“Unto the pure…”

Titus 1:15 King James Version (KJV)

“Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.”

Over the course of last 45 years I have been personally “challenged”/”attacked” on my beliefs, many times. Some of it was about “basic” beliefs, common to any Christian, for example being confronted by someone claiming to be an atheist or from some other religion. These kinds of confrontations are easily dealt with.

However, the most vicious and virulent verbal attacks have been from people opposing what might be called “lesser known or not so commonly understood or believed interpretations of scriptures”.

This is a HUGE topic, but this is not the reason for this post and I am not going to propose anything here. It is a matter of PERSONAL faith, meaning that it is between me and My Lord, and HE is my judge on any and all of the issues pertaining to my life. I am HIS, NOT “yours”, or anybody else’s, deal with it!

I don’t HAVE to explain, but I am HAPPY to do so, IF there is a genuine desire to know and understand, otherwise… “go figure for yourself”, take your question(s) to HIM. He WILL answer!

Many times it can be difficult to “explain” matters of faith, because of the nature of what “faith” is. Simply put, it is “out of the box”, and you have to step out of the box before you can even see it, let alone understand (“know”) it.

A lot of the confrontation I have experienced has been about things that have to do with “morality”, so-called. I say “so-called” because the “morality” that someone has TRIED to IMPOSE on ME has been a pre-determined judgment made ABOUT me BEFORE even ASKING me what it is I believe. And/or the accuser has decided that THEIR “moral judgment” is higher and/or is of greater value than mine.

I would answer people with this attitude with these questions, “Do you believe in free speech?”, “Do you believe in freedom of religion?” Then my next question would follow, “So, these things are okay for YOU, but NOT okay for ME, right?”

The thing is, MY “moral judgment” is based in the authority of Scripture, NOT just some airy-fairy “politically correct” “here today, gone tomorrow” “every wind of doctrine” vague vaporous vain nothing off the top of my head.

As I seem to have to keep reminding someone close to me “I have a brain in my head, and I use it!” (Unlike those who fall into the category in the paragraph preceding this one!)

Many times I have quoted the scripture at the head of this item, starting with “Unto the pure, all things are pure….” But there is a problem with that it seems, because THAT is ALL that is heard, and it can SOUND like a justification for “anything goes”, which IT ISN’T, but it seems to be enough to make the protagonist REALLY take off in their rant.

ALL scripture has a BALANCE to it. ALL of scripture applies ALL of the time. HOWEVER, THIS is why the Holy Spirit is given, “to guide” us into ALL Truth, AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT, and “The Holy Spirit” is ONE SPIRIT ALONE, and THAT is LOVE! EVERYTHING must be “JUDGED” from the standpoint of LOVE. Period! If it is IN LOVE then NOTHING IS WRONG WITH IT, and THIS is when we are “PURE”! GET IT?

Because the accusers couldn’t possibly get it, they stumble over the FIRST part of the scriptural statement AND MISS THE POINT OF THE SECOND PART, WHICH ACCUSES THEM, ANSWERING the argument, as follows…

“…but unto them that are DEFILED and UNBELIEVING is NOTHING PURE; but even their MIND and CONSCIENCE is DEFILED”! – No “grey area” in THAT statement huh? (Sounds like the “politically correct” crowd to me!)

It ALL depends on “who’s side you are on” – LOVE or LAW!

If you are RULED by LOVE, you WON’T BREAK “the law”. If you are RULED by “the law” you will INEVITABLY break it in some way, at some point. You CANNOT “be perfect” nor “escape it”, and those that PRETEND to do so are the most hateful types there are, no matter WHAT they SAY they believe!

So, “who is my accuser”? The “accusers” are usually “the guilty”!!!

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People are angry?…

…You betcha!…

Another channel worth watching if you are in America, is Gabor Zolna…

And the U.K. and the EU?…

Don’t get me started!

Mainstream “media”?…

Don’t get me started!

“Fake news”?…

They are the masters of it!

Satanic rituals of the elite at the very highest levels?…

THIS is what “WE, the people” are up against!

How many of the global populations’ lives have been SACRIFICED at the behest of and on behalf of these Satan worshippers and followers???

It’s A GLOBAL WAR folks, AGAINST US, with Satan’s gang running the whole show!!!

HE GETS TO “WIN” – BUT ONLY for 3 1/2 years, at the very end! 

THEN, he and his ARE DONE, FINALLY, ONCE AND FOR ALL, FOREVER, and the meek get to inherit THE EARTH, NOT HIM NOR HIS!

Get on the winning side now people, the side of “THE King OF kings and Lord OF lords”, so YOU can rule and reign with Him, forever! 

Oh, and did you ever wonder why man was limited to just our planet for a while? It was a test! Just look what we have managed to do with it so far! Not that great eh?

Well, AFTER we have finally learned how to do it right, the PLAN is to go to the REST of the Universe and do what we can to help THERE! Oh, we’ll be busy, and it will be an eternal project, don’t worry!

In the meantime, AFTER a thousand years of peace on Earth and good will toward men, GOD HIMSELF makes the Earth HIS HEADQUARTERS and comes and DWELLS WITH MEN!

Can you begin to understand why the Usurper and Imposter has been SO intent on trying to destroy The Master’s Plan?

Sheesh! It’s good to have A VISION folks! “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings”, even if it looks like we’re losing in the meantime!

“Death” is NOT “the end”! It’s JUST THE BEGINNNING! 



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Digesting the US election…

If you keep up with these posts you will understand that I have pointed out, many times, that everything is spiritually based, and also that EVERYTHING can be determined from the standing view of Biblical Prophecy. Here is a great perspective summary of recent events. You will miss(understand) a LOT if you don’t take advantage of this hour of time…

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