Er…make your OWN mind up!!!

Looks to ME that THE TRUE COLOURS (agenda) ARE FINALLY BEING BROUGHT TO LIGHT!!!… (ESPECIALLY note the word “ASSETS” = MONEY!!!) Dear Lord, how could ANYONE “miss” THAT!??

BUT “the usual suspects” want to “LEAD the public” THROUGH the whole thing!!! (The BBC ESPECIALLY!!!)

How OBVIOUS could ANYTHING possibly BE???

PLEASE people, if you DON’T have one already, GET A BRAIN!!! And USE IT!!!

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A word of advice…

NEVER watch, OR believe, MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!!

IF you DO, then MORE FOOL YOU!!!

I do NOT care what “the issue” might be – IT IS “MAINSTREAM MEDIA”!!!

THAT should tell you ENOUGH!!!

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And on the home front…!

A few details about the person who instigated the court case – He failed to be elected as the Labour candidate for Cambourne and Redruth (Cornwall) at the last general election. He has been involved in “heated disagreement” with Jeremy Corbyn in the past. He has a reputation for being “offensive” towards others, by their accounts.

The mainstream media (all channels) have downplayed the result of the court case SINCE the result, but were playing it UP (particularly the BBC) BEFORE the decision was known. And, the BBC continues to play UP Owen Smith, while playing DOWN and belittling Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters.

Example: When Mr Smith began his campaign he was given air-time for his speech on his policies, in a room of a hundred people or so (he continues to get to talk on “his” policies, policies that Jeremy has already been speaking about, for decades!) . In contrast, Jeremy was speaking to nearly two thousand people at the same time and not one word was broadcast, and the camera view was edited to appear as if only a few people and his friends and family were there!

ALWAYS the “challengers” views and opinions and all the reasons why Jeremy shouldn’t be the Leader are aired FIRST, with only a conciliatory and much edited reply or response from Jeremy or his supporters is allowed to follow, and it is usually “questioned” (attacked).

For any who might think everything has “just happened spontaneously” since Jeremy was elected as the Leader of the Labour Party, here is ANOTHER un-reported (in the msm) item that recently came to light (this shows that the Blairites have had a campaign to rid the Party of Jeremy BEFORE he was even elected)…

BEFORE Jeremy was elected as the Leader of the Labour Party last year, SOMEONE purporting to be “an assistant to John McDonnell” (Jeremy’s closest friend, ally and confidant), was phoning around to Labour MPs “to see if they would support John McDonnell if he would stand for the leadership”. Later, AFTER the election John was “interviewed” (interrogated and accused) by Andrew Neil from the BBC on why, if he was allied to Jeremy, did he propose the possibility of himself standing for the leadership? John was flabbergasted! He stated that he new nothing about this and that it certainly was NOT something he had even considered!

Now HERE is “the twist of the knife in the back”…

It turns out that the SAME person that made the phone calls (who was later chosen by Jeremy as part of his shadow cabinet, and who then later resigned “in protest” against him and got behind the “vote of no confidence”), is the SAME person who complained that “her privacy had been invaded” and “felt threatened” by the office manager who walked into the office to check if it had been vacated yet (a month AFTER this woman had resigned), and then wrote an official letter of complaint to The Speaker of The House (which was later dismissed). THESE are the kind of people who have had an agenda and have been against Jeremy ALL ALONG!!! (And they have the nerve to expect the public to accept this and vote for them!!! – “Dumb, and Dumber”!!!)

“And in other news…”

BBC, other MSM guilty of ‘clear & consistent bias’ against Corbyn, study finds
Published time: 29 Jul, 2016 12:14

British news channels are blatantly biased against Jeremy Corbyn, giving far more airtime to commentators who openly criticize the Labour Party leader than those who support him, a second study of the phenomenon shows.

New research by the Media Reform Coalition and Birkbeck University of London shows there has been a “clear and consistent bias” both online and on television against Corbyn since the coup against his leadership was launched after the EU referendum.

Similar conclusions were drawn earlier in July by a similar London School of Economics (LSE) study.

