“Manchester, England, England…”

(Words from one of the songs in the musical “Hair”)

The more I hear about what just recently happened, the more I believe things DON’T “just happen”! Why? Well primarily because I see the same patterns repeated in the coverage and explanations from the government and the media afterwards.

Immediately after what happened I was telling someone “What do you want to bet that “the suspect” was “known” to the “authorities””, and sure enough, as usual, and with incredible speed, all “the details” are being spilled all over the media. I can’t even begin to describe how everything has been “covered” by the main media channels in the UK, but the fact that this incident has gotten such a high-profile coverage abroad, especially in the US, the scale is unprecedented. “The message” to the public and the world is being made very clear indeed, and all “the usual suspects” are capitalising on it, from the very top on down!

There are just too many “coincidences”, again… 

The US intelligence agencies “had warned the UK” previously (how did THEY know?); the FBI released photos to the New York Times BEFORE the UK authorities had been “able to control how the information should be presented to the British Public”; all kinds of “links” (Libya and Syria in this case), arrests and interviews have been rolled out with speed; US media channels were talking to local (English) “eye witnesses” by phone almost immediately afterwards (how do they get the numbers?, and would YOU make a point of calling up a foreign, or even local, news agency if you were caught up in the middle of any kind of an incident?); too many speeches and commentaries that sound “prepared”; so much information NOT shared or relayed through the media (with EVERYBODY at the scene at the time and everybody having their phones with them you would think that there would be HUNDREDS of pictures and videos available for the media to use, yet we only get the same few repeated, along with the repeated views and statements from the authorities); the most highest profile “public figures” get their “photo opportunities” with the surviving victims; and photos of those who died or were injured are generously provided to the public (if I knew or was related to anyone affected I would be too traumatised to share the personal side of that part of my life with anyone, wouldn’t you? Yet the callous media with their feigned sympathy capitalise on these things every time! Why? For emotional impact on the public!)

The whole event, like all the others, is disgusting and abhorrent, and I’m pretty sure that the whole truth will NEVER come out, just as with EVERY OTHER “incident”, even after years of “inquiries” by “the authorities. (We are STILL being told that the “official” accounts of “what happened” are true years later, even though the FACTS and EVIDENCE HAVE SHOWN AND PROVEN OTHERWISE, over and over!) The TRUTH is “withheld” “in the interests of national security”! Who’s “security”? NOT the public’s! THEY are the ones DYING, NOT their over-lords!

I’m sorry, but I am sick and tired of seeing the innocent die or being wounded. Everyone is affected, most especially the victims and their families and friends, permanently. Even “the perpetrators” and their families and friends are affected, permanently. And while these are vilified and cursed, those responsible for even GREATER crimes against humanity walk Scot-free, never having to give account because of their self-“righteous” claims to be “right” (“on the side of”).

I am FURIOUSLY HEARTBROKEN. (The Bible tells us that God is “angry with the WICKED every day” and so am I!)

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus. Amen.

For an answer to everything go here: https://davesnewsblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/26/the-answer-to-everything/

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