, and he was bad enough! I can’t understand how she has “followers”, for anything! She is one very dangerous person, as many have learned to their demise!

And here is WHY the US wants the UK to stay in the EU…

Why Obama really wants Britain to stay in the EU… to impose TTIP on Europe – NGO

TTIP is the elites method of enforcing drugs and GMO products on the populations of Europe and whoever else signs the “trade deal” agreements with them, making huge profits from DNA-altering toxins that are detrimental, to the extent of DEATH to humans (which is why they are SECRET)! No joke!

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