IF people are dumb enough… (updated)

MSM’s right-wing bias costs Corbyn ‘fair’ coverage, says BBC veteran Dimbleby https://www.rt.com/uk/390167-dimbleby-media-coverage-corbyn/

Tory ‘dark ads’ targeting voters on Facebook with barely any election oversight https://www.rt.com/uk/390292-tory-dark-ads-facebook/

And she still refuses to meet anyone in debate!

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Nowhere to hide! (More added)

All of this is part of the reason WHY they have been going after Trump since he was elected. He was going to “Drain the swamp” = 1/3 of the Congress elites of Washington DC!!! NOW the usual suspects want to call the election “illegal”, impeach Trump, and have a “new election”!!! 

How are they still roaming free? Well, it just shows how much power they have been used to having, and are still clinging onto for dear life (actually death). They are like a cancer that refuses to give up!

Historically the elites have been used to getting away with literal murder, however, abuse and murder of children is what they are MOST afraid of having exposed, because THAT ALONE will cause the public to rise up against them. Did I hear the term “lynch mobs” being used!? I most certainly HAVE, ALL OVER the internet! (Another reason they want to shut it down!)

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Where “Red Pill” comes from…

…the author interviewed.

On the domestic violence and abuse against men point…

Most gentlemen instinctively know, understand, (and practice) their conduct towards women as primarily protective, and feel that violence against women is abhorrent (even if they might actually deserve it!). However, women are not held back by these inherent constraints and can be extremely viscious, RELYING on the fact that a true man will NOT respond in like manner, and knowing that if he DID it would go against HIM.

I remember “the old days” when a masculine man in the movies would take a sassy woman and throw her over his lap and spank her bottom, to teach her a lesson and some respect believe it or not, and he was the hero in the story, even if not always particularly “noble”! (Check out just how “racy” the old movies used to be “pre-code” on YouTube, especially women’s roles).

There is domestic abuse, and some men are guilty of it, but it is unbelievable how much is perpetrated by women on men and never known or addressed, either because the men are too gentlemanly to respond or report (STILL taking the responsibility for the relationship!), or because they are too cowed by women’s intimidation and the legal system’s inevitable conclusions and results. Probably both!

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Q&A plus “interview”…

The bias toward May was subtle, but obvious. Her image at the head of the show and at every break had first place and longer visibility. Paxman attacked Corbyn visciously and was more generous towards May, allowing her more time to answer and to complete her answers. Being hosted by Sky News and Channel 4 it was supposed to appear to be more “neutral” than the BBC, but this is a totally false assumption. Though the audience were supposed to be “a fair cross section” of the public, the pre-submitted questions were not. May had also refused to debate Corbyn directly prior to this “compromise” format.

May expects the public to accept her “strong and stable” leadership, however she has not responded strongly nor stably when confronted in person. She can only repeat Conservative doctrine and has resorted to generally avoiding confrontation by the public altogether. She is NOT any kind of “a leader” (except from the rear, and from behind closed doors)!

In contrast, Corbyn has no fear of the people, especially, and is usually mobbed wherever he goes, and is willing to place himself at the FRONT of his policies personally (and always has, even when side-lined by everyone else). Yet we are told that he is no leader, has no following, isn’t Prime Minister material and is unelectable!

We may not strictly hold to everything Jeremy Corbyn says or believes personally, for whatever reasons, however no-one has yet been able to find character faults that would disqualify him (only “opinions”), and as such he holds far more credibility than any politician of any political party in recent memory.

Just look at their faces! – Who would YOU trust???

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