Dear Folks…

Dear Folks…

Due to a lapse of judgment and a “fatal error” (being worked on) I lost the use of the PC I use to place posts and maintain my websites. (I have not yet figured how to “embed” clips using my iPad – any knowledge anyone?). So, although I prefer to embed stuff here for your convenience I am not able to do so just now. In light of this I strongly encourage folks to click on the links below to view the content.

Just lately a lot of very pertinent information I am posting is centred on the political situation here in the UK. This is, because at the present state of flux the country is in, it is important to understand that the effects go much farther than just British politics, as they always have. There is a HUGE movement of public will under way to throw off the yoke of the elites, and THIS is why these topics, which are NOT “typical”, are so important to be understood, and require a voice to do so.

I HIGHLY recommend you find alternative news, information and comment, rather than rely on “the usual suspects”, who are PROVEN biased mouthpieces for the wrong side (those who are AGAINST the people, OBVIOUSLY!). Here are some more examples of those who provide the TRUTH…

For those who don’t know how mainstream media bias is worked, here’s a “how to”…

Besides the adorable young lady I mentioned previously, there are two other channels on YouTube that I highly recommend. These are people who do their own homework, and thus share what they find and know to be true (there are MANY others), as opposed to “the usual” from the “Broadcasting Bullshit & Crap”, the “Idiots’ Televised Nonsense” and Channels 4 and 5 (for lies) “news” – ALL of them mindlessly repeat whatever the script is that is handed to them by their bosses, the elites.

(A side-note here: RT has had MASSIVE “denial of service” attacks going on of late).

Catherine Love is another adorable lady, and lovely with it.

James Inkson Stevens is yet another example of someone who uses his “little grey cells”.

And you can always count on George Galloway to have some “bite” in his “bark”. One thing about George that I personally like is that he is always feisty about liars and injustice, and yet is incredibly compassionate and respectful towards ordinary people, especially in face-to-face contact, one-on-one.

I have posted commentary about the debacle that is US politics, but what can you do about a asylum run by the inmates? If the dear American people can’t get rid of their insane “leaders” themselves, nobody can. 

In the US, and here in the UK, two of the PRIMARY countries that are the cause of global misery and catastrophe for the global community, as well as also the EU and the International Banks and Corporations of course, THE PEOPLE HAVE to bring about change, because NONE of their “governments” can be trusted to do so, they NEVER will.

A closing note: A prominent person in the US called for the assassination of Julian Assange recently. It was barely “noticed” by mainstream media that just the other day there was an attempted break-in at the Ecuadorian Embassy, where Julian has been granted political asylum for over four years now. It took the police TWO HOURS to respond and show up, when THE NEAREST POLICE STATION IS JUST TWO MINUTES WALK AROUND THE CORNER from the embassy!

Do YOU trust that “the powers that be” have YOUR best interests at heart? 

Always, David

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…but true! (Apologies to German people and German speakers)

And NOT so funny!…

NOTE: That RT is experiencing MASSIVE “denial of service” attacks over the last weeks! (Or is it just MY connection that is being interrupted? – Men were fiddling with the two fiber-optic/telephone line relay boxes at the end of our street a couple of days ago, but my internet service isn’t any quicker, in fact it is much slower!)

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A must see film! True History! Highly recommended! “Watch and Learn”

Starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren, John Goodman, Elle Fanning, Louis C.K., Michael Stuhlbarg and a host of great actors.

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Such Passion…

This dear man passed on in 2013. All I can tell you is that I first experienced what he talks about on 9th September 1971 and it changed everything for me, instantly. Over the past 45 years I have been “reminded” of this passion, many, many times over. Most of these “reminders” have been in the format described in this man’s closing blessing.

He speaks to a group of people who are already supposed to be believers, however what he explains is how Jesus feels about ALL of us, with absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS, and from my own personal experience I KNOW it to be true.

