This is not going to be an easy item to write, but I will try. If you might be a regular visitor to this site then you should be able to appreciate what follows.

I know a lot of stuff, and I mean a lot. I have a had the benefit of having traveled and lived across a large swathe of the planet for most of my adult life, and have met and interacted with countless people from so many different cultures. I haven’t “bin there, dun that” everywhere, such as the Americas, Africa, or Australasia, but have lived and worked with folks from these places, as well as Europeans, Indians and Chinese. Along the way I have interacted with people from most of the places in between. This has been the better part of my life’s learning, taking place after I left school at sixteen years of age. As a result I can say that I believe I am not narrow-minded or judgmental towards people generally, and I certainly do not have a pro-“Western” world view on things. “Home” is where I have lived, not the country of my birth, and my favourite places have been the countries I have lived longest – India, China and Iceland – ten years each.

There is a reason why I give this little introduction. It is important that the reader understands a bit about “where I’m coming from”, because I feel very strongly the need to emphasise the importance of certain things I have shared in posts, especially the more recent material.

I have learned more since I “left school” than I ever learned while I attended, and there are reasons for this. From the earliest age I could not understand why “school” had so much emphasis placed on it for “education”. I love to learn things, but the ritual and the process of being drilled in “facts” and “figures” was far from inspiring. I couldn’t wait to be out of there, and when the opportunity presented itself I walked out, literally. I’m glad I did, and I have no regrets, none.

There were two advantages to having attended school, and neither of them were the intended ones of the establishment. The first was that I was usually wondering “Why do I need to know this? How do they know this is true?”. I had less to “unlearn” as a result of asking those questions. The second was that I had been familiarised with the “basic beliefs being taught as facts” which I later came to learn were anything BUT “the facts”. School is simply a programming institution for accepting a world-view, emphasis on “world”.

We are taught that we are “the product of our environment”, and that means from conception onwards, through whatever “environment” we are born into and then live on in afterwards. Well, in that case there are nearly seven billion “environments” going on right now, right? Each is unique and individual. Are we connected?

In so many ways we are, and yet we each have to navigate our way through life somewhat “alone”, in that no-one else can live our life for us. To quote from “The Matrix”, “We are all here to do what we are here to do”, and only we ourselves can make those choices and decisions as to what that is. “What” choices and decisions are they?

I guess, to put it as simply as possible, they are – to do good, or not.

Which brings me to my point…

We are NOT “the product of our environment”, because it matters not WHAT our “environment” might be, we STILL have the majesty of CHOICE, every single man, woman and child, wherever we may be, regardless of what is going on around us, circumstances of our own making, or as a result of someone else’s interference or attempts to influence us. It is what we are all here to learn, to live, love, and have life.

Basically, if we are governed at all, we are governed by our (own) beliefs, whatever they may be. We have to have “a reason” as it was put to Neo. However, as Morpheus put it so eloquently after Neo took the truth pill, “What if I told you that everything you have believed your whole life was a lie, i.e. not real?” (Paraphrased)

THIS is what I want to emphasise with this article. It is important.

One year after I left school I had a life-changing experience. In fact it was to be the beginning of REAL life, much like seeing things as they really were, as Neo did after he was unplugged (not like the phoney “reality” shows that are popular today, for some totally incomprehensible reason). I was “born again”, spiritually, and “unplugged” from the lie. After this followed my “training”, learning and understanding how to use my new-found “skills”, the “spiritual weapons” that were made available to me. “Old things passed away”, including all the phoney BS I had been taught as a child, and “all things became new”. My “world-view” changed, and I was able to see things from the perspective of a different and better dimension. The “worldly” perspective faded and I could see everything from a much more important, eternal, “higher” plane. “Time”, though still relative to my bodily existence, became irrelevant otherwise. All of this made it easier to understand “the meaning” of everything, “the reason”, and as a result be able to see “the lie” for what it is, so clearly!

Which brings me to…

I always knew there was “something wrong with the world”. Now I know what, and why. What is important for you, the reader, to understand is that there are answers, to every question you may have, whatever those questions might be.

One of the biggest for me, and in this day and age I believe this must be foremost in every person’s mind, was “How come the bad guys always seem to progress to the top of the pile, while the rest of us have to put up with them getting away with it? At the same time “peace and plenty”, which should be freely available for all, in freedom, is unattainable, “not allowed”? We are told to embrace the “sacrifice” of our lives to “preserve” a “freedom” that we do not possess? All the while being “scared to death” of just about everything, while at the same time losing almost everything we believe in and that we believed we had a right to, because we were told we could have it, “if we worked hard enough”, and no matter how hard we work it never seems to be enough?”

How come there seems to be “a thread” that transcends the millennia, throughout all so-called “recorded history”, but which we are told is disjointed and where “civilisations” are “unrelated” to each other, to the point that “historians” hypothesise endlessly about “the origins of man and the universe” and ponder “the ancient mysteries”?

If you want to know “how we got here”, today, you have to go back to the beginning of it all, because THAT is where TWO “threads” began, and they have been consistently divergent from each other ever since. In this day and age, in spite of all the ruling elites’ attempts to blur all the issues, the disparity is becoming clearer and clearer by the day. There IS a “ruling elite class”, and then there is the rest of humanity, us!

