British Politics…(updated 1st July)

…just watch the shambles that was England’s football game against Iceland and you’ll get the idea.

The one is the reflection of the other and vice versa – a totally uncoordinated group of individuals who can’t even pass the ball, let alone score a goal. Only there for their (past) reputation, and even whatever “skills” they thought they could have relied on in times past have now deserted them. They showed that they were not an actual team. No-one is even interested in watching their games any more.

Time for a new team, under new management. The old is not just old it is dead, only fit for burial!

Oh, and the BBC and other mainstream media STILL continue to spin “the news”, trying to hold the rotting corpse together. Don’t they realise that gangrene spreads and eventually kills you, unless you cut off the dead parts? (You were warned BBC!)

And, 60,000 new people joined the Labour Party in the last week. Who do you think they are going to vote for if any of the deserters and back-stabbers insist on standing against the popularly elected leader? (They, like the Tories, still can’t even agree on “who” should stand for leadership).

Everyone, from all sides of the political spectrum, is being shown up for the type of people they are, and the public are watching it all! 

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A personal response…

…to a friend recently…
“I, like you, am happy to remove folks from my mailing list if they request it. No need to bother people with stuff they don’t want is there? It happens, sometimes, but if I’m not asked to by anyone, then I keep mailing to them. I still have over 300 folks on my list, from all over the world, as well as folks, again from all over the world, who still seem to like reading my posts on my web-site.
Anyway, I’m just writing briefly for two reasons…
One, you have me duplicated on your mailing list, so can you keep using this one, but please remove the other one, otherwise it is just wasted time, effort and space. Thanks.
Two, I am happy to receive your mailings, however may I suggest that “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.
It can grieve others’ spirits to observe any kind of aggressive or confrontational manner, especially with those who know the Lord, and I would suggest not making anything “personal” in a public forum. People tend to turn off and will not enter into a continued dialogue if they feel that this is the case. If a valid point is shared it doesn’t have to personalised with a name (unless giving credit and being generally uplifting and praiseworthy for some reason). 
We should provoke thought, consideration, and action if we can, but no-one can succeed in trying to tell anyone else what to do, what to think, and certainly not what to believe. These decisions are personal, and each ones’ personal responsibility, which we cannot, and should not, try to take away from them. Not even the Lord Himself does this.
It is quite right, even necessary, to share things learned and varying opinions, to present opposing views. However, that is all we have to do, or can do, according to our faith, as unto the Lord. Afterwards, just leave it, because the Lord Himself shows His People the truth of anything. Also it is a lot easier to confess and recover later (if we are in error in any way – same rules apply for the opposing view) if we conduct ourselves in this manner, less dogmatic. (We all have to do this from time to time).
Most folks are smart, sensitive, and tend to be led more by their hearts than their heads I would say, and like someone once said, “people are more likely to be persuaded by the depth of your conviction rather than the height of your logic”. A “legal argument” (long) loses interest very quickly (folks can also tend to get easily confused by too much detail), but a “quiet”, simple (short) explanation resonates, and is remembered. (This is something I am recently learning myself).
I don’t know if you have a web-site/blog, but if you post your material on one it is always there for folks to refer to. It saves having to repeat yourself for one thing, but then folks also have the time to make their own minds up, in their own time. Just an idea, if you haven’t thought of it already. It also takes the “personal” (for your readers) out of the equation.
I do not believe I have a decision to make regarding “the 70 weeks of Daniel” prophecy personally, because, as I think I said before, it is really not that big a deal to me. It is less important than other things we should know and believe. 
I am a student, and have also been a teacher, of Bible Prophecy for most of my 44 year life as a Christian, and one thing I have learned is – our understanding changes as we learn and grow and get nearer the end, and there are many more clearer and specific signs we can absolutely watch for and see regarding the timetable of events and the Lord’s return, and I know that we are closer now than we ever were, even by just watching the news.
Always, David”

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Simply put!…(updated 30th June)


Well, George Galloway answers this very well…

Here’s how Jeremy himself feels…

What George explained as the referendum results were coming in…

And from Nigel Farage…

Now HERE is an idea…

These are the ONLY credible, honest, “people/country first” politicians in the political arena today. Why don’t these three men unite as a triumvirate for a whole new political movement???

