Q & A with Pres. Putin…(updated!)

The people meeting with Mr Putin are some of the top people in RT. The lady directly opposite him is RT’s Director. The lady to her left is Sofie Shevardnadze. Peter Lavelle from “Crosstalk” is also present. As usual, Mr Putin talks sense and “shoots straight”. This interview is dated, however you can see how consistent Mr Putin has always been in his approach to issues and the important matters. In this he and Jeremy Corbyn are very similar, both being students of history and patient in their outlook, not reactionary. If only the “leaders” of the West were equally adept at applying wisdom in their “politics” we would all be able to feel much safer in the world. Just ask yourself, who have always been most responsible for initiating conflict and destruction upon the peoples of the world?

This is some of the recent history that Mr Putin knows…

And this is what President Gaddafy knew…

Which begs the question…

The “who” was Hillary Rodham Clinton and her deep state ilk, the same deep state ilk that have fostered EVERY conflict around the globe in recent history! THAT’S “who”!!!

And now…

US coalition still owes explanation over downing of Syrian warplane – Lavrov 


‘NATO buildup on Russian borders erodes global security’ – Moscow 


Russian Su-27 warns off NATO F-16 trying to approach defense minister’s plane over Baltic (VIDEO) 


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