HOW did this ruling elite come into being? How have they managed to get to, and remain in, control through generations, over millennia?

It’s very simple – the seed war, between the subsequent genetic aberrations, corruption, and perversion of “Satan’s seed” who have been given the rulership – “all these kingdoms are given to me, and I give them to whoever worships me” – and the rest of humanity, “the woman’s seed”. All of this is explained very clearly and simply, so much so that even a child can understand it, as most things are in The Bible, if people would only read it.

It IS “deep”, yet it is also simple, and this is the way of Truth – it is SIMPLE, not complicated, nor confusing. Any confusion comes from “the author of confusion”, who began to confuse right at the beginning of all things, not long after God had created time and space, which we inhabit at the moment but will soon be no more when we are returned to our original state, our true spiritual entities. (Stay with me now)

I highly recommend investing time in the videos I have posted recently.



There are more like these available online, and I understand that there is a quite a bit of repetition in the presentations, but this is not a bad thing. Repetition is the law of memory, and these are things everyone needs to know and understand. Even though there is repetition however, each presentation contains some more detail not common to the others, and these bits and pieces are more parts of the puzzle which when placed in their order help to connect the dots, leaving a very clear picture. It is a bit of work, but most of the real work has already been done by others who have devoted decades to their study. All you have to do is “watch and learn”.

If you really want to know what we are up against, and why all things have transpired over the millennia the way they have, bringing us to now, and if you want to truly understand how the dots are all connected, then watch these videos, please.

Why is this important? Because “the powers that be” understand, know, and believe all of this, even if you do not want to, or care, and they have an agenda. They have been dragging humanity through all this mess for generations, they are sold out to it, and even if we kick and scream our objections to it all they are just going to keep doing it anyway. They are “the seed of Satan”, and have passed the plan down throughout time, even somewhat “supernaturally”.

Their “seed” is genetic. They keep their bloodlines, and they only allow these genetic bloodlines in on the plan. They are the off-spring of “their father the devil”, “the father of (all) lies”. They are the opponents, the very antithesis of Truth, which is what sets us free. THIS is why “no-one knows what to believe any more” (unless they know THE Truth). THIS is why the world is in such a mess (we are told, by them), because THEY are “the messers”, following the instructions of the one they follow, “the destroyer”, while telling us that it is US who are the problem, “a virus” that must be “cured”, or eliminated.

So, “who do you want to believe?” “Who’s side do you want to be on?”

I CAN tell you that there is ALREADY only ONE winner, and it ISN’T Satan and his followers!

What would you rather do – continue to suffer under the lie?, or be set free?

Just as the CAUSE of the problem is spiritually based, so is the ANSWER! And there is ONLY ONE way out – through the one who made us in the first place, JESUS, because He is the only one who CAN, and has the RIGHT to. However the CHOICE is left with……?

It is a simple choice actually – would you rather have Love, be loved, and love in return?

Or, would you rather live in fear, be the subject of hate, and suffer all the consequences that result?

Most people suffer these things anyway, in this life, but if there WAS “a way out”, an eternal “out clause”, would you TAKE it? Wouldn’t you rather get “back to the future”?

If you, like I did, “question everything” with a desire for The Truth, in everything, then as I said at the beginning of this, THE ANSWERS ARE THERE, ALREADY PROVIDED!

If you prefer “the alternative” (there is only one, though it is so dressed up so as to appear that you have many “choices” to choose from), then, “who” would be to “blame” for that? HINT: Even Satan can’t tell you what to do, nor make you do it!

“It ain’t rocket science folks!”

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More on Genetics and…

…the Seed War!

Remember I pointed out why God commanded the slaughter of some societies? It is made clearer as to why in the following…

And here is more information for consideration as to where we are in the end-time scenario. It is more “connecting the dots” and with very valid points and explanations brought out. Well worth watching through to the end, providing LOTS more food for thought!…

And more on “bloodlines”…

More on the same, but if you go past the intro to this one to the video he had previously done you will get a very clear explanation as to Genesis, the how-to of creation’s corruption, why and the results, leading up to the Flood, what followed after and how, and all in chronological order. All of this explains the many mysteries of history man has grappled with over the millennia, and you should be able to grasp the significance of how this relates to where we are now and where it is all headed, how the elites have kept their power and control throughout, and how and why the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have brought us to “as in the days of Noah”. This is, literally, the approach to the climax and culmination of “the seed wars” that God told us about after the first man disobeyed. We live in perilous times, approaching what we were told would be a time of tribulation” such as was not seen since the beginning, no nor ever shall be”.

This is it folks, the era that all Heaven has been waiting for, the final defeat of Satan and all his evil from the very beginning, the real “war of the worlds”. And there is only one way out, forward and “up”! “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but….” It’s all in The Bible folks! Just read it!

(I highly recommend watching the next two parts of the following as well. – What would you rather do, spend the remainder of your life complying with the lie, or be set free by the truth? Is three hours of your time worth it? – You pick!)

Especially catch the end of this part…

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Going Underground

Oscar winning director Oliver Stone on freedom of speech, downfall of Trump & Clinton (E340)https://www.rt.com/shows/going-underground/363275-stone-cia-freedom-speech/

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