Russia’s National Navy Day (Congratulations!) UPDATED!

100+ military vessels take part in Russian Navy Day celebrations, incl in Syrian port (PHOTOS)

DON’T try poking the bear! Napoleon tried, and failed! Hitler tried, and failed! The Russians will NEVER surrender their homeland to aggression or invasion! They have ALREADY sacrificed millions of their people to keep it from others! If the world does not understand this resolve then they understand nothing! Russia is one nation that INSISTS on its RIGHT to its OWN national sovereignty, unlike so many that have caved in and fallen to Western hegemony.

In contrast, the US has NEVER fought a war against another nation on its own soil since its “War of Independence” (actually it STILL swears allegiance to the British Crown). AND the only OTHER war it fought was against its own with the so-called “Civil War”, which was actually fought to bring the free States into the slavery of the “Federal” government! 

The US’s audacious hypocrisy in trying to dictate to the rest of the world what “democracy” is is a macabre joke, being the most responsible nation for the most loss of life in all history!

REMEMBER, as Mr Putin has correctly stated, “Aggression is a sign of weakness”! A dog snarls, growls and barks because it is AFRAID! TAKE NOTE OF THAT FACT dear Western aggressors!

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This is how it was, and how people still think of it…

However, this is the state of Sweden today!…

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An overview…

…and a matter of subjective opinion of course. However, the differences in the decades should be obvious.

The 70’s had singer/songwriters/performers of their own works who were original. The 80’s became kitch, and the 90’s were almost completely commercial. Almost everything since is… well, let’s just say not very original!

There are always exceptions of course, and thank God for those few, and it does seem like there is a trend of moving back to the singer/songwriter/performer, many of whom are really good, especially capable of live performances that, in my opinion, are even better than the studio productions!

Anyway, here’s just a taste, a reminder, of some of the previous three decades mentioned above…

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The sheer audacity of this creature…

…knows no bounds! 

But NONE of the “victors” of wars are EVER tried and convicted, let alone sentenced and sentence carried out! Yet THEY are the guiltiest of ALL, while the “losers” are vilified, condemned, and executed, even without “trial” (the “trials” are usually a sham, for show)! The elites are “above all laws” and protected, while ordinary people are subject to them, unjustly.

However, GOD KNOWS, and their self-righteous hypocrisy will NOT save them when HE holds them to account!!! I do not want to be in THEIR shoes!!! Even so, come quickly Lord!

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