Where “Red Pill” comes from…

…the author interviewed.

On the domestic violence and abuse against men point…

Most gentlemen instinctively know, understand, (and practice) their conduct towards women as primarily protective, and feel that violence against women is abhorrent (even if they might actually deserve it!). However, women are not held back by these inherent constraints and can be extremely viscious, RELYING on the fact that a true man will NOT respond in like manner, and knowing that if he DID it would go against HIM.

I remember “the old days” when a masculine man in the movies would take a sassy woman and throw her over his lap and spank her bottom, to teach her a lesson and some respect believe it or not, and he was the hero in the story, even if not always particularly “noble”! (Check out just how “racy” the old movies used to be “pre-code” on YouTube, especially women’s roles).

There is domestic abuse, and some men are guilty of it, but it is unbelievable how much is perpetrated by women on men and never known or addressed, either because the men are too gentlemanly to respond or report (STILL taking the responsibility for the relationship!), or because they are too cowed by women’s intimidation and the legal system’s inevitable conclusions and results. Probably both!

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