An EXCELLENT explanation…(updated)

…”Heaven” or “Hell”? OR BOTH, at the same time, in the same “place”? (You’ll get it, if you pay attention to the following).

Recently I had communication with someone who was trying to tell me “what the scriptures said” or meant about this, among other things. It is easy to forgive ignorance in someone young in the Lord. It takes time, study, and a real relationship with Jesus that allows His Holy Spirit to “guide into all truth” as the scripture admonishes. This one stated that they were doing this. However, it was astonishing to me how “traditional” the conclusions they were stating were. It caused me to believe that they could only have been reading other’s dissertations in truth.

It is impossible to show anyone anything when their minds are made up and they don’t want to be confused with any facts. I don’t usually bother myself with any who are “willingly ignorant”, and tend to concentrate on those who are at least open to consider possibilities. I never entertain arguing doctrine. It is pointless. It would also take an incredible amount of time time to cover the “back story”, the foundation of all that is true in order to present a case properly, and I have to decide if my time is worth this. 

Well, THE DAY AFTER, the last communication with this particular one, this item crossed my desk, and I took it as a confirmation of things I personally have studied and believe, though there is so much more to it all of course, which I don’t have time to get into here. I am presenting this as an “eye-opener” if you like. 😊

(NOTE: Please ignore this man’s “uniform” and “title” as they might be distracting to some. This man presents many more aspects of his study in many more videos available. I have not viewed them all, and I cannot comments on those. Let’s just say that THIS one could get you started on a study of your own, and that it would be well worth it and in your own interests to do so. “Study, to see if these things are so”, and to “rightly divide the Word of Truth”!)

Some more to consider…

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