Will the Brits vote with their HEARTS…

…AND their HEADS??? IF NOT… Well, let’s put it THIS way, “How bad could it get?” Er, how about as bad as it WOULD have been if Clinton had won the US Presidential election! (Just use your imagination).

And as for Mr Trump’s “priorities” – Saudi Arabia FIRST, then ISRAEL, billion dollar deals “for American jobs” (MORE ARMS! – They must have been USING THEM UP, on Yemen, the poorest Arab state), while his daughter gets millions “for advancing women’s right in Saudi Arabia” ??? …. (Then a cursory visit with the “Palestinian Authority” to help along “the peace process”!???)

Note: The UK PM, THERESA MAY’s, “first stop” recently was ALSO Saudi Arabia, as was (yet another) “Royal visit” from the UK before that!

Who writes this stuff?!?

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