There is a huge push for this sort of thing now, with the public VOLUNTEERING to hand over their DNA, for all kinds of appealing reasons! What is NOT explained is that THE ELITES WANT THIS INFORMATION, for two reasons…

To find those who HAVE their blood lines, and those who DON’T!

Those that DO  will be allowed to LIVE, and those that DON’T will be ELIMINATED!

It will be so much easier to save on the expense of NOT issuing their “mark of the Beast” in the FIRST place, IF THEY ALREADY KNOW WHO WILL BE RECEIVING IT! They will ONLY have to call in the PRE-SELECTED. The REST will never even have a chance! Simple! 

This also provides an excellent way to get around having to persuade the general public to comply, especially those who are familiar with Bible Prophecy and will thus reject it!

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