Take 42 minutes, without walking away, to watch the following…

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More Common Sense…(updated 19th August – scroll to bottom)

A comment from yours truly on “getting angry”…

Just two scriptures (there are many more) that explain the ONLY things that we SHOULD be angry about… they explain themselves…

Proverbs 8:13 King James Version (KJV)

“The fear of the Lord is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.”

God is Himself angry, again only at one thing…

Psalm 7:11 King James Version (KJV)

“God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.”

Two things that are easily misunderstood, or misinterpreted I should say…

“Evil” is anything diametrically opposed to “Good”. Why would anyone “love” evil? Seeing as God IS Love, how could He, or any of His, “love” evil? They simply CANNOT co-exist, and He has absolutely NO intention of ALLOWING them to DO so. Evil has NO PLACE in His Kingdom, nor in His Plan for us all, especially because He will ultimately make His abode HERE, ON EARTH, WITH US, so He has to “clean everything up” first and that is an incremental process, with regards to “time” that is.

“Evil”, “sinner” and “wicked” are often wrongfully interchanged in our interpretation and understanding, however they are three different and distinct entities…

A “sinner” is a person, and we all fall into that category. “Evil” is a spiritual force, originating with and from the entity called The Devil, Satan. The “wicked” are those who FOLLOW evil.

Two more things, about “judgement”, ALSO grossly misunderstood. It is actually VERY SIMPLE however…

A “judge” is someone who makes or has made A DECISION (we ALL do that, don’t we?). He doesn’t “prosecute” nor “condemn”. Nor does he “defend”.

In the court of the spiritual dimension there IS a “prosecutor”. After tricking mankind into “disobeying the Law” (God’s original commands), he has “demanded justice” ever since, and the sentence is DEATH. (This is why he is called “the destroyer”.)

Our “Defense Attorney” has ALREADY PAID the price for our deaths, on our behalf, and to get our “get out of jail free card” all we have to do is ACCEPT it.

The “Judge” simply makes the decision as to who HAS got the card, and who HASN’T.

The card IS FREE, but WE are the ones who have to MAKE THE DECISION as to whether we will TAKE it or NOT. Neither the Judge, nor the Defense Attorney, nor the Prosecutor have the power to make this decision, ONLY US. So WE, in effect, ARE OUR OWN JUDGES, and become so by our DECISION, whether to accept our pardon, or not!

NOTE: So this means we have NO RIGHT to “blame God”, our Defense Attorney, nor even the Prosecutor for OUR decision! Get it?

In the scripture above where “God judgeth the righteous” it simply means He has already made His decision. Yes, we still make mistakes, and we are supposed to rectify them when they are brought to our attention. If not, He will make sure they ARE brought to our attention, so we that we may rectify them. This is called “life” and “learning”, a process we ALL go through. Nobody is perfect, right? But at least we are not sentenced to death, and being relieved of this fact, and thankful as a result, we are going to “do our best”, right?

But why is He “angry with the wicked every day”? He is so, so that they will understand that their behavior is wrong, UNTIL THEY TOO may repent of their evil ways. He doesn’t want a single day to go by where it might be possible to bring about that change, because the more days that pass the worse they become, as well as the results of what they do, which affect so many others. Think of it like a good parent trying to teach a very wayward child to turn their ways around. It CAN take some extreme disciplinary measures, right?

It reminds me of something a friend said about his kids once. He had lost his temper at them for something they had done and was exasperated. He said “Why do you kids always have to make me so angry?” Their answer was “Because that’s when we know you really mean it Dad!” (whew!)

In contrast, with “good” and well-behaved, respectful children it usually just takes a word or two, right?

There are only two recorded accounts where Jesus Himself got angry…

With the MONEY-changers – because they were using money as a means to cheat the common folk out of their livelihoods, for their own selfish profit! (Sound familiar?)

And with the “religious” types – “WOE UNTO YOU, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES!” – because they were imposing spiritual slavery over the people, while pretending to be “righteous” themselves. The coldest, most hard-hearted, self-righteous types you could ever come across, who fall right in with the Devil in demanding “justice”, and DEATH by “the law”! Whew!

