3 “City States”…

…they are a triumvirate of private power, outside and above “the laws of the lands” that surround them, a level of control for “the powers that be”, “the usual suspects”. If you didn’t know this you should research it deeper!

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Frightening Facts…

…and why they are able to, literally, “get away with blue, bloody murder”! (And why nothing will change!)

Jeremy must be fully aware of the danger he is in. It is not for nothing he was called to “The Privy Council”. IF he ever becomes PM his “power” will certainly be curtailed. She does not call it “My Government” for nothing. 

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Press For Truth…

Peter Dowd MP on Brexit, IFS inequality report & Drone-killer laser (E502) 


Gina Miller’s Brexit court case, extremism funding report & the rise of prison violence (E503) 


Working-class superheroes & one million displaced from Mosul (E501) 


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“You are what you eat!…”

…and that includes mentally and spiritually!

They don’t like honest opinion…

Especially when it’s directed at them…

And they’re STILL NOT LISTENING! Unbelievable!

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