Note the following…

…that in the Russian national anthem there is no mention of war (as in the US national anthem), nor sycophantic adulation for an elite overlordship (as in the U.K. national anthem), only a love for the country and its people!

The West does not understand this! Nor do they understand the following (which is highly dangerous, for themselves that is)!…

And if the US and UK warmongers think that Russians are stupid, they had better think again!

What the West cannot seem to comprehend is that the Russian people are an extremely pragmatic people, totally realistic, especially having been through a lot in their (much longer than the US) history. They resisted and rejected both Napoleon and Hitler, on their own soil, with inferior armed forces, with only sheer numbers of those who saw it as their patriotic duty to defend their country and were willing to sacrifice themselves in millions to do so. They were NEVER going to give their land away to another power! This is a steely determination the West doesn’t understand, being so weak and corrupt themselves.

Don’t poke the bear! 

(A bear doesn’t show any expression in its face like many other creatures. It looks dumb and stupid, bumbling along just looking for food and to look after its young. However it a huge mistake to underestimate its sheer power when provoked, which is the only time it actually gets angry. When left alone it is majestic, slow, ponderous and gentle. Take heed!)

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