The Bigger Picture

While playing this video yesterday I was reading the comments left by many of its viewers. Many expressed thanks for the excellent work done by the producers (it is a brilliant presentation by the way), but many also commented, sarcastically or sincerely, that it left them feeling like “What’s the use? We may as well give up and die!” I understand how and why people could feel this way.

Personally I do not believe that “giving up” on life is the only alternative to the “reality” of the ways of the world. I have, on occasion, wondered what difference “my little bit” makes to “the whole scheme of things” though, and I am pretty sure that this is a common feeling to us all at different points in our lives.

It got me thinking “What to do?” (as they say in India).

I laud anybody who uses their “little grey cells” enough to be able to conclude that “something is not right with the world”, or rather “fings ain’t wot they’re s’pose ta be”, and there are plenty of people who can explain to us why they are not. However, as much as I appreciate these and all their efforts, spending decades of their lives in research and presentation in many cases, much of which I have presented here on my site, there are none who have been able to actually explain how to “change the world”, to “fix it”. I mean, can you show me ANY examples, any concrete, practical examples of the whole world getting or becoming “better”, in any way, at any point in man’s history? “Progress” perhaps? Parts, maybe, for some time, but nothing lasts, even in these cases. We have had some exemplary examples of individuals who have done the best they could, but their influences have not “gone global” so to speak, and they are anything but “eternal”. Man just seems to be “ever learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth”, and there is a reason for this.

I, in my feeble attempts to help contribute to the “righting of wrongs” with my posts here, am only one, in nearly seven billion! If I look at my stats it is painfully clear that my personal “influence” is not going to change the world either!

So, “what’s the point?”

Well, I USED to ask this question, until I was seventeen, and then I got the answer!

It is important to understand the “why” of things, and believe it or not this is the whole point and purpose of our existence in this life.

We WERE explained this, and we COULD have “done it the easy way”. The “instruction manual” was provided, in a simple, short sentence, “Be fruitful and multiply (make love and have children), replenish the earth and subdue (look after) it”. We were even supplied everything needed for this, freely and easily, perfectly.

Did we do it “the easy way”?

I can hear people say “Well I would have, if I had the choice!” Really? Are you DOING it NOW?

We COULD have had “eternal” all along, from the beginning, but…

Anyway, I guess the bottom-line is that even with all of our best efforts and intentions we ALWAYS fall short, no matter “who” we are, or rather who we “think” we are! You would think that we should have seen this by now, yes? “Good” or “bad”, man CANNOT “fix” either himself, or his environment. He has been going about it all wrong from the beginning! (Hint: The Plan for man was agricultural, rural, NOT “industrial”, and NOT “centralised”, of which “cities” are an integral part!).

It IS a fact that we were “tricked” into the situation, but even the trickster wasn’t the one responsible for the decision WE made! And yes, those who have chosen to adhere to his lies the most avidly are those responsible for the worst of the atrocities that have resulted, at the behest of their “world leader”. But what about OUR part?

We can be a part of the problem, or we can be a part of the solution! The “solution” is not just to point out all the “wrongs”. The most important thing we can do is point to the solution itself, or rather Himself!

He was our Creator, we are all His idea, as well as told how everything works. He gave the instructions on how to make everything run, and keep it running. He owns the “manual”, and is the ONLY One who knows how to maintain it, and fix it if it breaks down!

So, are we dumb enough to think “I can fix it myself”, especially if we leave out the manual, or worse, don’t consult with the Manufacturer at all? Er, DUH! (This is called “learning the hard way”! 😄 )

“Learning the hard way” is what man seems to prefer, from the beginning! Have we learned it yet? Doesn’t seem so, does it!?

Because of the “I can fix it” mentality we seem to believe that if we personally can’t, then “some other guy” can. Again, er DUH! Where is the evidence that this has EVER happened? This “idea” though, falsely planted at the beginning, is why we are headed for the “New World Order”, under a false “christ”, a centralised, global, one world government that “fixes everything”, led by a “supreme leader”! Which brings us to the “top-down” dictatorship that everyone dreads, but feels totally insecure about doing without.

IF we had stuck to the original Plan, WE WOULD have been free, free to exhibit all of our talents and potential, our individuality, while building a world of OUR choosing (bottom-up), instead of handing everything over to a counterfeit and false “reality”, suffering all the horrific circumstances that have resulted throughout history since at the hands of our “overlords”. Do you SEE it?

WE ALREADY HAD our eternal futures handed to us, on a plate! SINCE WE decided to “take matters into our own hands” we have been allowed to have to learn the hard way, and “hard” it has been!

NOW we should be realising the error of our ways, so that we can RETURN to the future, the eternal future that STILL EXISTS and is WAITING for us!


Get it?

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