A nuclear free world! (Updated 7th)

It amazes me that a highly publicised attribute negatively applied to Jeremy Corbyn is his beliefs on this issue!

It is supposedly all about “whether he would push the button or not”!?


WHO “in their right mind” i.e. not INSANE, would EVER knowingly, willingly GUARANTEE the annihilation of MILLIONS of people, INCLUDING THEIR OWN POPULATION! (Theresa May and her “Defence Secretary” have stated that they not only WILL, but “initiate a first strike”!!!)

This has been made a “campaign issue” by the government and its media, WHEN IT NEVER SHOULD BE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

THEY are willing to sacrifice THE PEOPLE to save THEMSELVES, while Jeremy is trying to save the public from THEM!

Question: “Who” is “threatening to nuke Britain”???

Even with the wildest imagination possible it would serve no useful purpose for even Russia (supposedly the only one who might want to – North Korea can’t manage it for sure) to nuke the UK! Do you honestly think that the Russian people or their Government want to kill millions of Brits? For WHAT REASON exactly?

On the other hand, if the unscrupulous maniacal warmongers of British MPs (who think they could get away with it) should press any kind of button, what kind of justified retaliatory effect do you think would result? Think about it!

Jeremy is historically KNOWN for his beliefs, for more than forty years. WHY is it an issue?

What is MORE of an issue is that REGARDLESS of “WHO” has been the UK Government to date “they” have ALWAYS been for war, and the UK military personnel and countless millions in foreign countries have suffered for it!

What’s wrong with peace?

You KNOW that Jeremy is ALWAYS willing and is going to talk, and at LEAST he won’t be trying to KILL everyone!

Honestly? If some country actually DID want to “nuke” the country, “pushing a button” won’t stop or prevent it from happening, and a “first strike” would ENSURE annihilation!

Here’s a question: Would YOU be willing to take the responsibility for such an action and its consequences YOURSELF? Those who WOULD could NOT be trusted with the welfare of the people!

‘Nuff said!

UPDATE: ‘Nobody would survive’: Putin to Oliver Stone on ‘hot war’ between Russia & US https://www.rt.com/news/391171-oliver-stone-putin-hot-war/

And in a “conventional”confrontation? The US “avoids the debate” (just like the UK PM!)…

‘Time for a face-off’: Russian crews throw down gauntlet to NATO in tank challenge (VIDEO) https://www.rt.com/viral/391139-russia-tank-challenge-nato/

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