How It’s Done!…

And “same rules apply” in the UK and elsewhere! Proof!…

In the meantime…

In spite of EVERYTHING the usual suspects have done over the last year, not ONLY the traitors and backstabbers who have been exposed completely, but also and ESPECIALLY the presstitutes who have perpetually shown bias and the unrelenting promotion of the nay-sayers, THE PEOPLE have RE-ELECTED their chosen leader to the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

Just for fun…

What next? Will those so afraid of this honest and principled man now give up? Do you really think so? Jeremy is the single-most threat to just about EVERYTHING that is corrupt in British politics, a PROVEN EXAMPLE of how those who are elected, to represent THE PEOPLE in Parliament, SHOULD behave and conduct themselves, UNLIKE those who vehemently oppose him and do so so HYPOCRITICALLY! Who do YOU believe is actually credible, in other words, NOT like the PROVEN liars MOST politicians are? Even if not perfect, or his politics are not everyone’s cup of tea, who would you TRUST to do their best to do the job they are elected and expected to do? Who has been OPENLY CONSISTENT in their beliefs ALL THEIR POLITICAL LIFE? WHO has CONSISTENTLY, PERSONALLY taken up the plight of ordinary people, in EVERY area of genuine public concern, throughout their political lifetime? There are others of course, but Jeremy Corbyn was THRUST FORWARD into this role BY THE PEOPLE, not of himself, and all the opponents, from without and within have been consistently swept aside and proven wrong and liars, especially in their scare-mongering!

Just as with the national referendum on Brexit, the MAJORITY of the PUBLIC, KNOW who they have chosen to believe, elect, and follow! Those who CONTINUE to fight against this man are fighting against THE PEOPLE, and CLEARLY DO NOT “believe” in “democracy” – they are stating that “the people don’t count”!

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Is God Evil???

Now I am no Catholic, nor do I belong to any denominational church, but I know Jesus, and through Him I have come to understand the Father, and His Word, which Jesus is the manifestation of. This has all been aided by the Holy Spirit, the Guide and Comforter.

The “big lesson” Job comes to learn comes AFTER God speaks, and that is …. to shut up! “I will put my hand on my mouth”!

It is when we shut up, and put ourselves in the position of being willing to listen, that is when we learn. What a waste of time, energy and emotion to whine, complain, murmur and doubt in a questioning manner? Instead, if we have trust (faith) first, then we put ourselves in the position of being able to be shown “the bigger” picture, and knowing God I can tell you that it is far better than anything we can come up with! (Thank God we are not Him, or we would all be sunk. Just look at the “best” man has come up with so far… and they call it “evolution”) 😄

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I’m Done!

I’m pretty much DONE with TRYING to refute “msm” (Don’t know what that means? –  Then you are GUILTY of NOT paying attention!), AND I’m DONE with trying to present “the other side”!

If folks CANNOT, or WILL NOT, do their OWN homework, after EVERYTHING that has been PROVIDED FOR THEM, after ALL this time, then…. “They deserve all that they get” = they “reap what they sow” (or not)!

I’m not even going to bother sending this post out to my mailing list! – Those that think my posts are important will come back. Those that don’t?… No loss! 

I have BETTER things to do with my time, and THAT is WHAT I will be spending it on, from NOW on!

For any who might take this “offensively”… 

… You will NOT understand!

Those who understand WILL understand! 

THOSE folks are WELCOME to stay in touch, one way or another.

BUT… I will be starting to CUT DOWN and ELIMINATE my “on-line presence” from now on!



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