Birkbeck academics studied news reports published in the wake of the June 23 vote, when a series of shadow cabinet members resigned en masse in the hope of forcing Corbyn to stand down.

Outlets, including the BBC, were found to have given Corbyn opponents double the airtime afforded to Corbynistas.

The report found “a marked and persistent imbalance in favour of sources critical of Jeremy Corbyn, the issues that they sought to highlight, and the arguments they advanced.”

It also found a “strong tendency within the main BBC evening news bulletins for reporters to use pejorative language when describing Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, including words like ‘hostile’ and ‘hard core.’”

Media critic Roy Greens said the findings should force reporters and editors to face “the reality of their bias.”

Compiled by Dr. Justin Schlosberg, the study compared news pieces about Corbyn’s leadership struggle as seen through the lens of the BBC, ITV, the Daily Mail, the Huffington Post, IBTimes, the Mirror, the Independent, the Guardian and the Telegraph.

And as far as opinion pieces were concerned both the Telegraph and the Daily Mail failed to publish any article supportive of the leader of the opposition.

The outlet most sympathetic with Corbyn was the Huffington Post, which divided its coverage between 50 percent pro-Corbyn comment and 50 percent critical or unclear.

“Amidst the social fracturing and polarisation of democratic life post-Brexit, the need for a more plural and inclusive mainstream news media has never been more urgent,” Schlosberg said.

“We hope that broadcasters and editors will respond positively to our call to consider the impact of imbalanced reporting on the democratic process.”

Earlier research by LSE echoed Schlosberg’s conclusions, finding that three quarters of newspaper reporting on Corbyn in his first months as leader either ignored or “distorted his views.”

“Allowing an important and legitimate political actor, i.e. the leader of the main opposition party, to develop their own narrative and have a voice in the public space is paramount in a democracy,” LSE’s Dr. Bart Cammaerts said.


Note ALL of the commentary in this episode – what the people and Jeremy are up against!..

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A Madhouse!…

…run by the inmates!!!

(Insert: If HRC becomes the US Pres we will then have TWO women who are prepared to press the nuclear button, one each side of the Atlantic, and who will use Russia and Mr Putin as their excuse, when it is REALLY about corporate colonialist control!!!)

If you thought UK politics was bad just take a look at the US!!!

HOW is it POSSIBLE that the ONLY choices available to the US public are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump??? SHEESH!!!

At BEST we can hope that Mr Trump is a proverbial “spanner in the works” to the usual suspects of America’s corrupt political system, a “loose cannon” that just MIGHT shake a few things up.

But HRC??? = WW3!!!

There is just not enough space here to cover everything wrong (evil personified) about this individual! There is plenty you can look up on the net for yourself, but at the very least you should watch Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party” for starters.

Here, for your convenience, is another movie HRC tried to have banned…

I cannot believe how any sane person could “support” or “endorse” someone as INSANE as THIS woman. “Words fail me” is all I can say about it!

The American people that listen to the mainstream media must be insane too, because THIS is what will result if she is elected as the President of the US…

“US election: US faces ‘moment of reckoning'” says Hillary Clinton.

HRC = WW3 !!!   HRC = WW3!!!   HRC = WW3!!!

More deeper insight to it all (well worth watching!)…

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“Nothing to report”?

The “gutter level” accusations of alleged “abuse” by Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters “in his name” have all but disappeared from the mainstream media! The other day John McDonnell was being “interrogated” on this issue by the BBC in one of their studios when he asked which camera he was on. He then took the “argument” right out of the hands and control of the host by directly speaking to the public, pointing towards the audience and stating “This has to stop, now!”. He went on to say that people were welcome to “come after” Jeremy or himself, but “leave those alone who cannot defend themselves”, and that abusers will be expelled from the party! Basically, that has shut everybody up! (Well done John!)

Not only is it a £400,000 donor who wanted to take the NEC decision to allow Jeremy on the ballot (without a backing of 51 MPs) to court, but another, £500,000 “donor”, the owner of Hull City football club, tried to convince Parliamentary Labour MPs (the usual suspects now) to split the party and form a new party, right after Jeremy’s election as Leader last year. He met with at least four of them at the time, but THEY said they “wanted to wait for a year”, so he has brought the issue up again now, saying that he won’t even get behind Jeremy’s “challenger”, Owen Smith. THIS WAS NOT REPORTED BY THE BBC by the way!

