Just to say, a lot of times I will make comments on this site “off the top of my head”. Well, actually that is not strictly true. In fact “I am inspired” would be a better way to put it. My personal experience over the last four decades or so is to trust that “still, small voice”, regardless of whether I see any “evidence” to confirm it at the time. I usually find out afterwards.
I certainly don’t “know it all”, but I know the One Who does, and if He seems to think I need to know, or that others need to know and that if He tells me then I will tell them, then… “I know”! Get it? (I don’t necessarily “always” get everything “exactly” right, because sometimes I’m so convinced and excited I “jump the gun” a bit, sorry, but at least I’m in the ballpark 😀 )

Anyway, here are examples of some confirmations. I did not see these before the previous posts but afterwards, just this morning actually.

Dear Alex Jones is not everyone’s cup of tea, but thank God for him and others like him (there are many). The following clips are taken from a three hour program. Alex connects a LOT of dots all at the same time, and this is because he has been doing this for twenty years and knows the background to all of his material, so he “reviews” a lot for the sake of the casual viewer/listener. It can seem like an avalanche, but it pays to pay attention because there are gems in all the details, things everyone should know. He does spend some time on some survival and health stuff, but this is because, like others, he knows we need to be healthy and cleanse ourselves of the toxins the “powers that be” are polluting our bodies and environments with in their program of the destruction of humankind and our planet. Skip through these things if you must, but take note of the facts, especially the things John McAfee has to share.

More on the “Panama Papers”…

And here is a snippet about “the signs of the immediate (NOW – THIS MONTH) times” (in case you might have wondered). Remember all those arches that are going up in New York, London, and around the world? Well, here’s why…

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The Right Answer!

Forget that this dear lady is wearing a collar (she is a “Reverend”), is talking from a pulpit, in a church. Just listen for a quarter of an hour.
What if EVERYBODY did this? 🙂

(I will be writing something on “Justice vs Judgement” over the weekend, hopefully!)

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What If?…

There is more and more coming to light all the time about the “Panama Papers Leak”. Some heads have already rolled. You can probably expect that more will follow. “Double Standards” will certainly be applied to the “really guilty” however, UNTIL they are “thrown under the bus” at some point, I expect, because they are no longer needed and have served their purpose.

Things like this NEVER happen, except when performed by some heroic little “nobody” that no-one had ever heard of because of a real conscience present in the individual (and they certainly end up paying the price for it), OR…

If it otherwise comes through an “official” source, in the employ of “the powers that be” in some capacity, THEN it was probably PLANNED, or at least allowed, because it serves their purposes! (They sure are “illuminated” huh?) — You only need to trace backwards to WHO “leaked” what, when, and HOW, to see that it was the “higher ups” in the “you know who” chain, through their puppet subsidiaries!

So, “what if” the outcome of it all is that the general populations finally get fed up with getting screwed by their governments, banks, corporations, lying media, all stealing their hard-earned money. What if they have had enough of seeing it withheld, misused (as in spent by their governments on the wrong things, such as weapons and wars), while they see their “taxes” NOT supplying their needs, such as a health services, education for their children, transport services, amenities and utilities that benefit, responsible local government, needful work done by people who know how, etc, etc, ad infinitum), watching it being “redirected” and siphoned off to people who never worked for it and don’t deserve it (BECAUSE IT’S NOT THEIRS)?

“Perhaps the solution would be to cut out all those middle men??? – “Fire” or ditch them all. All work “for yourselves”. Your “contribution” to “society” will be safely stored, digitally, where only you can get at it. All you need is an implanted chip, your unique personal ID that no-one can get at or duplicate. Problem solved! Oh, and because everyone is working together for this one cause, globally, there will be no need for politicians or political states, just a global enforcement force needed to enforce the new international law that everybody will abide by.” (And those that won’t???…)

Anyway, here are some more clips…

‘Cameron shouldn’t just resign… he should be sent to prison!’ Ken Livingstone tells RT (VIDEO)

And watch the video clip from the 95 year old veteran in the following article…

Samantha Cameron under fire for taxpayer-funded £53k-a-year ‘fashion adviser’

Also, over 130,000 signatures were received demanding that the UK PM cease and desist from spending £9,000,000 of UK citizens taxes on printing leaflets and putting his arguments for staying in the EU through the letterboxes of every household in England. (Both “in” and “out” campaigns have been allowed an EQUAL campaign allowance of just £7,000,000 each!).

