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White House blocks several MSM orgs from press gaggle, others boycott in solidarity https://www.rt.com/usa/378536-white-house-blocks-reporters/

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In the Bible you can find the story of Nehemiah, given permission to rebuild a wall. His enemies thought they could lure him away from the job, inviting him to come down off of the wall so they could “talk about it”, presumably so that they would have an opportunity to also assassinate him, anything to delay or prevent what he was doing. His response? “No way. I’m doing a great work, why should I come down and discuss it with you?” He didn’t have to explain, he already had the mandate, and he knew his enemies had already tried to get the ear of the King with their lies. – Sound familiar?

CNN in particular is furious that they have been accused of being one of the primary fake news outlets in the US by the President, though not the only one of course. (Read the articles above if you want to complete lists of who’s in and who’s out). Here is an example of just how low they go…

And the BBC was called out publicly, live on air recently, by one of the President’s staff. Hence their article above.

Jake Tapper, one of CNN’s main “anchors” is now squirming, since it emerges that he has ties to John Podesta.

And John Podesta was given air time for a second time recently to talk about how “fake news” is reporting on pedofilia, and is now a contributing editor on the Jeff Bezos owned Washington (com)Post, another anti-Trump  outlet, while accusing the US President of being responsible for the “Pizzagate ” leaks! (You can’t make this stuff up!)

The corruption, at the highest (actually lowest) levels, in Washington DC, New York, the mainstream media, and Hollywood, couldn’t be any more obvious. And it is faithfully replicated in the UK by the BBC.

And why haven’t the arrests happened yet?

There is SO much more REAL news coming out about what is REALLY going on and why. I can’t keep up with it all, nor do I have the time as I have other things to do. So, please, do your own homework, IF you really want to know. You should have a pretty good idea of “who” is on which side by now, who can be trusted, and who can’t, and what is at stake. 

This is serious business, not just an idle pastime for those with nothing else better to do. People have DIED trying to get to and report the truth, and those continuing to do so are threatened and attacked, every day. Let’s show some respect for these brave souls.

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