And you thought…(updated 24th!)

…that he was Greek! (Because that is what you were told!)

There is SO much more to all of this than can be commented on here, and if the public were to acknowledge the truth then the elites would be overthrown in a heartbeat. However…

This is only a PART of the story, but a significantly influential part, which should open your understanding as to why things are the way they are. It is actually much worse than this half hour presentation. Just think of the millions that have died at the hands of these monsters!

What do YOU think gives these, they can hardly be called “people”, the “divine right” to expect our deference and obeisance? Seriously? Yet anyone who DOESN’T is labelled as practically treasonous.

This documentary was made prior to the UK’s referendum on leaving the EU, but can you expect that the UK will actually be “allowed” to “leave”, even though the public stated that that is THEIR will? Just think about it! Think about all the rhetoric SINCE the vote, STILL mostly AGAINST leaving, with all the usual fear-mongering and manipulation of “statistics” that goes along with it!

And recent events have caused the usual suspects to step back and retreat just a little (giving a false impression), in order to regroup and recover so that they can deliver the killer punch, probably sooner rathe than later! Just watch and see!

Anyway… THESE are the “people” the public worship and wave their little flags at, AND DIE FOR, while singing “the national anthem” and all the rest of the MAJOR BS that we have been taught is “tradition”.

Remember, all the pomp and ceremony attached is (Satanic) RITUAL, making no sense whatsoever to the general population. And Satan ALWAYS demands “blood sacrifice”, and the more they provide the happier he is, and the more power he allows them!

Do YOU want to live in a world under their control? Well, YOU HAVE BEEN AND STILL ARE!

(NOTE: Did you know that it is ILLEGAL to talk about “a Republic” in the U.K.!!!?)

“Brexit” IS a big deal, but not for the reasons you are being told! Even IF it actually happens the UK will STILL have the elites ruling over them!

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