Free Speech vs “Social Justice”

This discussion is informative on so many levels and would be well worth your time.

Take note of how subtle the lies are in the following. Like the hissing of the serpent in the garden, later named “the father of lies”. It all SOUNDS good, but the result is DEATH. Also note how COMPLICATED the lies are, whereas the TRUTH is ALWAYS SIMPLE!

I could talk for hours about the intentional corruption of mankind by the lies that have been perpetrated from the beginning, but that is for another day, maybe. 

If your house is built on a false foundation it will fail and fall! Check out your foundation. Is it true? Anything built on the truth will stand! Note: Truth is not “relative”, it just is, and absolute truth is true under any and all circumstances, without exception, otherwise it is not the truth! As in science, “universal laws” apply ALL the time, to everything and everybody and are incontrovertible. This is the very nature of Truth! Best to stick with the facts methinks! 😊

P.S. A lie is ALWAYS a lie, no matter how loudly it screams to be heard. In fact, the LOUDER the screams the BIGGER the lie!

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