It is clear and understood that they view the problems and the needs from very different personal perspectives, BUT they are TOTALLY agreed on the aforementioned ideal of “people/country first”, as opposed to “the usual suspects” who ONLY want to see the status quo continue uninterrupted (uninterrupted by the people by the way, with the ONLY voice that has been heard in UK “democratic” history since the “Magna Carta”) which is what “democracy” is supposed to be and how we are governed!

If these three men could combine their strengths, “majoring on the majors” the most IMPORTANT facts and issues, while side-lining any minor differences to do so, then there would be an actual force for change, popularly voted for and elected by the “silent majority” (until recently) , who have been silent for so long, because no-one in “the establishment” will listen to them!

You would need THREE main areas of future (new model) government represented… Social, legal and financial.

Social would be the care of the people, including all that that entails, probably the greatest need and challenge of the hour.

Legal would be ensuring that all the judicial changes needed to ensure that the laws that govern the peoples’ well-being are instituted and enacted.

Financial would be the portfolio that makes the finances and business work for the people, including the management of the money and international trade, allowing the British people to benefit from the product of their own labors.

Three areas of need for change, with three men available to help bring about those changes, and it is already clear (to me at least) who should hold which portfolios… (can YOU guess?)

Jeremy Corbyn ALREADY has a social mandate from the people!

George Galloway has tackled HEAD ON the legality of ALL KINDS of issues, FOR DECADES!

And Nigel Farage has understood business and finance, both BEFORE he became an MEP, but ESPECIALLY since. He KNOWS his stuff!

THIS is why these men have been attacked and maligned and mocked by “the usual suspects” all along!

If the Brits TRULY want their freedom realized, then they should get behind these men, and NOT swallow the “you can’t do it without US” BS from those who been degrading their lives FOR DECADES, CENTURIES!!!

Get a grip people! DON’T listen to those who say “It can’t be done”! It CAN be done, and this is what the elites are shit-scared of!

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More Insight…(updated 9pm)

Just listen to the Conservative party member in the first part of this clip…

And here is more relevant content on my friend’s site…

Latest from Going Underground…

I will have more to say about “unelectable” “defiant” Jeremy Corbyn later!

Stay tuned folks! It ain’t over yet! It is getting “dirtier” by the hour!

And in answer to those who are trying to convince us that those that voted to leave “got it wrong”…(and clearly something the Blairite Labor MP re-signers (deserters) forgot, this is from one of their own, years ago – do they honestly think that the rank-and-file party members will re-elect them in future? 😀 Let them go, FIRE THEM people!)

And for the whiners and complainers who didn’t get their own way…

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The U.K. Government and the elites suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the lowly “ordinary” Brits, and in interviews since, those that voted to leave in the recent EU referendum have said they have no regrets, only feelings of relief!

I have never known of an English politician/member of Parliament to have such a groundswell of public support, to the point that they have demonstrated their belief in him by calling (screaming) his name (Jeremy Corbyn), in defiance of the political establishment that seeks to remove him. I am not aware that ANY other politician in the UK, certainly not in recent history, that has enjoyed this experience. (Still being belittled by the mainstream media however).

As for the rest?… “How are the mighty (“the usual suspects”) fallen!”, and in their attempts to try to hang on (to the “same old same old”) they have torn the country apart, selfishly! They would rather see their country, and the poor who ousted them, destroyed, rather than admit defeat.

And to cap it all, England (“Great” Britain) has suffered an ignominious defeat at the hands of the smallest nation in Europe in the Euro 2016 football championship.

Being humbled is not a bad thing, it is a good thing. “Pride (always) comes before a fall” anyway, you can expect it!