Hmmmm! A RICH “Labour Party member” initiated the “vote of no confidence” previously; a RICH “Labour donor” has initiated a court case to get Jeremy off the ballot; and now another RICH “Labour donor” wants to split the party to form a “new” Labour group (sound familiar? = Blair!). And WHAT is it being used to try to control these events? – MONEY! And from ONLY 3 INDIVIDUALS (that we know of anyway)! “Democracy” anyone?

While in contrast, the Labour movement, under Jeremy Corbyn, has increased in registered membership to over a half a million , THE LARGEST POLITICAL PARTY IN ALL EUROPE, and it is expected to DOUBLE that after the Labour Leadership election if Jeremy wins! (Are you beginning to understand WHY the elites consider him such A THREAT, especially when he has contacts throughout ALL of the socialist movements throughout Europe, and the World)???

The “Tories” have ALWAYS been backed and supported by money, big business and the banks (and actually have the smallest party membership, as well as the slimmest of a “majority”, INHERITED by the PM (who was NOT elected by “the people”, only 199 people were responsible for THAT) from the former PM who “won” it in a non-representative electoral system called “first past the post”, AND in which they CHEATED by spending more than is legally allowed in their campaign in the marginal seats). In contrast the Labour Party has always been supported BY ITS MEMBERS and the unions, THE PEOPLE themselves (the ones who formed the Party at its conception – as a means to fight for “the rights of the people”, against their “bosses”!).

So, if RICH people are backing and were donating (and dictating) to the Blairite Labour Party and MPs, what should THAT tell you? And, which do YOU think would be fairer, as well as more open, honest and accountable to its following – “Bottom-up” TRUE democracy, or “top-down” elitist, tyrannical, “for profit” dictatorship??? The lines are clearly drawn don’t you think? They were “blurred” by Bliar, but “they are no longer methinks!”

Just in case it’s NOT clear, THIS “should clear it up”… 😀

AAANNNDDD… THIS, only briefy, appeared under a “minor headline” on the BBC’s website yesterday…

Labour leadership: MP ‘unresigns’ from Corbyn team
25 July 2016

Sarah Champion has not given any reasons for rejoining Mr Corbyn’s shadow ministerial team.

An MP who quit Labour’s front bench during a revolt against Jeremy Corbyn has been reinstated after asking for her old job back.

Sarah Champion, the MP for Rotherham, has retracted her resignation as shadow minister for preventing child abuse and domestic violence.

Ms Champion is on an overseas trip but her office confirmed that she had “retaken” her old job.

The BBC’s Norman Smith said it was an “extraordinary development”.

Ms Champion has not given any reason for wishing to return to Mr Corbyn’s team, shadowing the Home Office.

When she resigned from the front bench last month, Ms Champion insisted she was not taking part in an organised coup or “siding with anyone”, but she believed that his leadership had become untenable.

The BBC’s assistant political editor said Mr Corbyn’s advisers were “overjoyed” and said it raised the prospect of whether the MP was a one-off or whether others who had walked out of the Labour leader’s top team were now having second thoughts.

A source close to the Labour leader responded by saying: “You saw what happened when the first miners went back to work so let’s see what happens.”

Mr Corbyn is facing a leadership challenge from former work and pensions spokesman Owen Smith, having suffered a mass walkout from the shadow cabinet and lost a vote of confidence among his MPs by a massive margin.

Although Mr Corbyn filled the gaps in the shadow cabinet by appointing replacements, several politicians have had to double up by taking on two portfolios, while many middle-ranking and junior positions remain unfilled.

Owen Smith told BBC Newsnight Ms Champion was a friend of his and he understood why some colleagues felt they should be taking the fight to the Conservatives since most believed the government was “getting an easy ride” at present.

But he said her return was “neither here nor there”, and suggested that “one or two people” returning to the fold did not “really change the basic facts” that the party was torn down the middle, adding that 150 MPs “suddenly recovering confidence” in Mr Corbyn was unlikely.

