FACTS explain the TRUTH!!!

Since this the US dropped “the mother of all bombs” on Afghanistan (a demonstration, like the two nukes on Japan). And just when you thought the US was gearing up for war with China, now they are teaming up against North Korea!? And while the US is also ramping up its war rhetoric and military buildup with NATO “against Russian aggression”, NASA is talking about a joint space effort to go to Venus(?), after just recently stating that they will pull out of the “International Space Station”!? And THIS is the country that thinks it has the right to invade and destroy other nations of our world!?

Confused? Well, THAT is part and parcel of the modus operandi of the globalist elites! Welcome to THEIR world!

The following might possibly have been the closest moment to the beginning of world war three! Either the US backed down (because Russia NEVER will), and/or they privately agreed to “save face” for the public! You can be CERTAIN that the US will reassess their strategy and come back against Russia later if so! OR, the US pulled off a “dirty deal” behind closed doors (quite likely)!

And just adding some brain usage here…

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