Demonstrations are already underway, crying “Tories out!”. I believe the PM and his “goverments” days must surely be numbered. He has proven himself to be a liar and completely untrustworthy! No one likes or agrees with how he has treated the people of the UK! 

Lastly, here is a perfect example of hypocritical BBC propaganda “reporting” (imagine how those interviewed will feel if they ever got to read how their personal opinions were (mis)represented by this “reporter”?)

Panama Papers: Russians unfazed by Putin circle deals
By Steve Rosenberg
BBC News, Elektrostal, Russia
8 April 2016

Drive two hours east of Moscow, and you’ll reach a town which, in Tsarist times, was called Zatishe – “peace and quiet”.

Everything here was peaceful and quiet until they built a giant metallurgical plant, a munitions factory and heavy machine-building enterprise. Under communism the town was renamed Elektrostal (‘ElectroSteel’). To reflect the absence of peace and quiet.

Communism collapsed a quarter of a century ago. But today, like many places in Russia, Elektrostal still has a Lenin Square and a Soviet street. It has something else, too, that was very common in the USSR: a deep suspicion of the West.

At a newspaper kiosk I ask sales assistant Nadezhda what she thinks of the Panama Papers, and claims of a money laundering ring close to the Kremlin.
“I have a very negative attitude… towards you!” Nadezhda replies.
“That’s a pity,” I respond, “I don’t have a negative attitude towards you.”
“It’s nothing personal,” explains Nadezhda. “You seem quite a decent person. It’s your country I don’t like and its scheming. All these ‘investigations’ are a waste of time and money. We know what you’re up to.”

2009 image shows Sergei Roldugin (left) with Vladimir PutinImage copyrightAP
Image caption

This 2009 image shows cellist Sergei Roldugin (left) with Vladimir Putin
Documents leaked from Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca reveal suspected money laundering ring involving close associates of President Vladimir Putin
Cellist Sergei Roldugin, a close friend of Mr Putin, named in connection with suspicious offshore transactions.

Billion-dollar offshore operation was run by Bank Rossiya, which is subject to US and EU sanctions, documents show deals went through an offshore entity called Sandalwood Continental.

Kremlin dismissed revelations as an anti-Putin smear campaign aimed at influencing upcoming Russian elections.

President Vladimir Putin denied “any element of corruption” and alleged that US officials and official bodies were behind the revelations.

Nadezhda calls over her friend, the ice cream seller.
“Marina, come here, they’re trying to rub Putin’s face in the dirt.”
“We’re for Putin, we’re for Russia,” the ice cream lady declares. “The West just wants to topple him and put one of its own people in his place. Someone like Ukraine’s President [Petro] Poroshenko.”

“But what about the claims about offshore accounts, tax evasion and money laundering close to the Kremlin?” I ask, “Doesn’t that surprise you?”

“People high up have always had accounts like these and they always will,” Marina says, “And Putin can’t keep an eye on everyone.”

At the Elektrostal hair salon, manager Galina believes Russia is a cut above the West.

“It’s bad that we have enemies, like America, who always criticise Russia,” Galina tells me. “The Americans just want to conquer the world. I’m certain that Putin has no connection to these alleged accounts.”

Later in the park I meet a mathematician called Boris. I ask what he thinks about allegations people close to the president have been channelling huge sums through offshore companies.

“Well, it doesn’t affect my life in any way,” Boris replies, “and if it doesn’t affect me or the people around me, then as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t exist. Anyway, Putin is the greatest leader of modern times.”

