Nowhere to hide! (More added)

All of this is part of the reason WHY they have been going after Trump since he was elected. He was going to “Drain the swamp” = 1/3 of the Congress elites of Washington DC!!! NOW the usual suspects want to call the election “illegal”, impeach Trump, and have a “new election”!!! 

How are they still roaming free? Well, it just shows how much power they have been used to having, and are still clinging onto for dear life (actually death). They are like a cancer that refuses to give up!

Historically the elites have been used to getting away with literal murder, however, abuse and murder of children is what they are MOST afraid of having exposed, because THAT ALONE will cause the public to rise up against them. Did I hear the term “lynch mobs” being used!? I most certainly HAVE, ALL OVER the internet! (Another reason they want to shut it down!)

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