As for the rest of us? We are advised to…

Ephesians 4:26 King James Version (KJV)

“Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:”


The thing that impresses me about REAL politicians is their knowledge, honesty and their relationship to the facts. It doesn’t mean we have to AGREE with them on everything, but at least you know that you can TRUST them. Here is an example…

And more from Catherine…

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Noah’s Ark

I can’t stand mainstream media’s cynical and skeptical “presentations”, nevertheless the truth still comes out! (see comments after)

It boggles the mind that many folks can’t simply believe the explanations and descriptions of God’s Own Word on all things important. I mean, absolutely everything is explained, in language even a child can understand. But no, these “big brains”, people who want us to believe that “they know better”, get more coverage with their doubts.

I’ll just touch on a couple of points here, just to prove the point…

The global climatic conditions of our Earth were dramatically different before The Flood (an event that has been PROVEN already). The planet was one giant terrarium, and if you understand how a terrarium works (a self-contained, self sustaining and reproducing environment), you will understand that ALL LIFE under these conditions would grow BIGGER, HEALTHIER, STRONGER and last LONGER, MUCH longer! This is all due to the INCREASED BAROMETRIC PRESSURE and VERY HIGH OXYGEN CONTENT (Oxygen being very anti-carcinogenic = anti sickness, disease and illnesses). The Earth was also shielded and protected from the radiation of the Sun and had a temperate climate all over. There were no extremes of weather, nor were there any extremes in the geography, such as mountains or deserts, nor were there any oceans!

If the above came as a bit of a shock to you, then what about this?…

There were NO CARNIVORES (meat-eaters) in those days, INCLUDING MAN! AND there was NO ENMITY between man and beast! In other words, NO HUNTING, of animals by man, or vice versa, or animals hunting animals! Man’s communication with the animal world could even have been on a more direct level than we understand it today, such as “talk to and with”!? How else could Noah have called them to the Ark? How would their understanding of what they were being told have communicated? AND, how else would they have all gotten along ON the Ark? (I’m not sure they would have necessarily even required cages on board, at least not for the purpose of separating them from each other, except perhaps for organisation and comfort maybe).

Dinosaurs – were just reptiles! Reptiles today are capable of living long and growing very large. In fact, they would grow to the sizes common BEFORE the Flood if the same conditions existed now as they did then. And those that became extinct? Simple! The skeletal remains that have been found show that the organ capacity of the larger species could not sustain the beasts’ sizes (bulks) after the flood, due to the decrease in barometric pressure and oxygen depletion, so they died off. This of course combined with the initial lack of food required to maintain such bulk. (Why God knew and allowed this we don’t know, but it might have had something to do with the following)…

The terrarium conditions of the planet were destroyed with the Flood. Now the surface of the planet was literally “open to the elements”. The surface of the planet had also been subjected to the tremendous forces of the water, creating the mountains, land areas, rivers (run offs), oceans, etc and this of course created “weather” patterns and the “seasons” as we now know them, which in turn created forests, deserts, rivers, etc. The Earth was knocked off-axis too, which created the polar regions and which also contributed to all of this.

Before the Flood, man and beast survived on fruits, berries, nuts, grains, vegetables, etc, all healthy stuff. After the flood he needed a new kind of protein – meat, and fish, etc, to combat the effects of the radiation from the now exposed Sun on life. So, he was commanded to hunt, for the first time, and to make it so that he and the surviving animals had a chance to repopulate by spreading out across the planet, he made the animals afraid of man, again for the first time.

After the Flood, due to the above new conditions, mans’ life-span shortened and dropped-off considerably, and is still doing so until we get to what we understand it to be today.

(see )

We are also much smaller now, weaker, and more prone to disease and sickness. Man’s “tinkering” with the creation, himself and nature, is NOT “helping” either!

Can’t folks just use the “little grey cells” they were given a little more? The answers are simple, and abundant! Why listen to man, when you can get it “straight from the horses mouth”? If you really wanna know, just ask Him! “Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you”!

Easy! “It ain’t rocket science folks!” 😀

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