I’m a nobody…

…yet I have been publicly smeared and lied about on Facebook previously. This is why I deleted and blocked these people on my “friends list” and have ceased using Facebook ever since. This is also why I have never signed up for Twitter, Instagram, etc. I also never “sign in” to Google or YouTube to leave public comments. I never hit any “like” button, on anything, anywhere, even if I do like something. I don’t “subscribe” to anybody. Comments are “closed” on my websites. 

With the internet “once it’s out there, it’s out there”, and you can’t get rid of it. 

In normal, real life I have been misunderstood, misinterpreted and misrepresented as a result, more times than I care to recount. I have no time for “arguments”, with anybody, about anything. I just won’t go there. I have my right to an opinion as much as anybody, as well as my right to free speech, and I won’t make any apology to anyone for exercising my rights.

I enjoy engaging with people face-to-face, preferably one-on-one, as there’s no ambiguity or guile involved, usually, for my part at least. Ask any question and you will get an answer. I will hope that the same openness and honesty is reciprocated. We don’t always have to agree, but I will listen. As such I am “learning all the time” from others too. I hold no animosity towards others, though I may not always respond well to personal attacks against me. I am human after all, but as I get older I hope I am also learning to be a little wiser with each experience.

In this day and age it pays to be cautious, go slow, and try to remain honest and true. There is too much falseness and “fake” around these days, and you can’t afford to believe everything you see or hear or are told, UNLESS you are prepared to do your own homework on the subject. 

I have some forty plus years invested in research into what I consider to be things that matter, so I do not usually “just repeat” anything without some considerable background knowledge on it. “Attention span” appears to be so short with so many these days so I try to keep things “punchy” if I can, but then I also have to assume that most will probably not necessarily “know” what I am talking about so explanations can be necessary sometimes. If I have to provide authority or credentials for anything it will be lengthy and you might want to make yourself a cup of coffee and a snack first.

Anyway, here is a perfect example of why I felt the need to express the above. Again, I am a nobody, why should anyone listen to me? They don’t, but some have done, and sometimes it has not turned out well, resulting in things like the example following…

NOTE: This is not exclusive to the US media by any means, as I am sure you must be aware, surely?

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