A Book of Miracles…

My legacy… If I never get to do anything else, here is an account of the last 45 years or so of my life…

If nothing else, I have been privileged to be a part of winning, or helping to win, and/or training, new disciples on 3 continents. However, some things I have been asked to be a part of have “gone global”, as far as I know.

So… “a little cog” can be partly responsible for the result of some “mighty things”, if we are as faithful as we can be to do our bit! Praise Him!

The link below will take you to my book, which includes more details of events not fully covered in the previous edition of “A Journey”. It includes “A Journey”, “A Book of Miracles” and “A Little Bit of History”. It is a bit dated in that the more current events are not edited to include some changes, but these are not relevant except to the present. I am still “a work in progress” in this regard so “who knows” what will happen next?


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