Face The Music!

To quote the BBC (of all media) Theresa May has “FAILED spectacularly”!

Although the BBC is laying claim to being accurate with their “exit poll predictions” (how does ANYBODY know these things right after the polling closes, you might wonder, when the votes haven’t even been counted at that time?) they are STILL in shock about the fundamental change in the situation of politics in the U.K. (As they were with the Referendum vote, the Labour leadership votes, and the US Presidential election). I guess they are still trying to lay claim to some relevance.

Their commentators have ALWAYS been VEHEMENTLY biased against Jeremy Corbyn, but now they are FORCED to have to acknowledge him and his success. “Eat humble pie!”

Now we have to put up with all the wrangling, and so-called “political debate” in the media that will follow, as the Tories try to hang on to the (“hung”) leadership of a country that has clearly rejected the PM’s BS!

They retained the title of “the largest party” ONLY because of the unrepresentative system of “first past the post” voting, which is NOT proportionally representative of the actual voting of the public! Example: UKIP CAME THIRD in the last General Election, with four million votes, and were only granted ONE seat in Parliament. (At the same time the Conservatives have been proven to have literally “cheated” the UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, out of his possibility of the seat for Thanet, which the Conservative for that constituency is now being charged for in court!) UKIP was the leader and party ACTUALLY responsible for “leading the country out of the EU” and is now called “irrelevant” in British politics!

If the actual numbers are are noted, constituency by constituency, it is VERY apparent that there has been a DRAMATIC shift AWAY from the Conservatives TOWARDS Jeremy Corbyn (NOT the Blairite Labour Party), who is also preferred against the other political parties, most of which lost seats.

There are calls for TM to resign, but do you think that she will? She will stubbornly remain, with all kinds of “reasons” (excuses and justifications) for doing so, while having to “do a deal” with some other party to retain a majority, probably the DUP from Northern Ireland, the party furthest removed from British politics, not just geographically but ideologically and thus giving them the greatest influence they have ever had on the UK’s policies! (There is a history regarding Ireland that goes back hundreds of years, and it is my opinion that Ireland should be Irish. I also feel the same way for Wales and Scotland. These nations have always been on the raw end of “Westminster’s” politics, all at the behest of “Her Majesty’s Government” of course!)

All this remains to be seen, along with everything else now, where we are faced with “just about anything goes”. However, the Conservatives have never been known lose graciously!

All the previous usual “positions”, on everything, have been effectively swept aside however. The public have realised that it basically comes down to Conservatives or Labour, the elites against the people, and have voted so.

“Strong and stable” has been proven anything BUT!

TM has NO “mandate” to do ANYTHING! She should do as the Conservatives were all badgering Jeremy to do, “the honourable thing, the right thing” and RESIGN! (And good riddance, though they would only shoe-in yet another usual suspect and the country will continue to be screwed over!).

We can HOPE that Labour’s offer to form a “minority Government” is ACCEPTED because it gives the country a CHANCE to “do things differently” as Jeremy has said and it seems that the people like and want!

RESULTS: (only Conservative & Labour here)

Seats : Conservative – 318 (-12)   Labour – 261 (+29)

Votes : Conservative – 13,650,900   Labour – 12,858,652   (Only 792,248 difference!)

Percentage of the vote : Conservative – 42.4%   Labour – 40%

In Jeremy Corbyn’s home constituency : Labour – 40,086   Conservative – 6,871

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