😀 😀 😀

The only other predominant commentary I see on the net at the moment is Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, – going everywhere and speaking on everything to everyone, personally!!!

Hmmmm! “Not a leader!” “Unelectable!” – Either his enemies are completely deluded, OR, more likely, they hope that that term will wear a groove in peoples’ brains and affect their judgment, eventually! So far however, the stronger their attacks, the stronger the support for Jeremy, and the stronger the resolve of the people to throw off the same old, same old BS! The people want CHANGE, REAL change! And with Jeremy they sense something more – HOPE!!!

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…the depths to which the “anti-Corbyn campaign” has descended, getting worse and worse, by the day, “down (WAY BELOW “gutter-level”) and VERY dirty”!!! INCREDIBLE accusations, ridiculous to the point that the general public are clearly seeing through it all, making their own minds up, for themselves! (Examples below)…

IF some treacherous (no other word to describe them) individuals are being “targeted” by members of the general public (which Jeremy could not possibly have control over), shouldn’t they possibly consider asking THEMSELVES “why?”. “What goes around, comes around”, and what people see is the atrocious way Jeremy has been treated, from all quarters, and they are ANGRY!!! Not JUST because it is, supposedly, all about what “a bad man” Jeremy is supposed to be, which could never wash because it is REALLY about WHAT AND WHO HE REPRESENTS, but also because these same hypocrites are obviously FIGHTING AGAINST THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES!!!

And they, and the media presstitutes, actually expect the people to swallow all their horses**t and “feel sorry” for them??? Sheesh! Most people are SMARTER than that, and are PROVING it! As you see for yourself…

THIS is from ONE YEAR AGO, BEFORE Jeremy was elected, by a landslide, to be the Labour Party Leader, BY THE PEOPLE!!! (Again, he barely glances at his notes here, which I suspect are only headlines so he doesn’t forget the points he wants to cover). This is a man who truly speaks from the heart, with a passion, TO hearts, and it is ASTOUNDING his command of knowledge, facts, history, details, even personal names, and then gives specific outlines of the remedies needed to correct the problems of society! And they say he “isn’t a leader”! What IS a leader but someone who has a following, and in THIS man’s case his following IS PUSHING him forward!!!)

And HOW IS IT that Jeremy KNOWS what he talks about? – Because HE HAS, personally, “been there, done that”! Simple! Example follows here…

Compare THAT with THIS… (no explanation necessary!)

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You are…

…being watched!!!

This also includes camera access…!!!


You are…

…being deceived!!!

So much for “virtual REALITY”!

Oh, and the so-called “REALITY” TV shows – to condition you to accept things that are NOT “real”, in place of REAL real (it’s called “life”). TURN OFF YOUR TV!!! STOP “GAMING”!!! and STOP LIVING ON THE INTERNET (“Social Networking” – because you end up ignoring those right beside you – who are ALSO living IN THEIR PHONES)!!! Because one day you will “wake-up”, but it will be TOO LATE, and you won’t be prepared or able to deal with REALITY, because you will have been dis-connected and “dumbed down” with distraction, while the “dirty tricks brigade” have snuck up on and imprisoned you in your false sense of “reality”. And “who” would be to blame for allowing this?

It is a major, strategic part of the elites agenda to have a brain-dead, compliant population – people who CAN’T or WON’T think for themselves, who will just “go with the flow” (follow – do as they’re told – like the now millions of people who are following their phones all over the place to “find” “pocket monsters”!?), or are too lackadaisical to offer any resistance. “Easy prey”!

This ENABLES a top-down, totalitarian, centralised, globalist “new world order” to exist!

What scares the hell out of these people is A THINKING INDIVIDUAL, someone who actually uses and applies their “little grey cells” to living their life INDEPENDENTLY (as opposed to “dependently”)!!! And what is even MORE horrifying to them is IF EVERYBODY LIVED THIS WAY!!! (Because THEN the elites HAVE NO PLACE, because THEY ARE NOT “NEEDED”. I.E. NOBODY IS LISTENING TO THEM ANYMORE, and they have LOST any “authority”, authority that WE GAVE them!!!) Get it?

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