Many of Elektrostal’s residents appeared to be suspicious of the West and supportive of their leaders.

This is precisely the picture that state television in Russia paints: heroic Putin versus evil West. The message is so powerful it often overrides the scepticism some people do feel about what TV is telling them.

“We can’t rely on the mass media these days,” says Zhanna, a teacher at the Elektrostal Foreign Language School. “Sometimes we are in a difficult situation; we don’t know who to believe. All mass media tell lies, everywhere.”

But that does not affect Zhanna’s view of Vladimir Putin.
“I think he is not worth criticising. He is a worthy president and he behaves correctly.”

I ask Zhanna what she makes of past rumours that Vladimir Putin has a multi-billion dollar fortune.
“No, these accusations are not right. Not at all. Accusations are necessary for our enemies. That’s why they try to exaggerate things or invent things.”
Most of the people I speak to in Elektrostal are critical of Western leaders and governments.

But with the exception, perhaps, of Nadezhda the newspaper vendor, I am made to feel very welcome. In the park, three friends, Nikita, Ivan and Andrei, get off their bikes and offer me what looks like cognac. When I politely decline, explaining I am driving, they get me to “clink” the bottle with my fist as a sign of friendship.

The friends disagree about the Panama Papers. Ivan dismisses the documents as “total rubbish”. But Nikita declares himself a rare voice “against Putin”. He says he believes the findings of the journalists’ investigation are true.

Before I leave Elektrostal I get chatting to a pensioner called Ella. She’s sitting on the pavement selling socks and stockings, to supplement her pension. You might think that if anyone would be angry at the suggestion huge sums of money were being squirrelled abroad, it would be Ella. But she doesn’t seem to care.

“I don’t know about any of these offshore accounts,” Ella tells me, “but I do know that a head of state has the right to be well off. He carries such a weight of responsibility.”

To many Russians, power and wealth go hand in hand. And many here remain suspicious of the West. As long as Russians are focused on enemies abroad, their leaders at home will feel quite safe.

(David – Which is EXACTLY the tactic the West uses on THEIR populations! Such hypocrisy is disgusting! Why would ANYONE want to work for the BBC or any of the other “propaganda bullhorns of the West? SHAME on them! I pity them – one day THEY will be “thrown under a bus” by their masters! Whew!)

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…Pay attention to the first 10 minutes of this episode to learn the “who”, “what” and “why” of the “Panama Papers” “leak”…

(Watch the first 10 minutes for the rundown, then after that about the IMF, and the second half of the show for more examples of Capitalism against the people).


The US military provided the licence (post WW2) for the German paper that “leaked” the “papers” (which basically means it was the US bullhorn after that = CIA). ???

The UK “Guardian” newspaper “have the documents” and are ONLY going to reveal SOME of what is in them – the SELECTIVE “leaking” they have ALREADY done! ???

(How long do you think it would take to read “11.5 million pages”?)

The firm who had the documents “leaked” is setup in Panama, but MOST of the activities took place in  – NO.1 the UK (the “City of London” that would be through its primary “tax haven” in the Caribbean) and – NO.2 the US.

The US’s “excuse” for searching the papers was “so that they could see who was breaking trade sanctions”(?). (Most of those leaders listed are US “allies”)

What has ANY of it got to do with the Russian President? – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Putin’s name cannot be found ANYWHERE in those 11.5 million pages! (The BBC are also now inferring that China is involved too.)

If it LOOKS like a conspiracy, SOUNDS like a conspiracy, ACTS like a conspiracy – it probably IS a conspiracy!

And WHY the Iceland PM?… (And not the UK PM???)

Consider that not only did Iceland jail their bankers (dupes of foreign agencies) and would not have their people bail out the banks (putting the country into debt slavery to the IMF forever if they had), but they kicked out the IMF, let the American Base go (and MacDonald’s), and told the EU that they were NOT going to seek to join it any more!

