Peter Hitchens

People might take issue with the personalities, characterizations, sometimes “explosive” confrontations of political commentators such as George Galloway or Nigel Farage, or the “fanatical” religious or spiritual expose’s of the likes of Alex Jones and David Icke, BUT…

…No-one can dispute the sheer common-sense, historically studied and informed, fact-based statements put forth by this man Peter Hitchens. I highly recommend acquiring an educated opinion, on just about every topic relevant to today. I have viewed a lot of what he has to say on various YouTube clips because I was curious, and I have not heard him slip-up once on any issue he has debated, and there is a wide range of topics he is asked to speak on.

He is definitively one of the most sensible and sane commentators we have available, if we are interested in honest debate and discussion, a “British” sort of Noam Chomsky if you like. Anyway…

Check him out on YouTube to hear great arguments against the stupid rhetoric that is so often parroted by the uninformed or bigoted types.

You will learn that he has personally traversed the political spectrum from radical left to conservative right and given up on all of it, being completely disillusioned and disgusted with how things work and are done. He sees no purpose in being politically involved with the system as it now exists as a result. Instead he uses his expertise as a journalist to expose and criticize the BS as and when he finds it, in politics and the media, and he is exceptionally good at what he does.

On a personal note you will also become aware that his views became more focused after he became a Christian. He has even debated his own brother, Christopher Hitchens, a devout and committed, globally known and feted atheist on several occasions, and won the argument.

I admire his conviction, especially because he, like so many others, will not be silenced by “majority, politically correct, public opinion”. He is actually very capable of changing ill-informed public opinion, and this is why he, like others, is so feared, yet respected at the same time. Wish that there were many more like him.

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