From DS…

There is SO much imformation coming out now, on SO many levels, that I just can’t keep up. You probably can’t either. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t true! 

JP’s recent “interview” WILL be following shorty, as well as a WHOLE bunch of other stuff!

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Oh the irony…

…and the arrogance! (And that is sarcasm! 😄 )

Should’ve kept their mouths shut methinks! 😄

Yes, cut off their money supply (YOU are their supply) by NOT buying their stuff, the music, the films, the books, the concert or theatre tickets, ANY of that “showbiz” “celebrity” crap, and who do they scream for and demand from? 

If YOU don’t pay them DIRECTLY, through sales, then they want your TAXES to do it, with “government handouts”,  a misnomer – the government doesn’t HAVE any money, except what they TAKE from the people in one hand, while taking handouts themselves from the privateers with the other, bribes, literally “bought and paid for”!

And while on the subject, why not do the same with the “news” outlets, politicians, banks and corporations. Save your hard earned money and use where it is needed, on YOUR lives, homes, families and LOCAL communities, where you KNOW it is actually going and doing some good! Or do some REAL good and GO WITH it to some needy situation and GIVE, of yourself especially. 

THESE are WISE investments. The rest is CERTAIN LOSS, guaranteed!

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The stupidity…

…of a “dangerous and divisive” HEADLINE!!! (The proverbial pot naming the kettle!) Sheesh!

And another example of the hypocritical bias of the BBC!

And THAT is how it’s done, and WHY there are “demonstrations”. The damage is DONE, as soon as the general public swallow “the headlines”, most of which from the mainstream media are proven to be “fake news”, at the very least because their “stories” are incomplete, often “alleged”, swamped with misleading innuendos, lacking in actual facts or any kind of proof or evidence, AND when later this is all shown and proven NO APOLOGIES OR RETRACTIONS! 

Practically all msm’s presentations, regardless of format, are scripted opinion-setting exercises, in other words propaganda!

The reason why “alternative media” is gaining traction is because those journalists actually research the facts, and most of the time their research exposes the usual culprits for being the liars that they are. (They are losing credibility all the time. In the US CNN’s “ratings” have plummeted, dropping through the floor. The New York Times has closed five whole floors of staff and their desks. The only thing keeping the BBC alive is the compusary extortion of the public through “licensing” fees! – Cut off the funding and these entities lose their ability to exist! It is ALWAYS about “the bottom-line”, the money! Follow the money, and you find out who’s supplying the agenda!)

It is all really very simple. “The truth will out”, eventually, but the usual suspects are counting on DELAYING this, so they can get away with as much as they can, for as long as they can, causing all the damage that they can in the meantime. The truth sets the people free. The lie keeps them enslaved.

Decide for yourself which is true, and which is false…

And we just saw the “mysterious” “unexplained” “unexpected” death of Russia’s Ambassador to the UN, just one of many deaths recently!

By the way, as you watch the following, bear in mind that the UK’s “intelligence” agencies are explicitly complicit with their MI5/6 and GCHQ involvement and cooperation with the US agencies!

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Meanwhile…(updated 3pm)

…while the world seems to be getting crazier and crazier, like an insane asylum run by its inmates, there are stories like this…

“Alternative media” is a common term used today, because there is so much “fake news” going around. It is difficult to be able to discern “the truth” any more.

However, there is an “alternative life” going on, all the time, with people all over the world, and for those of us who live in this life it is more real than the “reality” we’re expected to believe in. And it is wonderful and miraculous.

I am sharing this particular video because I can testify that it is true, God absolutely has His plans for us, and they are all good, even if it seems that we have to “wait a while”. Remember, He lives in eternity, we are the ones living in time and space, which we have to pass through (yet our spirits are eternal at the same time – go figure 😄 ). This is where Faith and the resultant “patience” come in.

In my particular case every one of my eight children had their names given before they were born, except the first one. She was the surprise, because when she was born we knew that the name we had wasn’t for her, so she was “renamed” then and there. The name we had was for the next one, another girl. And here is the kicker…

Our first was born in a nursing home in Southern India (an amazing story of its own). Our second was born in the UK two years later, delivered BY THE NURSE WHO WAS THE STUDENT OF THE NURSE WHO DELIVERED OUR FIRST in India, which we only found out after we told the nurse that our first was delivered there and she started asking where and by whom!

My last, another girl, was named very specifically in prophecy, before she was even conceived! Wow!

God most definitely DOES have a plan, and I have written two whole books full of snippets of how His plan for me has worked out so far.

When we live in this “alternative life” it is so easy to see the lie that is “the way of the world”, which is part of the reason why this site exists, to try to show that it IS a lie, at least the bits that the ruler of this world and his cronies want us to believe.

If you might be interested in an alternative take on things, whenever He decides to give it, you can go here if you wish… (Explanation provided in “About”)

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Just one dandy bad example…

…of the type of people who have been publicly attacking the US President, and there have been many, the usual suspects. How low can you go than to have pond-scum like this trying to run things, anything???

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