The elites’ tactic is “divide and conquer”. Now that Iceland’s government is shaking it provides another opportunity for foreign influence to take over the country!


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The Panama Papers “leak” (updated 5th April)

NOTE: Scroll down to the bottom for the latest!

(Preface: I reacted to this item because certain people were conveniently included in a “catch-all” statement with “inference” and allegations, but without proof. In today’s world you are “guilty unless you can prove your innocence” and are tried “in the court of public opinion” LONG before any alleged “case” is brought before a court. Many times it never gets that far due to lack of any real evidence of proof, and this is KNOWN at the outset. Anyway, “time will tell”, or not!)

You only have to look at “who” “leaked” “what” to know that it is utter BS!

When Panama is under CIA control (at the behest of….?)…

And the alleged “guilty” are some of those who are following an independent line from “the powers that be”…?

Well then…’Nuff said!

AND… talk about “the pot calling the kettle black”!???

“I can’t do the subject justice”…

You CANNOT believe ANYTHING coming from the West’s so-called “mainstream media” these days, and ESPECIALLY if it is being propagated by the BBC!

If it originates from, or is being promoted or repeated by, “the usual suspects”, you may safely assume that it is BS!

There is a HUGE “propaganda” campaign under way now, designed to cause doubt or unbelief in ANYTHING or ANYONE that proposes (and/or proves) an alternative to the “status quo”, an alternative to the “official narrative”, anything or anyone who is NOT “going with the program” – a veritable tsunami of lies!

The “Great Confusion”, as foretold in a 1966 prophecy, as well as the subject of the “Palmyra” post just published, is “IN YOUR FACE”, NOW, with MORE and WORSE to come!

We are now on the brink of “who can you believe?”, about ANYTHING!

Folks, there is only ONE source of THE Truth – I suggest you ASK HIM, NOT your “masters”.


P.S. —

Cameron’s dad, senior Tories’ offshore asset dealings exposed & UK media still focus on Putin

Putinophobia hits boiling point: Kremlin says ‘insinuations’ in Panama leak don’t need response

Panama Papers: Revelations show sheer scale of UK links to off-shore tax havens

Panama Papers leak not specifically directed against Russia – ICIJ head

Yeah, right… We believe you – your actions spoke louder than your words! Damage done! On national television news in the UK they put Putin’s picture up FIRST, and then Assad’s, Poreschenko’s and Quadafi’s next to it in the same frame. Then they showed a clip of Iceland’s PM walking out on a TV interview! (The media always portray it as a “bad” thing to do, when it is actually the RIGHT thing to do, because the recording will be greatly “edited” anyway!). Whoever the Western media hates must be doing something right, but they have no actual proof of anything, so they have to attack the leaders with their self-righteous pigswill!

As for the rest (in the “catchall”)… the agenda must be getting close to completion, as they are clearing out the lower echelons of their pyramidical structure. Only room at the top for a few! Like a pit of hungry reptiles they will devour one another until only the fittest and fattest survives (until he has no resources left but to start eating his own tail – as depicted in their famous symbol). That’s Satanic “Capitalism” for you!

And if you want to see what “Capitalism” does for/to you, just watch the SECOND HALF of this episode! Disgusting!

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Why Palmyra?

Maybe THIS is why…

NOTE: It matters not what anyone else believes – the occultic, Luciferian, “Elite” “Powers that be” believe it. They ALWAYS have a reason for what they do. As in the examples below, these things are more real than many will care to understand. At the very least, as in every other symbolic event they have orchestrated, this is “a statement of intent”, a declaration on their part!

If you are “spiritually minded” you will KNOW that inter-dimensional interfacing and interference is a fact. It IS reality, MORE so than “the natural world”, because everything “material” has its origins in the spiritual.

Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV)

12  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

(A LOT of internet content is US centered, unfortunately, however… the first two cities chosen are New York and London – both filthily wicked in every way, especially in the financial world!)

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