“People are more interesting than anybody!”

I love watching and listening to others. I learn a lot when I do. I don’t necessarily agree with everyone, certainly not on everything. However, there is so much more that we people have in common than those things that might divide us. For example, we are all human, and generally out hopes, needs, emotions, etc are the same for us all. Cultures, histories, experiences, environments, etc may differ, but other than these we are basically all the same underneath and on this level we can all understand each other and get along, IF we are willing to make the effort and do so.

I won’t say any more on that here.

I don’t like the so-called “reality” shows that seem to dominate the media these days. They are anything BUT “real”!

However, here in the UK there has been a plethora of the “fly on the wall” type of observational documentaries of late and some of them have grabbed my interest, such as “First Dates”, “One Night With My Ex”, and more recently “Mind The Age Gap”.

I understand that as in other “reality” shows there is an element of “playing to the audience”, and the personalities and characters of the individuals taking part are going to be uniquely different from each of the others in many ways. This is a given.
Age, race, religion, background, childhood and adult experiences, places travelled (or not), personal preferences and interests, all play a part in contributing to how we may view things today.

However, none of things take the place of the basics. They are more or less exterior manifestations. For example, the last show mentioned above actually shows that “age” is not a “gap” at all! Neither is sex, colour, religion, nationality, politics, etc, not when you get right down to it! People may “argue” about these things, but if you remove these false constructs you can only come to one conclusion…

We need each other!

We were not created to be alone. And deep down our desire is the same – to be accepted, loved, and to be able to love in return.

In watching these programs I have come to a simple conclusion, that there are only two types of people in the world…

There are those who are selfish “me, me, me!”, and there are those others who try to understand others, usually out of an innate desire to care for them. You can call it “love”, because that is actually what it is!

I understand that most folks feel quite limited in how much they think they can give in this way, but even “a little” is great, and can make all the difference!

I have found myself weeping at the examples of when two (or more) reach the point of reconciliation and restoration, truly allowing themselves to forgive and love. What a freedom from all the negative aspects of life and living when this happens!

And what if this could be spread abroad, far and wide!?

I truly admire the participants in these programs. What courage. (Remember, their names and faces will be remembered by all those who watch)

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