So, “what next?” – A clean sweep, a fresh start, with new blood, is what is required! Let “the old” rot and decay in their unwillingness to change. Leave them behind and move on to new vistas and possibilities!

That might sound “scary”, it will be “uncharted territory”, new, different, but almost ANYTHING would be better than what has been suffered so far by so many!

A less arrogant, more humble attitude should rule the day now. A slow and steady rebuilding by, and with, those who are brave enough to go for it, but on a new and different foundation! Start from the bottom up!

On this point, let’s ignore and ditch “the Monarchy” while we’re at it! They serve no useful purpose. They are certainly NOT “serving” “their subjects” (is THAT what we are called?), other than to sit on top of a people as a huge burden that they don’t need, part of “the elite”, which THEY believe is “by divine right”! (They refer to themselves as “The Firm”, believe it or not!) Er, GOD DIDN’T “give” them any more “rights” than you or me! In fact He says “the meek shall inherit the earth”, so “stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it”!

Anyway… Look to the lowly, the meek, the humble! This is where you will find TRUE “leadership”. 

The average nurse, farmer, parent, teacher, service person, cook, builder, plumber, carpenter, electrician, seamstress, etc, etc know more about “government” than most of the “career politicians” (THEIR “career” that is) all put together! So, start from the bottom up! Organise from families, to neighbours, to communities, to villages, to towns. (It would be better that there were no big cities, but it’s too late for that. The same principles can be applied WITHIN the cities however). 

EVERYONE would be involved in their OWN government! EVERYONE would see the rewards of their OWN labours, immediately, at hand, and be pleased and satisfied with them, rejoicing, with their neighbours, in appreciation and respect for each one’s contribution, no matter how “great” or “small”, “from each according to their ability, to each according to the need”. Simple! 

The people could choose any “leaders” they might need from among their own, small scale, not a nationalised centralised “government”. They wouldn’t even be called “leaders”, but those acknowledged to have the skills and expertise in their various fields could be asked to “manage” or “administrate” those fields, as needed, if needed. Whatever mandate they are given would be decided by the people, in council or committee, and nothing would be carried out or applied without a consensus and agreement by those affected.

This is not “a new idea”, it just hasn’t been properly applied, yet!

This is practical Christianity, believe it or not, and how Jesus’ Kingdom will be set up and established on earth after His return, so we may as well get used to it, now, don’t you think?

The alternative would be to join “the other group” in “the other place” for following their “One World Leader” there!
“It’s not rocket science folks!”, just make the right choices and decisions and you’ll be fine!

‘Nuff said! 😊

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Áfram Ísland!!!

Awesome Iceland 2 : Awful England 1 

YAY! 😀

The commentators and pundits in the UK were calling Iceland “the minnows” (small fry – fish), well, they are “the mighty minnows” now aren’t they? And “how are the (former) ‘mighty’ fallen”! “David killed Goliath with one smooth stone (round ball)”.

Keep it small, keep it pure, keep it strong! There is no reason Iceland can’t beat France and/or whoever else they may play in the future. They are the epitome of a team, regardless of their “professional qualifications”, and that is what wins. ÁFRAM ÍSLAND! (Go Iceland!)

And don’t you just love the Icelanders with their support of their team? “HOO…HOO…HOOOO” (Viking war chant!?) 😄

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“We’re still British!” (updated 30th June)


Instead of the Brits trying to get the rest of the world to conform to them, perhaps they should try adapting to and accepting those WHO ACTUALLY LIKE THEM (the ordinary people that is), in spite of (or perhaps because of) their “idiosyncrasies”!?

The time for languishing in the “arrogance” of “history” is LONG gone (as proven in the current Euro 2016 football tournament. Icelanders are always VERY generous towards the Brits by the way, even after they have defeated them!) Get over yourselves people, and get back to working on your OWN future Britain, it is essentially needed now. YOU CAN do it, as you have PROVEN before, MANY times over!!!

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